#5 Senator Boxer it is time to go!

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Womens Rights Treaty

Senator Barbara Boxer came to office in 1992.  She is up for re-election in 2010.

What does she stand for?  Senator Boxer is for a government run healthcare plan.  This plan takes away a person’s right to choose healthcare options.  Let’s talk about how that is possible when the exact verbage stating that is not in the Healthcare Plan.  The government committee would “vet” the current 1300+ insurance companies in this country.  They would have the right to negotiate different benefits and prices on the plans the public currently have.  The government committee would also be the only ones that could approve those individual plans being offered from those companies.  Clearly they would be in a position to create a government monopoly, thus destroying free enterprise.  Why is this so important?  We are a country based on free enterprise.  As the private insurance companies go out of business, all their employees will be left without jobs.  In the meantime, the people of this country will be solely dependent on waiting for months for a “whimsical” approval by the government committee for the treatment of chronic illness and other maladies.  People will die while waiting for the bureaucrats to make decisions on what they are eligible for on their medical problems.

The government has taken over the automobile industry in this country.  Senator Boxer supported this effort as well.  Now the government is  attempting to enforce what car to drive by indiscriminately adding taxation to vehicles they do not deem to be acceptable.  The government argument is these vehicles use too much gas and they emit too much carbon.  Yet, the government officials fly to meetings for the afternoon and drive SUV’s and ride in limos, which greatly damage the environment they want to protect – or so they say.   When the Senate is in session, the Senator spends the weekdays in Washington and often comes home to California on the weekends (jets home and back leaving a big carbon footprint)

Next up is Cap N Trade.  Americans will pay fees for how many light fixtures you have, the type of windows you have, how many cars and type you will have.  This bill will add approximately 15% equivalent tax each year to a family’s tax situation.  Cap N Trade is one of the pet projects of Senator Barbara Boxer.  So cap and trade will be sold to Americans as a way of fighting global warming by increasing the costs of carbon-based energy usage so radically that both American industry and consumers would be forced to begin using alternate energy sources. One might also look at the energy efficiency of her home.  Senator Boxer is more affluent than a lot of Americans at this point in our economic plight.  She will be able to afford what she is foisting on America.

Free enterprise built our energy industries, and only free enterprise can build the new energy capacity we need. It cannot do this, however, unless the enormous burden of taxation, regulation, and litigation (and subsidies of favored industries) Washington has placed on the backs of American workers is removed, not increased by the additional oppression of “cap and trade.”

There is no resource problem. The United States is overflowing in essentially unlimited quantities of all the fuels—uranium, coal, oil, and natural gas —these industries require. The environmental lobby and its congressional retainers insist, however, that these fuels not be used.

The American public is struggling now with the economy, unemployment, and heavy taxation. What is she thinking adding all of this on top of the current problems?  Perhaps she isn’t thinking about the impact to her consitutents?

Senator Boxer is consciously choosing to promote the Healthcare Bill and Cap N Trade, which will bankrupt many Americans if passed.  The Healthcare Bill is estimated at an equivalent of a 12-15% tax increase on Americans.  The Cap N Trade bill is estimated to have a 15% equivalent tax increase on the people of this country.   One may say the millionaires in Washington will be able to handle it, but the majority of the country will suffer under the consequences of these two bills.  This bill is unconstitutional.  Isn’t it time we got back to the discipline of the constitution and follow the laws of the land?

Let’s take a look at her inability to conduct herself with the decorum the office of Senator deserves.  To adequately represent the people, one would hope the person would have respect and dignity for the office.  Senator Boxer has accused concerned well-dressed constituents at Town Halls of being “plants” by the insurance companies.  She is known for her personal verbal attacks on others when they disagree with her.  Senator Boxer has shown arrogance and disrespect on a regular basis to others that are peers and to people being questioned by the Senate.  She has even been accused of racial prejudice when questioning a person in a Senate forum. You may say, ok, why does this matter?  Have you worked with someone who is constantly disrupting the flow of work in a corporation?  Not much gets done.  Also, a lot of people in the Senate will take an opposite point of view (regardless of how they believe) if embarrassed or angered by such offensive public tactics.  She has disgraced the office of Senator representing the good people of California.  The people deserve the best representation.  The people deserve someone who will check their personal biases and prejudices at the door and resolve to do whatever it takes for the good of the people.  And oddly enough, she is the first one to be outraged and request admonishment if others display flaring tempers and rude behavior.  Senator Boxer has not been held accountable on any of these occasions. 

Senator Boxer, your grandiose ideas are driving Americans to bankruptcy and trampling our rights.  For that, and for the disrespect to the office of Senator, you need to go.

Please see the links below for corroborating material on her difficulties in controlling her temperament: 

Barbara Boxer showing disrespect to a Brigadier General.



Senator Barbara Boxer accused of racism by head of Black Chamber of Commerce



Senator Barbara Boxer, California wants people to believe the “unruly angry mobs” are shills for the insurance industry and Nazis.  She is suspicious as they are “too well-dressed”



Well-dressed constituents of Senator Boxer voice their concerns



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11 Responses to “#5 Senator Boxer it is time to go!”

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Can I add Nancy Pelosi, Dianne Feinstein, Henry Waxman, Nancy Pelosi and Maxine Waters?

Conspicuously, all of them are from California. You know – the state undergoing a massive financial meltdown. Sounds familiar – huh?

Then there is Harry Reid, Barney Frank and Chris Dodd.

I cannot wait for Nov. 2010.

I think what this post documents is that Barbara Boxer will not be re-elected in 2010… if she has to run in Texas. Then again, she would never have been elected in 1992 in the first place, would she.

Like her or not, she represents the will of her California constituency very well. Your argument is with them, not with the Senator.

To Center Square:

Great point, but I beg to differ. Look at the link included by her constituent on Healthcare. Talk to the farmers without water due to her activism, and there is no defense for her behavior (please see the thousands of comments from her consitutents about this online). She is not supportive of the constitution framework in her various awkward decisions. There is a lot of material for someone in her state to run against her. My belief is there are many complacent Californians, who have been “asleep at the wheel” just like the rest of us in this country for many decades. – Just an opinion.

Thank you for the inputs! I have added them to the investigative search.

Many of these incumbents think they’re untouchable. I sincerely feel now is the time to get rid of the arrogant incumbents and start over with some new faces and attitudes in Congress. I think here might be a good place to start.


and perhaps with Blowoutcongress.com

It’s no difficult task to find an example of opposition to any elected official. But Sen. Boxer was first elected in 1992 by a 4.9% margin; was re-elected in 1998 by a 10% margin, and re-elected again in 2004 by a 20% margin.

I have no stake in defending Sen. Boxer — I’m from Illinois. But I think you need to accept that her positions DO reflect her constituency.

I would go a step further and admonish conservative Americans: instead of attacking center and center-left politicians (who after all, are doing the right and honorable thing by representing their center and center-left constituents), work harder to sway those constituents. I am the prototypical centrist voter. I am the guy who votes sometimes Democrat and sometimes Republican. I, and all the millions like me, are the ones who determine who gets to be president, and settle most swing district elections, thus determining the balance of power in Congress. And personally, I find all of the hostile rhetoric very off-putting, and makes me much less likely to warm up to the messages of center-right candidates.

That’s just my view, of course. Thanks for listening.

To my readers: The last comment is a good point. One can always find fault with any candidate. My position is to get rid of anyone not following the constitution, taking away my liberty, trampling on my rights, adding taxation, and primarily follow dictates of special interest groups. It doesn’t matter what party they belong to – this is a disservice to America.

Although they are voted in by local constituents, they have recently come to my state to raise money for their agenda. I find this plain wrong. Also, when they bully and blackmail the peers in the Congress and Senate to go along with them- they need to go. This is not a place for arrogance and intolerance. The people on this list have all impeded progress by trying to bully people to agree with them. They have all been guilty of spending money that we simply do not have in this country. I may not be a constituent, but those few are heavily impacting my take home pay, my pension benefits, and the future of the generations to come. The consituent argument doesn’t really cut it, when you look at what they are doing. Boxer, Spector and Pelosi came recently to Texas to fund raising dinners here with special interest lobby groups. They have personal agendas that consistently interfere with the job at hand. They all work for us at the end of the day.Thanks for listening. -Just an opinion.

Texas, I’m with you on a lot of this, but not all the way.

Firstly, if your motivation is to preserve liberty, then you cannot object to liberals coming to your state to raise money. That is them exercising their liberty, a right every bit as worth defending as your liberty. And for that matter, such fund-raising on the national stage is every bit practiced by the right-wing as the left. Surely we all understand that Boehner, Cantor, et al. also travel the country raising money. I say, let ’em all do their thing, and may the best men and women win. That’s liberty for ya.

The deeper problem I have here though is that, in my opinion, the Republicans are every bit as responsible for your complaints as Democrats. As you say, it doesn’t matter what party they belong to, and yet all the attacks from the conservative wing are coming against Democrats.

So I ask my conservative friends:

Liberty? It was Republicans who trampled our liberty into the dust via the Patriot Act. Republicans who have persistently sought to trample the liberty of gays and pregnant women into the dust. Republicans who fight against voter registration drives.

Fiscal responsibility? It is Republicans who decided that massive federal debt is the answer to funding our government. They keep pushing tax cuts, but never spending cuts. How easy is that? — “Have some more dessert voters, don’t worry about the vegetables!” Cutting taxes is the most fiscally irresponsible act possible if spending is not cut and debt is the alternative. Just ask Dave Ramsey.

Bullying and blackmail? I hope we can agree that BOTH Democrats and Republicans have developed that to a high art. If the antics of Rep. Wilson are not a prime example, then we probably cannot agree on anything.

So, here’s the real challenge: Are conservatives willing to throw Republicans under the bus along with the Democrats? Willing to embrace liberty when that means gay rights, or a woman’s right to choose? Willing to embrace fiscal responsibility when that means higher taxes? Willing to take down Republicans when they poison our political environment in Washington? If so, I’m there to join with you. I’m ready to vote for candidates like that. If he came from my part of the world, I would vote for Joe Scarborough in a heartbeat.

But as long as Democrats have to take the hit alone, as long as Republicans are given a free pass by conservatives, as long as conservatives remain blind to the myriad of ways that Republicans violate every conservative principle in this country, then I have no empathy for that brand of conservatism.

[…] liberty, Republicans, taxes | Leave a Comment  I have been having a very thought-provoking conversation with a blogger named Texas56. It started with a post of hers, raising a number of very legitimate […]

First of all, let me say I truly liked your points.

Let me explain a little further why I was somewhat “disgruntled” about the 3 individuals coming to my area of the country to raise money. Typically I write letters a lot to the representatives we have. I have had occasion to write both Speaker of the House Pelosi, and Senator Boxer among others. I’m not wasting their time, just asking simple questions about current bills being considered or about matters about to come before their purview. Both of these women sent me curt letters back, that they do not represent me and I should “seek out” the people who do. This is my personal issue with their behavior. They didn’t hesitate to come take money from people in this state to support their campaigns.

On to the next part. From a personal perspective, I truly dislike the “hard lines’ of both parties that they must believe a certain way. I don’t disagree with a lot of what you’ve said about the Republicans. As far as fiscal responsibility, it was the last President that started the bail out madness. I agree with taxation as long as the people in Senate and Congress stop spending. There is a LOT that can be cut. They give our money away far too easily. If we are in the red, they should only be spending on the absolute necessities and take a hard line on everything else. We shouldn’t bail out everyone. This is a free enterprise society. People should be held accountable for their actions and suffer the natural consequences for bad choices. No one has arrested the people who caused the downfall of Fannie Mae or AIG. What is going on? Has everyone in Washington become so jaded and self-centered that they support law-breakers?

In my opinion, there will never be a “utopia” of equal money for everyone, equal opportunity, equal anything, as long as we are human. There will always be a diversity of people who choose differently for themselves. It is the individual’s business, and not the business of the government, period. As long as an individual is not hurting another person, I say let them get on with their life. There are people now who choose to live homeless, who choose to not have insurance, who choose not to have flu shots, who choose to live at the top of a mountain with no utilities. Leave people alone unless they ask for help. The government should not legislate people’s lives.

I have not advocated Democrats take the hit alone. In actual fact, I’ve compiled a list of just over 100 Democrats and Republicans that need to go in both houses. It is just taking a lot of time to adequately research and document. You may be truly surprised at some of the names coming up on both sides. It’s a mess in Washington (has been for decades), and we need people to go. Keep reading. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

Whatever we currently have in the constitution should not be trampled on, as it impacts every one of us for now and the future.

You’ve just about restored my faith in Texas!!! Just teasing you, of course, but honestly, if everyone on the conservative end of the political spectrum were as fair-minded as this, a lot could change.

What the hard-core, strident, shrill, hostile right-wingers fail to realize is that those tactics alienate moderate and independent voters. As a result, thoughtful, pragmatic conservatives cannot get elected. They subvert their own goals. It is a vicious spiral.

On a substantive note, personally, I believe that the fiscal irresponsibility predates the bailouts by a long, long way, and I believe that Republicans have as much blood on their hands as Democrats. Reagan, Bush 41 and Bush 43 were all big spenders. Reagan and Bush 43 compounded the problems by cutting taxes, thus piling up a mountain of debt. At least Bush 41 had the political courage and economic wisdom to overturn his “read my lips” statement. Carter turned over less than $1 trillion of debt to Reagan; Bush 43 turned over $11 trillion (and increasing at the rate of $1 trillion annually) of debt to Obama.

No way, no how is it “conservative” to borrow like mad to fund our government. No way, no how is it “conservative” to cut taxes without cutting spending. Shame on Republicans for feeding the crack cocaine of tax cuts to the American people, when every dollar of that had to be borrowed from your children and mine. Shame on Republicans for pretending that we could take these tax cuts and not have to suffer any loss of government services. Shame on Republicans for conjuring up the outright lie that we are highly and overly taxed. They preyed on our greedy nature — “Anybody want a tax cut?!!!” “Me! Me! Me!” — at the expense of our future. Profoundly radical; profoundly un-conservative.

Thanks for a great blog, Texas56, and thanks for listening to my rant.

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