Super Sunday with Sarah Palin and Rick Perry!

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We are rapidly approaching the kickoff of one of the most “electric events we have seen for a long while in Houston.  People were lined up around the building at the Berry Center on the outskirts of the city, to share a “Super Sunday” with Sarah Palin and Governor Rick Perry.  The band has now arrived and is warming up with a lot of great music.

The press is in place, bloggers in place, and we are ready for an afternoon of conversation with two of the most prolific people in American politics today. 

Two diverse personalities are coming together for a common goal.  Governor Sarah Palin, successfully managed a state with significant oil and gas, big corporations.  About one and half years ago,  Governor Palin burst onto national stage as the nominee for the Vice President of the United States.  She has successfully managed a large state with enormous resources in the oil and gas industry.  Hard decisions had to be made on a regular basis.  Her leadership led the state in making some very good decisions.

Enter Rick Perry.  He took over the reins from our governor and has been re-elected twice.  Under his leadership, Texas has made great strides in the economy when other states have teetered on the edge of bankruptcy.  Given the challenges in the national arena at this time, he has persevered in protecting the interests of Texans.

The Governor of Texas takes the stage first.  He is well-received by the audience as he makes several statements indicating an indepth knowledge of the current regime in Washington.  His points on money receive a lot of applause and show a level of expertise that is appreciated by all.  As he says,  Washington could learn a lot from Texas.

His introduction of Governor Palin showed charm, wit, and an engaging manner. Clearly he loves the state and the people.   Briefly he covered a few of the more outstanding things that have been done in Texas over the last 10 years.  He was humble and the crowd responded well to his pointing out a few of the achievements in Texas.

Governor Palin is focusing on the great track record of Texas as compared to the majority of the other states.  This was  not an accident, but the active leadership by Rick Perry of the State of Texas.  People outside the state know that the reason Texas is not only surviving in tough times, but thriving, is because of Rick Perry.  He made tough calls on cutting back and succeeded in getting tort reform passed.  Governor Palin believes this leadership is reminiscent of the style of Ronald Reagan.  Her speech was on point and filled with facts about the accomplishments of Governor Perry.  She had occasion to work with him when she was still governor of Alaska, and remembers his conservative stance as unwavering.

The show concluded with Governor Palin asking Texans to remember we need a strong, experienced leader in these tough times.   She encouraged everyone to stand behind Governor Perry for the good of Texas. 

All in all, it was an amazing event for patriots.  We should all remember no politician will ever be perfect as they are human.  But it appears, Texans have been lucky enough to have a Governor who has made an exceptional number of right choices for the people and for the state.

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4 Responses to “Super Sunday with Sarah Palin and Rick Perry!”

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I caught the tail end of it. Looked like a great crowd. As always great post. Did you get to meet Ms Palin??

No, unfortunately I did not! However, I was really moved by how personable she is as a speaker and grateful to be a part of the reporting on the event. She had interesting stories to share how they worked together when they were both governors. Governor Palin’s endorsement is a big statement for Governor Rick Perry!

Thanks for reporting on this. It was interesting to hear Palin’s observations working with Perry when she was governor, his “unwavering stance”. For me, it takes away a little of the sting of the Trans Texas Corridor. Governor Palin’s speech last night at the National Tea Party was televised on Fox and CNN, that I know of. I thought the content of the speech was excellent. Also, they had an on stage interview with her afterwards, which she handled very well. When, asked about being head of the tea party movement, she reponded something to the effect, that no one person is, but rather “we the people”. I thought her comments represented the general feelings and direction of the movement.

Palin got me ALL FIRED UP for Perry. I saw clearly all the great things Perry has done for Texas. I recon the media has not been telling the whole story. Imagine that! “You can’t have a strong world without a strong US. You can’t have a strong US without a strong Texas. You can’t have a strong Texas without Perry.” I am afraid Kay BH has voted with Washington too many times for me to consider her.

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