Health care Moment #5

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It is established that there will be “Navigator Programs”.  This is a program which will give grants to organizations that can help to manage the citizens in the new Healthcare program.  Organizations that will be eligible for these grants and who can apply are identified.  In that list, are the unions!  Also, on that list are organizations identified  by description.  Those descriptions fit organizations such as ACORN!  ACORN is being investigated in over a dozen states for election fraud.  They are also under investigation for the promotion of illegal activities.  This is who Harry Reid and the democrats think should be eligible to manage the citizens on the healthcare program.  This is who they think is eligible for grant money to help them do this.  I submit to you that the corruption in the Senate is worse than we could have imagined.

Andy Stern of the SEIU has visited the White House 22 times since the new administration took over.

He was also invited to a panel in November 2009 that debated the topic redistribution of wealth at the meeting of the Federalist Society organization.  This organization is made up of highly esteemed lawyers and judges throughout the USA.

On the day of the big vote on the Healthcare bill in the Senate, what group was gathered at the capitol surrounded by Harry Reid, Chris Dodd, Charles Schumer, and others?  It was the SEIU and they were showcased by kicking this press conference off with a speaker from the SEIU.

 Is it the unions that are running the White House?

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