Health care Moment #1 to think about

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Here are two big items buried in the text of the new Pelosi Health care Plan.

Take a look at the unique verbage our government is using to mandate health coverage for illegal aliens. Take a look at how we define who is covered…

(A) Section 59B of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, except that any resident of the territory who is not an affordable credit eligible individual but who would be an affordable credit eligible individual if such resident were a resident of one of the 50 States (and any qualifying child residing with such individual) may be treated as covered by acceptable coverage.

The information below puts current retiree benefits through their former employers at risk. In addition, if you retire after a certain time, you will no longer be permitted to have that insurance benefit offered by the former employer. In many cases retirees from large corporations pay little if any for their premiums. Now they will have unforseen expenditures on the public option – and this on their fixed income.

As of Y1, day 1 of the Government program, no retiree will be permitted to sign up for a retiree health insurance plan from their employer.
As of Y1 day 1 of the Government program, no current retiree health care plan can change the benefits offered or the cost. At this point, the government committee will review the plan to see if it is “acceptable”.  If the plan is deemed unacceptable, the retiree will be enrolled in the consumer option.

Watch this space for more…please circulate.

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