Health care moment #3 to think about!

Posted on November 7, 2009. Filed under: Politics |

The following text was from a report sent to the Woodlands Tea Party of Northeast Houston area.  They had sent a delegation to be a part of Representative Michele Bachman’s House call.  I am simply copying the beginning of the report verbatim.  It speaks volumes. 

Greetings Suzanne, and fellow Americans

I was proud and happy to represent Texas in Washington DC yesterday with Michele Bachman.  It was vital that we sent as many patriots as possible to show Washington that we mean business.  For such short notice, we had an extremely respectable showing.  Unlike the 9/12 march on DC, I detected a more hostile and aggressive mood among the crowd.  To my knowledge, there were at least 2 arrests.

Unfortunately, most of the representatives were conveniently out of their offices.  It was obvious they refused to face their constituants.  We encountered hostility in certain offices by office personnel, the worst being the staff members of Charles Rangel and Gene Green the tax dodging machine.  My group personally encountered John Conyers in the hall.  We managed to surround him and question him about the Total control bill (aka health care).  He was unable to answer any of our questions since he has not read the bill.  I asked the question, “Why aren’t you personally getting this healthcare?”  His answer, “well (laughs) because mine is much better!”  Enough said.

Click here to see the report in it’s entirety.  Thank you to the Northeast Houston Tea Party for sharing this with the public!

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