America has spoken – We have had enough!

Posted on January 19, 2010. Filed under: Politics |

Today was an amazing day for the country.  Several significant things occurred that clearly indicate the temperature of the Average American.

We began tuning in early this morning tuning into C-Span to see if anything had changed in the House and Senate.  Dare I say it?  We were hoping that our representatives (all of them) would be included in the conference process which is combining the Senate and House Healthcare offerings in some fashion.   The President, Speaker Pelosi, and Harry Reid have been consistent on this issue if nothing else.  America, if you have a Republican representative in the Congress these people do not want you to have a voice.  They are denying the rights of millions of Americans to be a part of the process with regard to the laws being passed that govern 100% of the people (unless you got a bribe or payoff such as the Senators in Nebraska and Louisiana).

Well, nothing was changed. Speaker Pelosi held a press conference today regarding the status of the Healthcare bill.  The average person would have been uncomfortable when the press questioned her on whether a Republican win in Massachusetts would alter the future of the Obamacare.  She is different, to say the least.  This line of questioning did not seem to perturb the speaker at all.  Her remarks never wavered that they would be passing the Healthcare bill regardless.  Polls  over the last week have shown less than 39% of the country want this Healthcare mandate by the government.

So we’ve just reaffirmed what we already knew based on facts of the last several months.  The government does not care if everyone has a voice on the Federal laws that are passed. Speaker Pelosi, Harry Reid, and the merry band of thieves have consciously chosen to ignore the American people on their representation and on their wishes regarding Healthcare.  Hmmmm,  decidedly there is a pattern of behavior.  We have seen them pay off unions, discriminate against various states, spend money we don’t have, force all taxpayers to pay for abortions, and ignore millions of Americans on what they want.

Enter Scott Brown of Massachusetts. It is ironic this would be the state where the wishes of the American people would ring out.  This state is blue through and through.  The democrats tried to play on sympathy by having Ted Kennedy’s widow send out a plea last week for money.  Not since 1929 has Massachusetts seen such an upset.  The Patriot and Tea Party groups are fed up.  Their Congressmen and Senators are not being permitted to represent them.  When they went to the townhalls over the summer, the politicians told them they knew what was best for them.  The politicians have not been listening and the people are very upset about this.  There are no checks and balances when either party has such an extreme majority.  

The people have spoken.  Scott Brown has won in a thoroughly blue state.  It is only the beginning as the people take back their country.

All, too, will bear in mind this sacred principle, that though the will of the majority is in all cases to prevail, that will to be rightful must be reasonable; that the minority possess their equal rights, which equal law must protect, and to violate would be oppression.
Thomas Jefferson

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2 Responses to “America has spoken – We have had enough!”

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SUMMARY: “We know what you want”.

Good Morning Sharron,
I met you at last night’s meeting in Richmond. I was wearing the red Marine Corps ball cap. I just wanted to check out your blog. It is well done.

I have just one quibble, the checks and balances built into our founding document have nothing to do with parties. The problem is not majority parties, the problem is that the ruling majority is ignoring the limits placed on government by the Constitution. I think Jefferson called such acts usurpations.
Regards HB

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