#11 Representative Anthony Weiner, It is time to go!

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Congressman  Anthony Weiner (Dem), was first elected to the House in 1998.  He is up for re-election in 2010.

This Representative  has become known for being one of the “point” people on the Healthcare Reform options being considered by the Congress and the Senate.

Weiner Responds To Senate Finance Committee Rejection Of The Public Option

Congressman Anthony Weiner (D – Queens & Brooklyn), Co-Chair of the Caucus on the Middle Class and member of the House Energy & Commerce Committee released the following statement on today’s Senate Finance Committee vote rejecting the public option:

“It should come as no surprise that the Finance Committee rejected the public option amendment offered by Senator Rockefeller”

“After all, the health insurance lobby has won virtually everything it has fought for in the Finance Committee to date.”

“Fortunately, the bill is not being written in the Senate Finance Committee.”  “The American people support a public option. Doctors want a public option. The President has said he wants a public option. Without a public option there will be no competition, no cost containment and less choice. That is why it will be part of the bill.”

Polls and newscasts have begun to show the “facts” stated above, in the Senator’s speech, are not true.         

Here are some key facts on the Senator’s record:

1)     Weiner has been onboard completely with the Obama administration’s lavish economic policies from  the beginning. 

2)      His “good judgment included a request to release a man from prison who had received a life sentence for passing classified information to Israel.   Clearly the deed was serious enough to receive this sentence as dictated by the laws of the land, yet Congressman Weiner wanted a “custom” justice mandated for his cause.

3)      He touted how much the stimulus plan would “help NYC”.  It is now nearly at the end of October 2009.  There have not been any new jobs created in the entire state of NY by this bill (per recovery.gov).  Given the text of his earlier speech it appears the NYC area will be recipients of entitlements and grants.  The entire country (primarily the middle class) will be taxed to pay for NYC initiatives is what this means.  People in Brooklyn and Queens (the middle class) will be getting new taxes as well to help pay for the enormous stimulus package.  Somehow in the speeches he fails to alert constituents of the tax bill they will be paying for many years due to this law.

4)      Most recently, he had blasted the Social Security Administration for not giving a cost of living raise to the elderly.   This seemed odd given there was no cost of living increase in the economy this year per statistics.  **Remember he is up for election in 2010.

His resume and speeches indicate a person very “hungry” for the power and notoriety that comes with politics.  For instance, since the beginning he has touted a special “bond” and support for the middle class.  The middle class represents the majority of his New York district.  Usually he has attempted to introduce tax cuts for the middle class when it is close to an election year.  Yet, he is now proposing a sweeping Healthcare Reform Bill with a public option that would result in a much heavier taxation of the middle class and impose hardships on the elderly.  Representative Weiner has been in the “limelight” on the House Floor anytime there is an opporunity to be high profile on pro-Obama administration positions.  His speeches for the middle class are visible in every major talk show.  This keeps the people back in his District happy because they visibly “see” him saying things in support of them.  However, on the floor of the Congress  he has has been a strong supporter of virtually every major spending initiative by this administration (which will definitely result in hardship for the middle class).  This ensures he will get campaign support on a priority basis from this administration.

Recently in the Congress several amendments were brought forward to “itemize” several Solar studies and projects in the range of hundreds of millions of dollars.  May I remind everyone that Exxon Mobil, and all the other oil majors around the world have done exhaustive studies in this area and determined the technology is not there at this time to make this a cost effective solution for America or anyone else.  Yet, the Democrats passed all the amendments without flinching spending hundreds of more millions of dollars when the country is deep in debt and in extreme trouble financially.  Senator Weiner has made statements that this administration is progressive and “tackling” all the hard issues.  So now the politicians believe they can resolve all the issues with solar, regardless of the consistent and numerous results found by other expert studies over the past 5 years.  Did I mention that many of the companies who will be recipients of these millions of dollars in funds for studies are heavy Democrat supporters?  How convenient as we are approaching another election year for many of the heavyweights in the Democratic party!

So what is real?  His desire to help the middle class in election years, or his eagerness to “perform” on camera for the White House?  There is a consistency in his voting and numerous speeches on the House Floor.  He will support  all visible Democrat initiatives regardless of whether it benefits his beloved middle class.

Representative Weiner has been the protégé of Senator Schumer for several years, and is well-known as someone who has full and easy access to all the powerful people in the current administration.  From all appearances and from his pattern of behavior this appears to be another “Schumer in training”.  Is this really a good thing for the Constitutional Republic?  Congressman Weiner has quickly become the “consummate” politician learning how to placate his constituents in a visible manner and be the “popular guy” with the White House.  For this adept ability to speak from both sides of his mouth almost simultaneously, Congressman Weiner, it is time to go!

Whenever a man has cast a longing eye on offices, a rottenness begins in his conduct.  ~Thomas Jefferson


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6 Responses to “#11 Representative Anthony Weiner, It is time to go!”

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Excellent, I’m from the state of New York and I’m very tired of the liberal, tax and spend, nanny state, overregulated world we have here on this side of the Country. Our own Governer has been marginalized for trying to make cuts to a rediculously bloated and overreaching state and city government, a government which ignores what is really the “general welfare” for taxpayer funded ideological dreams. Congressman Weiner paid lip service several years ago to a hazardous situation after a fire damaged a sewage treatment facility in Brooklyn, creating a foul smelling mosquito ridden environment in a residential area. Years have passed and the problem of odor and mosquitos massing in around standing sewage has NEVER been resolved.

I live in his district! Let’s find a solid candidate to run against him!!!!!

If you can find a person to run against him, we’ll see if we can’t rally people across the country to help support the candidate. Look at the business men in the community, or even a Doctor – just a thought!

We are from Far Rockaway and looking for someone who works better than this “dusty boy”.

I appreciate your point of view. If we lose Texas this particular year to the liberals in the administration,
it will benefit their cause to redistribute wealth and move us entirely away from the constitution.
With my current activities of almost 18 months now, I’ve dedicated myself to watching the live activities
on the House and Senate Floor. My average time spent on research specific to what the Congress
and Government is doing is approximately 10 hours per day. To fragment the vote this year will have sweeping consequences for Texans and all of America. With a clear conscience, I cannot support the President’s agenda
to change our country to a more marxist regime. We can find another candidate to run next time for Governor.
At this point, the strongest choice to protect us is Governor Rick Perry. Anything else at this point, will ensure
the Obama policies are readily adopted and implemented in Texas. If you would like some proof points of what it
would mean for us to lose Texas to the liberals, I’d be happy to share some of my research with you. My personal email is texasfor56@gmail.com
Please don’t hesitate to contact me.

My apologies to the readers of this blog. I hit the enter key without part two of my comments specific to Texas. The last part of it, is that we must make all of the critical races in the country a national event for conservatives, as we did for Scott Brown in Massachusetts. Currently, I am co-chair of a National Grassroots Election Committee that is analyzing every candidate in every state primary to determine if we are eligible to take the incumbent liberal seat. Our group is studying New York and it’s candidates now to see what support we can get from the rest of the country to help you.
We are now working on August and September primaries. As they are published, they can be found at: http://www.peopleschoice.ning.com . Please contact me with any further questions on my email listed in part one of this response! Thank you for your participation in this critical race.

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