Anti-Incumbent Fever Endangering the Republic

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We all have a choice this year.  Do we like our Constitutional Republic?  Do we like our liberty?  If we stand up for our country, there is only one choice of what to do this year.

Currently a wave of anti-incumbent fever, is sweeping across the country.  People want to throw everyone out of office.  Americans are threatening people who are holding office. I submit to you, this would be the very action which could ensure our fate of becoming a socialist country.  This year is a pivotal year in the elections.  Progressives must be defeated, to slow down the massive effort by this administration to destroy the republic and replace it with socialism.

We are just as much to blame as the politicians.  For decades, corruption has reigned in Washington, D. C.  This year as the American people woke up, they were startled to find so much was wrong in our government.  The Congress was openly lying, buying votes, and lavishly spending other people’s money.  This did not happen over night, but over decades.   

Let  me give you an example, of the short sightedness of the anti-incumbent sentiment, and how it could cripple us for the long term.  Texas had a very heated Republican primary for the Gubernatorial Race.  The incumbent, Governor Rick Perry, won the Republican nomination.  The supporters of the defeated candidates became angry, and many are now openly attacking the Governor and his supporters.  They are threatening not to vote, or to vote Democratic.  They are choosing to go to a socialistic regime rather than stand united.

In the primaries, I was in a similar position.  The candidate I supported enthusiastically was John Gay, not Congressman Ron Paul.  Congressman Paul won the nomination.  He will receive my utmost support for the good of Texas and the good of the country.  Now is the time for people to be united.  It is not a time to allow our pride or egos to stand in the way of what is best for America.

These backlash efforts strengthen the liberal goal of changing our country permanently.  No, not all Democrats are alike either.  However, the President, and his followers have shown they know how to twist arms and gain the result they need within that particular party.  There were dozens of dirty backroom deals done to buy the votes required for the Healthcare Bill.  Not one Democrat was able to stand up to Speaker Pelosi, the President, or the Unions.  Most recently, both Speaker Pelosi and Senator Reid were interviewed about these horrendous backroom deals.  These individuals truly believe the end justifies the means.  What happened to ethics?

With a conservative majority in Congress they can prevent the out of control spending from continuing during the next couple of years.  This Congressional body would be an immovable object on funding of existing  and future supercilious efforts that  simply serve to redistribute the wealth of the country and fund democrat elections.  There are a lot of dictators and tyrants throughout the world that are cheering the US government on in their efforts to become like them.  Let’s make certain it is a disappointing year for those that would wish harm to America.

Embrace your fellow conservatives this year.  There will be time to change the Conservatives in future, if they do not shape up and listen to us.  This year, we must be determined about saving the country.  To succeed in November, every person will need to work hard and support conservative candidates that can take back some of the democrat seats.

This administration has moved at lightening speed to take over all major industries and economic areas. For this reason the November 2010 election has become an important key to our future.  History has shown that President Obama has taken over more institutions and expanded  government more in one year than Chavez accomplished in his first year of governing Venezuela.  Castro compliments this President and the Congress on their achievements.  Chavez likes this President and his methodology.  Our allies and the rest of the world are watching with great sadness as the American Constitution and traditions are trampled daily by the current Administration and Congress. 

I submit to you that there are Republican politicians who “woke up” this year, much like we did.  They have risen to the occasion and are fighting hard to save the country from becoming a welfare state.  There are those in our country who want to “punish” all of the people in Washington.  If we choose to adopt this “shotgun” approach, it is unlikely we will  achieve the necessary result to preserve our Constitutional Republic. 

The American people are at a crucial time in history, and hopefully common sense will prevail.  It is a choice.  Unite and there is a greater chance conservatives will succeed in November which will directly result in slowing down the socialist agenda.  Fragment, pander to egos, continue griping, don’t vote, and prepare to give up the country.  There will be no other option to hold them back and turn it around.  The choice lies with each American.

Nothing can stop the man with the right mental attitude from achieving his goal; nothing on earth can help the man with the wrong mental attitude.
Thomas Jefferson

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13 Responses to “Anti-Incumbent Fever Endangering the Republic”

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I told Perry that I would never vote for him for any office if he rammed the business tax through. The trouble with the government now is we do not hold our elected official feet to the fire. I have had enough. I WILL never vote for Perry.
Dennis Fullenkamp

We will never agree with anyone 100%. If we elect to become a democrat state, there is zero safeguards should the march to socialism. This is the critical year for America to maintain as many people as possible in the conservative seats. As stated in the article, it is your choice. Be prepared to accept the consequences of our actions, however.

The Democrats have been evolving into the vile loathsome creatures they are today for many decades. The only thing they could do which would surprise me is to start behaving in a sane, ethical, and reasonable manner.
Towards the Republicans I have a deep angry feeling of being betrayed. Every election cycle they are Lucy with the football and I am Charlie Brown. They say “Trust me just one more time, surly you don;t believe that I would be crass enough to fool you again.” You seem to be asking us to try and kick that damn football one more time.
The Patriot Movement is the only thing that put any spine in the Republicans during the past year.
I will reward candidates that vow to adhere to our principals, regardless of party. I will support parties when their platforms conform to our principles ant their members support and work for the platform.
Thank you for the thoughtful post.

I agree with your analogy with one exception. In the other years, we were not in the position of a “make or break” year where everything was at stake. It would be gambling with the future of America and our liberty to not be absolutely focused on making choices to unseat the people who support the progressives. These people voted to trample our liberty and our Constitution this year. The most immediate way to address this is to starve the funding of all of it and that requires a conservative majority in Washington.

I agree but only to a point. Yes, the apathy of we the people are to blame also but as the above commenter points out, the GOP has taken us for granted. They are as much to blame for our economic fix as the Dems. Here in North East Texas,the voters recently replaced our State Rep Tommy Merritt for that reason as well as for voting against the VOTER ID Bill when it was first introduced. He was defeated by David Simpson who was backed by local Tea Party organizations.
Senator John Cornyn is another who’d better watch his step. As NRSCC chairman he continues to back FL. Governor Crist for the Senate over true conservative Marco Rubio. He’s proving himself to be a party hack like Newt G. NOT a true conservative. Look at Tom Coburn’s recent town hall meeting where he praised Pelosi and 3 times (!) accused FOXNEWS of bias talking to the audience like they were children because they disagreed.
I think there are many Texans like me who held their nose and pushed the button for McLame in the last Presidential election because we felt there was no other option. NEVER AGAIN will I vote for a candidate that I don’t have 100% faith in.

Nice article, Sharon!

I totally agree with your assessment.

Now, I don’t see anything wrong with anti-incumbent fever, but let’s not throw the baby out with the bath water either.

We have to keep our eye on the prize. Right now I believe that prize is stopping Obama, Reid, Pelosi, and the Senators and Representatives that support them.

This “war” on Progressivism is not going to be won (or lost) with one battle. There are many on our side who think otherwise. I believe this is short sighted of them.

Groups like GOOOH (Get Out Of Our House) do have a lot of value from an analysis perspective, but fielding third party candidates is only going to dilute the Conservative vote and may insure more Progressive victories.

As in your example of the race for Texas governor, I know several individuals (who were very strong Medina supporters) who have said they “will NEVER vote to re-elect Governor Perry.” I take that to mean they will either stay home on November 2 or vote Democratic as a way to somehow “punish” Conservatives who voted against their candidate. How juvenile and immature is that? Isn’t that the same distorted logic used against Bush and the Republicans in 2008 that gave us Obama et. al?

I also see this immaturity and even selfishness in the petty squabbles among some Tea Party and 912 Groups. There are many leaders in these groups who think they are “all that,” and let their egos get in the way of seeing and pursuing the bigger picture – the prize.

The coming election on November 2 could become the most important in the history of this great nation. If Conservatives succeed in taking back the House and/or the Senate it will be a huge victory in the first of many battles to be fought.

With only simple majorities Conservative leaders will have the power to control ALL the committees and subcommittees. The leaders of these committees will decide which bills will be considered and which bills will never see the light of day. The Speaker of the House and the Majority Leader of the Senate will decide what bills will ultimately be brought to the floor for debate.

The President can and most certainly will use his veto power, but I believe his popularity numbers will be the ultimate victim as he will continue to be perceived as governing against a significant majority of the citizens.

Conservative majorities could open the legislative process to public scrutiny in a way never seen before. Town hall meetings will become ubiquitous.

All that having been said, while the Progressives know they are in for a beating we must not become complacent, overconfident, or cocky. We must stay on guard for the onslaught of mud slinging and under handed tactics from the Progressive cry babies supported by the “lamestream” media (which we are already beginning to see).

Above all, we must not let ourselves get too caught up in micromanaging and minutia.

Lord, please give us the courage and the wisdom to keep our eyes on the prize!

This is a very eloquent and thoughtful reply. I agree, we have a long war ahead of us. The immediate battle is November. Let’s put our stake in the ground. Ensure we have a conservative majority to stall this move to the left. All of us will need to continue fighting for years to come.

If we choose to not vote conservative this year for a conservative, we are choosing to accept the possibility that we are a part of the team helping the progressives to dismantle our constitution and our liberty as a people.

In these tumultuous times we need to keep a clear head and remember that if we will place principles before personalities we can prevail.
I firmly believe that we have the government we deserve. Through apathy and ignorance we have allowed our country to deteriorate from the high principles of the founding fathers. We can have a better government, but we must be willing to work for it, to, at times, sacrifice our own petty interests for the greater good of the country.
Five signers of the Declaration of Independence were captured by the British as traitors, and tortured before they died. Twelve had their homes ransacked and burned. Two lost their sons in the Revolutionary Army, another had two sons captured. Nine of the 56 fought and died from wounds or the hardships of the Revolutionary War.

Let us not forget all of the sacrifices preceding our generation, that made this life in America so wonderful. Thanks for adding this comment. Too often, we forget all the sacrifices that made our way of life possible.

Okay Texas, I understand your position and the importance of the 11/2010 elections – however there are a full 6 months until time to mark a ballot – so for those of us that fully understand the “charlie brown/Lucy analogy – and would not have voted for McCain had it not been for Palin ~ They need to SHOW US they are different! You stated “Republican politicians who “woke up” this year ~~ Could you please name those you believe to be truly of the conservative platform? Can they not work towards the preservation of the republic NOW? Why wait until after november? Together they can Challenge all things that are in violation of our Constitution NOW!!! ToDAY!! SHOW US THEY ARE WORTHY OF OUR VOTES!!! SHOW US BY THEIR ACTIONS ~~ NOW HOLLOW PROMISES OF WHAT THEY WILL DO IN 2011~~ !!

Good comments! In fact, I put my time exactly where my “mouth” is, so to speak. There is a multi-state grassroots election committee that I actively participate in on a daily basis. This group is vetting every single candidate in the primaries that claim to be a conservative. The process is detailed and we go to great lengths to identify who the real conservatives are that are in the running. This list will begin to publish toward the end of April. The identified candidates in each Primary month will be published, with ideas of how all of us can support them. I believe we have a lot of wolves in sheep’s clothing, so to speak. I’ll publish the list on my blog as they are identified, and this committee will also be publishing across the United States to the various groups. Our process may not be “perfect”, but I can guarantee we put each candidate through a rigorous process. AND we the people are doing the evaluations, not the pundits!

Well said. Now will the ones who need to hear this listen?

Super-Duper site! I am loving it!! Will come back again – taking your feeds too now, Thanks.

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