Obama and Eric Holder conspire to influence 2010 election

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Have you thought the latest efforts of Eric Holder were bizarre?  Mr. Holder has proposed the 9/11 terrorists be tried in a civil court.  What’s more he has determined the venue should be New York City, where the crimes were committed.  Here is what is about to take place and the associated questions:

1.      Terrorists will be on trial using the civil justice system of the United States

  • Did they get notification of Miranda rights?  Why should they be entitled to the same  rights as the legal citizens of this country?   How many of our criminals have had their court case thrown out because they were not mirandized?
  • Is a non-citizen of this country who commits an act of war normally  tried in America via the civil justice system?
  • One of the terrorists has elected to represent himself.  He will be permitted to have full access to all the information of the US intelligence community as it pertains to 9/11.  He will be able to disseminate this to others via the trial, how not to get caught in traps in the future.
  • Do we believe they will get special “status” on many of the rulings in order to be politically correct?  Eric Holder has said he will give special instructions to the jury.

2.      Terrorists will be given a platform to spew more of their hatred and propaganda.

  • People of New York will be reliving the horrors of 9/11 and the  aftermath
  • The world’s people who are a part of JIHAD will be energized by the hate being aired on a daily basis
  • The terrorists will become even more respected by other terrorists and lauded by the other terrorists cells as heros – especially if they are condemned to death

3.       Much of the intelligence gathered that finally exposed who they were and what  they did  will have to be revealed.  

  • Experts will be called to reveal the evidence and will be forced to disclose the sources of the information.  In many cases during the testimony offered by our government, the intelligence methods used to monitor and capture these people will be revealed for all the world to see.

What could possibly be gained by such odd decisions that will impact the entire country?  During the early part of the year, the Obama administration and Eric Holder had a lot to say about the former administration.  They wanted to indict the President and many others for quote: “ Breaking the law in a conscious effort in order to begin a war on behalf of  the 9/11 people”.  The administration went absolutely quiet about all of this during the summer.  Even more curious, the President recently sent a delegation to the international court in the Hague to see what they could do to become an active member.  If the USA is accepted into this court as a full member, there are huge implications to the justice procedures we curently have in this country. The former United States administration or soldiers of the United States could be tried in the Hague for suspected war crimes involving other countries.

Why is the President and Eric Holder electing to doing this now?  The people’s movement did not get quieter this year, but louder and more directed at the actions of the government.  I suggest to you the timing of the trial, the location, et al, are designed to secure indictments against the former administration.  The President and Eric Holder are choosing to politicize one of the most horrific incidents in American History.   The timing of all of this, could possibly prevent the flipping of the house in 2010.  The puppet masters in the government will be redirecting everyone’s attention to the “illegal” things which they say were perpetrated by the prior administration.  This anti administration tactic worked successfully in the last election and swayed millions of voters to vote for whomever was not affiliated in any way to that particular administration or party .  We are almost a year into the activities of this administration and they do not want to take responsibility for the poor economy, and passing of unconstitutional legislation.  The indictments probably won’t stand, but the media circus could weaken the people’s resolve to vote differently in the next election.

May I be the first to openly state what we are all thinking at this point? It is difficult to trust either Republicans or Democrats.  I propose we all vote conservative, based on the person even it it means voting Republican, Democrat, Libertarian, or Independent.  Why?  I haven’t found this many Marxists or union officials evident in our government at any other time in history.  The leftists are in the Congress and surrounding this President as trusted advisors.  It is up to us to make a change.   We can remove the new people out in the next election if they don’t adhere to principled actions.  This is the only way we will stop this quick march by the left, which is systematically dismantling the constitution.

Next up is the election series: “Let’s take the gloves off” with the 2010 elections.

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3 Responses to “Obama and Eric Holder conspire to influence 2010 election”

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Re: “Why should they be entitled to the same rights as the legal citizens of this country?”

Let’s say that a French citizen visits the USA and lends someone some money. That person does not pay the money back. Should the French citizen not have the right to sue to get the money back because he is French?

Civil and criminal trials are simply the methods we use in order to determine whether someone is guilty, as the prosecution says, or innocent, as the defense says. In this case, it is highly unlikely that the prosecution will be wrong, but we give everyone trials just in case. Everyone.

The act that was committed in your example can be done via civil trials. The crime committed by these individuals should never go through the civil court system for many reasons. Our system was not intended for prosecution of people who commit an act of war on the US. To start this process after holding them so long without this end goal being the civil trial, will immediately cause problems. There is a process to follow and the entire case will be “tainted” by the prisoners not receiving the same rights from the beginning as a US citizen who is being tried in the civil courts. The prisoner who is electing to represent himself will be entitled to viewing of classified information in order to adequately defend himself. This is a matter of national security, not a lesser matter that can be handled in the US court system. The US judicial system is being manipulated to do something that it is not intended to be used for. There are specific judicial processes for this type of act.

Re: “system was not intended for prosecution of people who commit an act of war on the US.”

We are in complete agreement. But was intended for people who commit crimes. This was a great big crime.

Re: “The prisoner who is electing to represent himself will be entitled to viewing of classified information in order to adequately defend himself.”

I doubt it, but if it were true, then he would at the military trial as well.

One thing that hasn’t been much discussed is that the prisoners in these case have said so far that they plan to plead guilty, so much of our discussion is moot. If they plead guilty at a civilian court, it is about the same as pleading guilty at a military court EXCEPT THAT THEY WILL BE CONSIDERED CRIMINALS AND NOT MEMBERS OF THE MILITARY.

However, even if they don’t plead guilty, a civilian jury is far more likely to convict that a military jury. Why? Because we regard the threat of terrorism as a personal attack on us and on our families. To the military, violence is a normal part of war.

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