Katy Tea Party Patriots – Taking Care of Business!

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This past weekend I attended an event at the Taylor Center in Texas.  The Katy Tea Party Patriots organized an event to help educate the public prior to the primary races in March.  The lineup was quite impressive.

This candidate forum  included the candidates for Congressional District 10, Congressional District 14, Harris County Republican Chair, and videos from the 3 GOP candidates for Texas governor.  

Katy Tea has an effective audio that is “kicking off” the event as the people take their seats in the auditorium.  It speaks to the importance of voting and being involved in the election to ensure the best candidates are elected for the people.  The audio acknowledged the activities of the people, calling, faxing and rallying to make a difference.  The call to action was unmistakable:  Now is the time to educate ourselves on the candidates and vote! 

The attention to detail for the event is very much apparent.  The event is being streamed live on the internet by the Katy Tea Party Patriots. Cameras are set up everywhere due to the number of dignitaries participating in the event today.   It is a large crowd of supporters packed into the auditorium for a full slate of candidate education on a Saturday afternoon.  Christopher Telschow, was the moderator questioning the candidates.  He did an excellent job and should be commended.  Sam Malone made some introductions and comments as well.  Sam is always a crowd pleaser with the patriot groups.

From this point, I will highlight a few key points on the candidates.  These are simply my opinions.  Please investigate the candidates further for additional information.

Harris Co. GOP Chair

This is a very visible, highly competitive race.  The contenders are Ed Hubbard, Don Large, Jared Woodfill, and Paul Simpson.  Don Large was not present for the event.  After listening to all the responses, obvious differences emerged.  

Ed Hubbard had actively worked within the GOP party for several years.  He is knowledgeable about campaign finances and what he thinks needs to be done.  His focus was on closing the credibility gap for the elected officials.  He also believes it is important to reach out to the minorities.   His downside was being a “Namedropper” to gain votes from the audience. He mentioned his “close work” with the tea parties several times and dropped names of local tea party leadership to emphasize that relationship.  

Jared Woodfill is the incumbent.   He stated an accomplishment of  3 out of 4 goals.  Mr. Woodfill acknowledged the 2008 reality is GOP has been struggling to come out of the wilderness.  The downside is he focused primarily on the current national issues to capitalize on the anger at grassroots level.

Paul Simpson spoke of the atrophy in the GOP and how it was losing ground.It is critical to grow the grassroots level organization.  He began as an activist when he was 16.  Mr. Simpson has years of experience outside the formal political arena and will hit the ground running.  He brought forward a fresh, new approach in his answers.

In my opinion, Paul Simpson proved his case on several of the questions and in his remarks.  He sealed the deal for many in the room, that he would be a great candidate for the Harris County GOP Chair.  

Congressional District 14

John Gay:  Mr. Gay  is a veteran of US coast guard, 2 grown children, one of whom is in the war zone.  Currently he serves as a school administrator.   He is asking for the opportunity to represent the people and actively defend us from the “Gates of Hell” in Washington.  John Gay was very clear that he is against the use of earmarks.  He was able to articulate his positions, on the constitution, limited government, healthcare, and his foundational beliefs in right and wrong.

Ron Paul:  Dr. Paul speaks a lot about financial crisis.  He spent years in Congress, left, and came back thinking there was hope now that the tea Party movement has awakened the people.  He is clearly the expert on the Federal Reserve.   Dr. Paul based all of his answers and opening and closing statements around his focus on the Federal Reserve and getting rid of all of our military presence outside our borders.  His comment was we needed to stop being aggressive.  Dr. Paul gave an academic answer that the principle on earmarks was correct, but how they use it is incorrect.

Tim Graney: Tim Graney is a businessman in the Katy area.  He has been active in the Tea Party Movement for quite some time prior to the announcement of his candidacy.  His point on healthcare is the people can take a more proactive role in their own healthcare to assist in providing solutions.   He believes it is time for a change in Washington to focus on all the issues. Tim Graney has several examples during his answers of a good knowledge of free markets and how to leverage that for the good of the country.

Gerald Wall:  I must admit Gerald Wall had an impressive opening statement when he introduced a plan with specific points on what he will do if elected.  He covered the border, and other key issues.  Gerald Wall was a strong defender of the men and women in uniform.  He provided the best rebuttal of the day with regard to whether we should have earmarks.  His rebuttal was in response to Dr. Pauls’ comment (please see under Dr. Paul’s name).  Gerald Wall stated that is how we got into this mess.

I found strength in all the competitors for this seat.  In my opinion,  Dr. Paul showed us nothing new after all these years.   He is focused narrowly on a very few topics, some very extreme, and has succeeded in alienating most of the Congress with his agressive behavior.  This is ironic since he accuses the US of exhibiting aggression via the establishment of military presence in other parts of the world.

  • Best constituional speaker:  John Gay
  • Best speaker on free markets: Tim Graney
  • Best speaker with a plan: Gerald Wall
  • Speaker who best understands the Federal Reserve: Dr.Paul
  • Speaker who made his case to be elected:  John Gay

Gubernatorial Race

Next up, was a video of the 3 Gubernatorial Race answering one question.  Greg Holloway, of Common Sense Texans,  introduced this video and several others of these candidates on Youtube in near future.  The candidates were asked to identify a mistake of action they might have done differently.   The candidates were not informed ahead of the taping as to nature of  the question. 

1.  Debra Medina can’t point to any one thing that may have been a mistake, really.  There was a great deal of hesitation and awkward silence prior to speaking.  She talks about her lawsuit against the GOP.  She never thought it would go to court, that GOP would cave.  There is no regret to go to court.  She defends her reason for suing.  Her argument is she and her lawyers were right, and it is not resolved.  Constitutional convention was not handled per the guidelines.  Again, on spontaneous off-script questions she doesn’t do as well (as exhibited in the Belo debate and Glenn Beck).

2.  Rick Perry had very little hesitation and the governor answered it was not to marry his wife sooner.  He said they had dated for 16 years and that was too long.  There was laughter on that answer by the audience.   He then moved on toward addressing this question in his professional life.  His point was any big mistake is in the past:  Rick Perry stated it is critical in this job to look forward to the future.  Governor Perry stated there is a need to address the challenges in Texas, with 1,000 people moving to Texas daily.  This impacts many parts of the infrastructure.

3. Kay Bailey Hutchinson could not point to anything that immediately came to mind as a big mistake.  She did acknowledge there may have been some votes that she might have done differently.   Mrs. Hutchinson  appeared to be cool, calm, and collected when in these types of positions.

In the realm of spontaneous questions and thinking on their feet, consistently in this election season it has been Kay Bailey Hutchinson and Rick Perry who have this skillset.

Congressional District 10

Joe Petronis:  Mr. Petronis, the challenger,  is focused on state rights.   His initial statement involved McCaul and all that he felt was wrong about the Congressman and his record.  Joe does not believe McCaul has been fiscally responible.  One of his points was the belief our borders should be secured in a very specific way.  Military should be brought back from foreign countries and mandated to protect the border.   I wonder why he is unaware that there are laws mandating how the military are used, and this is not one of the acceptable usages?  Clearly Joe is emerging as a “Ron Paul lite” in his ideas and aggressive manner of focusing on attacking his opponents. 

McCaul begins his opening statement regarding he is upset when people misrepresent the record he has earned.   He then turned his attention to the very difficult problems in Washington and had a mention of Pelosi being a huge part of their problem.  McCaul supports a balanced budget amendment.  The public knows where he stands, there are no surprises as he has been vocal and consistent all year.  In fact, Congressman McCaul has been visible and involved in the key issues as seen on C-Span, unlike Dr. Paul.  

Michael McCaul clearly won this round based on overall knowledge of the issues and what he supports as “winning ideas”.

This event was a great service to the public.  Kudos to Katy Tea Party!

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One Response to “Katy Tea Party Patriots – Taking Care of Business!”

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While I think this blog hits the mark on most issues, I would disagree with the McCaul / Petronis matchup. First why was the venue changed from mano on mano to mano uno? I thought that did not allow any room for debate between the two. Second while McCaul has followed what I would consider conservative voting there are a few votes that I am not sure why he voted the way he did. McCaul In 2006 voted yes on a bill that Appropriates $129.41 million for the National Endowment of the Arts.

07/24/2007 Funding Reduction for the National Railroad Passenger Corporation Account, Amtrak and Other Services Voted No, Not sure why he would vote against reducting the 400+ million for amtrak. Just my observations.

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