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This is a blog for the people, by the people, and all people who love the country and the constitution.  People who love our way of life.  Yes, we have problems like any other society.  We can work on those.  There is no need to throw away all that is good in this land. 

Many years ago, 56 men of  strong moral character and conviction, signed a document that began an incredible journey for this nation.  They had a vision of a government for the people and by the people.  These men had reasoned through the major pitfalls and things to be careful about at the beginning of this monumental undertaking.  There were warnings of  not allowing government to grow too big as there would be inherent dangers.  The liberty of the people could be threatened if government assumed too much control.  We are out of control today.  The government has grown so massive that very little of the people’s voice can reach them.  There is corruption and graft at the highest levels. We the people need to take back our control.

Several weeks ago, Glenn Beck on Fox News suggested we should find 56 honorable men and women in the Senate who want to “refound” the country back to the original premise.   These men and women would be willing to stand up and say “Enough of the corruption”!

It is my belief that this may be difficult.  However, I agree 100% that we the people need to take action.  What can we do?   It seems easier at this point to identify who needs to go in the House and the Senate.  I am writing these blogs to cast light on who has “lost their way” and needs to go.  Beginning with the Speaker of the House and continuing through the rest of them. . . one step at a time.

Time is of the essence.  We need to mobilize and identify opposing candidates across the country.  America, time to get busy!

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4 Responses to “About Texas for 56”

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very good blog. informative and factual. I, too, wonder if there are 56 who could pass the test. I have added you to my blogroll.

Thank you so much for signing up. Please help to get the word out. I want people to be armed with more information about who should go in the government. Time to take our country back!

It takes a lot of time and effort – and love of Country and Constitution – to put together the type of blog you have. Thank you again. I will do all I can to help.

I have been walking on this rock for some time now. The first time I could vote legally I was living in Japan (Air Force brat). I filled out the form and mailed in my vote for Nixon… his first election. It’s been a few elections since then.

Being a conservative I have adopted the party which advances values closest to mine.

Never before have I witnessed anything coming close to the events in Washington and across this country since Obama’s inauguration. In a word: unbelievable.

However, we have a lesson which history should have taught us. We had an America disgusted with Watergate. Americans, hell bent to distance themselves from the status quo, ran head long into voting for a complete unknown… a peanut farmer from Georgia. America missed an opportunity to learn from that and she repeated that mistake in November of 2008.

My disappointment rests not with Obama so much. It rests more with the 53% of Americans who decided he is the right man to lead this country. What the hell were they thinking? Perhaps “thinking” is the operative word.

I can only hope the normally short memories of Americans can be sustained long enough to make a difference in November of 2010.

God help us.

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