Healthcare Debate Reveals “Unsung Hero”

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Recently, A key exchange occurred on the House Floor between the Republican Whip, Eric Cantor, and the Majority leader, Steny Hoyer.

Congressman Cantor was asking the questions on healthcare status that have been causing the majority of America to lose sleep. The majority leader tap danced on almost every single direct question by Rep. Cantor. In most cases, the majority leader tried to redirect the conversation by attacking the knowledge of the Republicans on the Healthcare bills and their knowledge of parliamentary procedure. The debate was lengthy and Congressman Cantor would not be deterred in his quest to get answers for the American people. Regardless of the barbs, jabs, and rhetoric leveled by Majority Leader Hoyer toward the Minority Whip, Representative Cantor continued to pursue the lines of questioning until he obtained the answers to specific questions.

What did we learn? Let’s focus on the most important dialogue that set the tone of this debate on the House floor. Majority Leader Hoyer would not commit to giving 72 hours to review the reconciled bill. The tone of the Majority leader and defensive posturing on this point revealed much about the attitude of the House Progressives. Hoyer claimed the House and Senate bills had been reviewed for months, therefore everyone had more than adequate time to review the bills in question. Rep. Hoyer was clearly trying to avoid an answer. The question was: “Will the American public be given 72 hours to review the reconciled bill which is newly scored by the CBO?” A lot of heated remarks were voiced by Hoyer aimed at the Republicans. The tactic of the majority leader was to make numerous attempts to deflect attention being brought to bear on the topic. Finally, after a continuous barrage of direct questioning by the Republican Whip, the truth emerged about the reconciled bill. There have been changes made to the reconciled bill and no one is promised 72 hours to review it.

The Corn husker bribe for Nebraska has been dropped from the reconciled bill. We do not know if any of the other special deals for other states are still in it. The bill is likely to have the reconciliation “nuclear” option to force it through. Rep. Hoyer feigned a complete lack of information about the “Slaughter Solution”. For those of you who are unaware, this would involve Rep. Louise Slaughter on the Rules Committee attempting to use new rulings to completely avoid a vote. Hoyer made a comment he would “look into it”.

The dialogue uncovered a nugget of information that the Democrats in the House should likely be interested in as the time to vote on healthcare is brought for the final drama in Washington. The Stupak language which guaranteed that no taxpayer money would be used to fund abortions has been deleted from the reconciled bill. There are numerous pro-life groups who have clearly stated the Senate Healthcare Bill that passed, does not uphold the Hyde Amendment which states taxpayers will not be subsidizing abortions.

As if the aforementioned facts were not enough to sully the Democrat’s modus operandi, the following point on parliamentary procedure that should serve to shake the Democrats to their foundation. Representative Cantor revealed it is definite that the healthcare bill being passed by the House would have to be signed into law by President Obama before any legislation for amendment could be put before the Senate. Thus far, this has been a proposal voiced by many House leaders, including Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi. The majority leaders are asking the Democrats to pass a bill that is not universally accepted, with the knowledge they would be able to get changes accomplished after the fact in the Senate. It is a “trust me” statement. As we all know from watching over the past years, proposed legislation is always questionable as to whether the managers allow them to be considered at all.

The bottom line of today’s debate is clear. The democrats will use whatever method is possible, to ram this bill down the throats of the American people. It does not matter if it is good for America, only that it accomplishes the President’s political agenda. The other item of note, is all of America should thank Republican Whip Eric Cantor for an outstanding job of representing the people.

Representative Cantor would have made the founding fathers proud today. I am asking everyone who reads this to go to Representative Cantors’ website ( ) and show him support as he campaigns for re-election. America needs him as a part of the team to get the country back on track.

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Thanks for watching and seeing the heroes who should be recognized. Thanks for the suggestions to follow through. It is one thing to applaud and another to support.

Thanks the author for article. The main thing do not forget about users, and continue in the same spirit.

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