Medina “Crashes and Burns” on Beck

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Everyone was anxiously looking forward to hearing Debra Medina on the Glenn Beck radio show today. I was hoping to hear fewer rehearsed statements and more original spontaneous discussion. Alas, this was not to happen. Well, we witnessed more of the same “style” that we have come to expect from Debra Medina today. She consistently spoke a lot and “over the top” of Glenn Beck’s voice. Time and again we have seen her try to control the conversation by drowning out the other person’s voice. Is this indicative of her inability to have an honest dialogue with people on important issues?

Mr. Beck asked a few opening questions and consistently received diluted canned answers which really did not address his question. In fact, I’ve recognized many of the statements made by Debra Medina as nearly exact from many other rallies, speeches, and debates. Was this to be yet another repeat of the same tired rhetoric? When asked about who Debra Medina is,  thus began her traditional anti competitor speech we have seen so many times before. Standard virulent statements have been made against Kay Bailey Hutchinson, and Governor Perry speech in the majority of Mrs. Medina’s public appearances. Glenn Beck tried to refocus her on the actual question he asked. Somewhat unprepared for this, Mrs. Medina rambled a bit and lost the rehearsed eloquence . This was one of a small number of instances, when someone asks something not in her memorized and typed dialogue. This completely throws the candidate off track.

The discussion about property taxes was interesting. We’ve all heard the statement from Mrs. Medina that she wants to do away with property tax and replace it with taxes on consumable items. Glenn Beck asked if we weren’t one of the few states without an income tax. She responded yes, and continued on the same speech justifying why it was a god given right. No one is arguing that, only how she would accomplish this, only to look at the whole picture when determining issues.

Per Beck, there is nothing more important than 9/11 in your lifetime. I agree. This was an event in my life that shall never be forgotten. Thus began the awkward segment of the interview. Glenn Beck pointedly asked if she was a 9/11 “truther”. For those who are unaware, this is a group of people who believe our own government may have been behind the attacks on the World Trade Center. It is a conspiracy theory of sorts. Mrs. Medina struggled with this answer. In fact, she did not say a yes or no. Her answer was that there is a lot of good evidence around this topic – but this is a Federal issue and she is focused on Texas. Beck followed up with a question to ask if any of her advisors are 9/11 truthers, would she disavow them? Again, there was not a straightforward answer, but a lot of talk and sidestepping.

I had an involuntary shudder at that point. How close had we come to getting a person through the primary who believed odd things, and clearly had not resolved an issue from several years ago in her own mind? She wasn’t even clear about the importance of surrounding yourself with people who are above reproach and will give you sound advice. We have all witnessed what happens when a person in a powerful position has advisors who are extreme in their thinking and belief systems. Look at the current President and the number of people counseling him who have Marxist, Communist, or other somewhat radical beliefs.

Mr. Beck, we agree with your assessment after the dialogue on many levels. The patriot movement is strong and producing many fine candidates. Many will be drawn to this surge of support as a moth to a flame for their own purpose. They may or may not be a true conservative candidate with straightforward common sense values.  There is a requirement at this point for all patriot groups particularly, to be diligent and research each candidate choice fully before expending tremendous energy and making choices to support them.

One can easily get caught up with the feel good candidates who are eloquent. We did that in the last Presidential election. Let’s truly be careful. There are pros and cons to every single candidate we see on the horizon (incumbents and new people). It is important to not repeat mistakes, and to learn from them. Looking past good speakers and feel good statements to the character and beliefs of all the candidates is crucial as we participate actively in the 2010 election.

For those of you who did not hear this interview of Mrs. Medina by Glenn Beck, I include the link below. It is a text of the entire interview:

Educate and inform the whole mass of the people… They are the only sure reliance for the preservation of our liberty.
Thomas Jefferson

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12 Responses to “Medina “Crashes and Burns” on Beck”

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This makes no difference. Government is not the problem, the corporation is. Beck is just distraction. Attack the corporation at every level, in every way, by any means necessary, if you wish to remain free at all.

I liked many of Medina’s ideas, and I had planned to vote for her. Not anymore. She lost all credibility.

When she skirted Beck’s questions about being a 9/11 Truther, she shot herself in the foot.

She emptied the revolver in both feet.

And kept pulling the trigger.

Sharon, thanks for reporting on this. This really gives new insight into Debra’s thinking! From what she said, I would conclude she is not reasonably sure if the government was responsbile for 911 or not.

Well, dangit. Reckon we are stuck with hairball for four more years. I heard the show live and agree with your analysis of the interview. Medina has a lot of heart but is not ready for politics at his level.

‘this’ level.

You may want to learn about the protest that took place at the 2008 state Republican convention. My husband was a delegate and I was an alternate delegate. Both of us witnessed this protest but ended up totally confused about the reason behind the protest and how it was handled by both sides of this issue. It was bad.

But anyway, Medina got herself in the middle of this protest. She also ran against Robin Armstrong for the VP of the RPT. I don’t think she got many votes.

I agree she muddled the question but I don’t believe she should be castrated nor do I believe that discredits her when compared to Perry and Hutchison.

Medina is dead on with the property tax issue. How is it the government gets aways with taking your property if you don’t pay your taxes. Lets say your property is workth $100,000 and you owe $3,000. How is it constitutional to come and take your property? See, the consumption tax or Fair tax is what will save this economy and stop the enslavement of all of us. Hello…that is why the government won’t do it. They must keep us all enslaved to them!

I think Glenn’s pompous attitude actually scored points for Medina. Perry and Hutchison both have been in politics too long and are both corrupt. Aren’t we all wanting to remove the life-long politicians and replace them with people like you and me? Well, Medina is you and me brother’s and sisters!

Besides, no one, even BECK can confirm with fact that the truthers are dead wrong. Perhaps if our elected officials hadn’t lied to us for so long and been deceitful and making shady deals behind closed doors the people wouldn’t consider that perhaps they are up to no good. It’s kinda like your spouse getting caught lying to you about where they are going during their lunch hour. I am sure most of us would develop a “conspiracy theory” of our own on that one. Look, Medina was very clear. She does not take a stand on either side because both sides have legitimate arguments. I mean, are any of you willing to stand up and say the government has been more than forthcoming with all evidence surrounding the 9/11 trajedy? I didn’t think so!

Glenn asked if our government is capable of evil and I say YES THEY ARE…do any of you remember the Tuskagee Syphilis Experiment???????

Wasn’t it Thomas Jefferson and now Glenn Beck who said/says, “Question with boldness even the existence of a God; because, if there be one, he must more approve of the homage of reason, than that of blind-folded fear.”

God Bless you all and God Bless America!

A fellow patriot,
Brandy Reyes

I think many of you might be missing a larger point. It’s not about fumbling an answer to a question. It’s about how she handled the fumble. Instead of coming out and saying something like, “You know, I blew it bad when Glenn asked me about being a 9/11 Truther. This stuff about the Feds actively participating in some kind of conspiracy is a bunch of crap and I wouldn’t have anybody associated with my campaign who believes it.”
Instead, she comes out and spins her answer into having the right to “question the government.”
I want to support a candidate who is willing to admit they messed up and their behavior doesn’t then betray them.
This is about integrity. Debra Medina has based a large part of her candidacy on fighting corruption and lack of integrity among many of our elected officials. In her handling of this, Medina has taken a significant (possibly fatal) hit on her integrity.
It’s like having a tire blowout on the last lap of a race and no time for a pit stop!

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