Obama, the Nobel Prize and the “Wicked Web”

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Like many others around the world, I was stunned by the public news today.   President Obama had received this year’s Nobel Peace Prize.  Most of all, I felt it was a sharp contrast to prior winners who had measureable impact already evident from their actions.  Bear with me as I share some facts with you regarding this odd circumstance.  There are clearly suspicious things around this award.  

Here is some background on how this may have occurred:

There are 5 members of this committee.  Let’s see who they are and what we know about them and various connections.

For this year, the Norwegian Parliament (Stortinget) has elected Mr. Thorbjørn Jagland (born 1950) and Ms. Ågot Valle (born 1945) as new members of the Norwegian Nobel Committee.

New Chairman and member as of 2009: Mr. Thorbjorn Jagland

Jagland is currently President of the Storting (Norwegian Parliament), representing the Labour Party.  He is also the Secretary-General of the  Council of Europe.  What do we know of Mr. Jagland’s background?  He left as Prime Minister of Norway after a series of scandals and missteps by himself and his cabinet.  This is the most notable:  In August, a former Soviet spy described Jagland as a friendly politician during the 1970s and 80s. Jagland said he held diplomatic talks with the Soviet unions and that all the conversations were innocent exchanges between them. He was classified as a “confidential contact” by the Committee for State Security (KGB).

Deputy Chairperson: Kaci Cullman Five

Mrs. Five is a politician in the conservative party.  She has served on the committee since 2003 and was appointed deputy this year.  In her business life she also serves on the Board of Directors for Statoil and Radio Channel P4.  She is both politician and business woman.  Mrs. Five owns a company that helps other countries set up democracies and electorates.

Ms. Agot Valle: New Committee Member as of 2009

Valle is a member of Parliament and leading spokesperson on international affairs of the Socialist Left Party.  In 2007, she took an active stand on a controversial movie that came out in Norway about a man serving a prison sentence in America.  The movie detailed the circumstances of Dr. Sami Amin Al-Arian.  In 2006 he made a plea agreement to plead guilty to conspiracy to help a “designated terrorist” organization, the Palestinian Islamic Jihad.  Ms. Valle took special interest in this movie and had a private screening in her home.  This man’s wife and daughter had became overnight celebrities in Norway.

Here are some of Ms. Valle’s comments: “Franklin D. Roosevelt warned the American people not to give in to fear,” Valle told me. “Giving in to fear may lead us to infringe human rights, civil rights, freedom of speech — the basis of democracy.” She went on to say that since 9/11, Americans have been consumed by fear, “but a movie like this, I think will bring a new debate on how far stripping of civil liberties will go and not to give in to fear”.  Editorial comment:  So we should not convict someone for supporting a terrorist group??

Further comments from Ms. Valle (specific to the award this year of the Nobel Peace Prize to President Obama):   “she hoped the selection would be viewed as support and a commitment for Obama.”

Sissel Marie Rønbeck – Committee member

She is a Deputy Director for the Directorate for Cultural Heritage.  Google her and see how many references you see with regard to George Soros providing funding for her organization.  Follow the George Soros money to various foundations and groups in Norway, many of which she is managing/guiding/or sitting on the board.  Former member of parliament and cabinet minister for the Labour Party. She has been a member of the Norwegian Nobel Committee since 1994.

Inger-Marie Ytterhorn, – Committee member

She is a former member of Parliament for the Progress Party (right wing political party).   Ms. Ytterhorn has been a member of the committee since 2000.

There appears to be a common thread with some of the committee members.  One of the primary supporters of President Obama monetarily and otherwise is George Soros.  In 2006 George Soros was a sponsor of  EITI in Norway in 2006. EITI is the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative. It began when the George Soros organization known as Publish What You Pay, aided by propaganda from the Soros-funded Global Witness group, demanded that nations with valuable natural resources be compelled to turn over to mutinational cartels and to the British government, all records of their transactions on these resources — so as to stop bribes!  This included all locations and records of oil and gas in each country.  Bear in mind that the government of Norway owns one of the most successful oil companies in the world, Statoil.  We also have a Nobel Prize committee member who serves on the Board of Statoil.   Mr. Soros has had many trips over the past few years to Norway and has been quoted in their news and magazines on multiple occasions. 

In 2006, EITI’s governing secretariat was set up in Norway and placed under Soros management, with money from Open Society Institute and EITI board members from Soros agencies Publish What You Pay, Revenue Watch Institute, and Global Witness.

Over the past few years is widely known that  financial support has been given by George Soros to the Norwegians.  Connect the dots.  Name another time when the Nobel commmittee has chosen to name someone  as the prize recipient for “what they may do in the future”?  Maybe you can think of a way to explain  all of  these relationships and the result we just witnessed.   Add a guy with KGB affiliation, a person from the socialist left, at least one person who has reaped direct benefits from George Soros, and the Norwegian government who is very grateful to their philanthropist friend and what do we have?  

No one can predict what results will occur in future from today’s actions.  It was many years before the committee recognized the results from Mother Theresa’s activities.  Nobel Peace Prize Recipients have been rewarded when the fruits of their labors were apparent to the world. 

What do you think happened?

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This prize is a joke. Why wouldn’t a bunch of corrpted people give another corrpted person (Obama) a prize.

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