Election Strategy is Difficult for Conservatives

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Isn’t it amazing the lessons learned when least expected?  For over a year, the din of the crowd has become increasingly deafening.  People are angry and frustrated with a government that is clearly out of control.  Most of us can agree upon that fact.

Beyond that simple fact, strategies and tactics take on many shades of gray.  What does that statement mean?  The powerless feelings and emotions of the people have fueled some tactics that will cost them in the long run.  Getting back to basics will help people focus.  Ask yourself the following, when in doubt about the goal:

  1. Who is it that more than doubled the debt in less than one year? 
  2. Who chose to ignore the will of the people on the healthcare bill?  
  3. Who is consistently giving speeches about racism, hate, and elitism in hopes of dividing a country and gaining votes?
  4. Who has bribed people to gain their vote?
  5. Who has consistently lied to the American public?

It is the progressive democrats.  The progressives have taken control of the democrat party so many people grew up knowing and supporting.  The result is a unified block of voters in the Congress, who bow to the will of the progressives.  This has been planned for years, and all the pieces are in place to fulfill a complete transformation of America, which is not necessarily for the good.

Ahhh yes, I can see the people screaming at their screens after reading the last paragraph.  What about the Republicans?  They, too, grew government and spent outrageous sums of money.  The “conservative” party has been guilty of backroom politics, just like the democrats.  I don’t disagree.  Are you scratching your head yet?  What does any of this have to do with the shades of gray and the dangerous territory that conservatives are now trekking through at ever increasing speed?

Our system of politics has become large, unwieldy, and unconstitutional over the last 100 years.   Do we honestly believe the entire system can be “righted” with extreme measures in one year?  Allow me the latitude to play out two very different scenarios.

I am wearing my liberal hat.  There is only one mission at all costs.  Confuse the conservative voters enough to maintain the progressive majority.  It will be clear sailing after the election.  We will have two more years to rid the country of the exceptionalism it has conveyed to the world for years.  There will be plenty of time to bring down the economy, thus enabling a “world currency” from the IMF.  America will become only one of many that form one world government.  Rights to free speech and gun ownership will long be gone by 2012.  Christianity will take a backseat to the Muslim religion. There will be enough time to continue filling judgeships with progressives.  AHHHH, the sweet smell of social justice is imminent.  Everyone will work for the government and have equal benefits under the law, except of course the elite progressives who will be needed to help the world order.  We won’t need a military anymore, because we have the UN.

My conservative hat is now on my head.  My candidate for Congress is strong enough to take the progressive seat – everyone is reporting this fact to be true.  Oh no, smear brochures arrived 4 days prior to the election and tell me horrible things about him!  What shall I do?  Guess I’ll have to change my vote to the weaker candidate.  Sigh.  What is one to do?  The weaker candidate wins.  One week after the fact, the “charges” against the strong candidate are proven to be unfounded.  WHAT HAVE I DONE??  I have just assured the progressive of being the likely one to win in the main election.  This is one less seat the conservatives will be able to take in the coming election.  The conservative has “fallen” for the ruse and tactics of the progressives and the unions in three distinct races to date.  Do the conservatives realize winning this November election is a crucial battle in the war?

There are unions and progressives playing the conservatives like a fiddle.  Thus far, the progressives are definitely winning at this game.  The most gullible in the nation, tends to be the patriot groups.  They want “their person” to win the race.  Surely a person affiliated with a tea party or 912 group is the best choice?  Listen carefully to the next statement.  Candidates affiliated with a patriot group are not always the most prudent choice.  Yes, they may be good people….or they may be progressives….or they may simply be a weaker candidate.  What matters is which conservative in the primary can beat the incumbent progressive.  If the conservatives don’t manage to gain control in November, there won’t be an opportunity to slowdown the efforts of the far left. The consequences will potentially change America forever.

Three times in the previous primaries, the conservative population has fallen for the games of the left.  Look at Nevada.  This primary will tell the tale.  Are the conservatives getting any smarter?  The pundits and many of the grassroots groups have done research that shows Sue Lowden is the strongest candidate that could potentially take Harry Reid’s seat.  Approximately 3 weeks ago, Harry Reid pulled all the negative ads about the weakest candidate, who is affiliated with the tea party.  Many groups outside Nevada began endorsing Ms. Angle.  Because of those tactics, Ms. Angles’ poll numbers have improved and Ms. Lowden’s poll numbers have decreased.  Is Nevada willing to possibly risk taking the Reid seat due to the antics of the progressive party?  When will the conservatives wake up? 

There are 3 things conservatives can do to ensure they will gain the majority in November.

  1. Pick the strongest candidate who can potentially take the democrat seat.  Ensure the party is unified behind the candidate.  Don’t allow the vote to fragment with 10 candidates.  Help educate the public about the strongest choice.
  2. Do not drop support of this candidate no matter what smears “emerge” before the Election date.
  3. Work hard to get the voter turnout numbers up.  Engage the whole country to help back your candidate.

I’m looking forward to the results of today’s primary.  Nevada and California primaries will tell how easily conservative voters will fall for tricks.  Will history show this to be “lambs led to the slaughter” or a triumph as David and Goliath?  Only time will tell.

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4 Responses to “Election Strategy is Difficult for Conservatives”

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Nice article Sharon!

I would like to share an experience I had the other evening. Each Monday evening the Tea Party Patriots convene a nationwide conference call for several hundred Tea Party and 912 leaders from across the country. I am a regular participant on those meetings.

During the last meeting one of the participants suggested that we not vote for any candidate who would not sign a tenth amendment pledge. Several of us pointed out how that view could very well result in a Progressive remaining in office.

Here in our own state of Texas I know several Debra Medina supporters who have sworn they will NEVER vote for Rick Perry for governor. That kind of thinking (behavior) is not helpful to the cause.

The prize we must keep our eyes on is throwing Progressives out of office. Damaged egos and misplaced loyalties must give way to the candidates emerging from the primaries – no matter their “imperfections.” A once the primaries are over we must unite behind the winner and put our full energy into defeating the Progressives in November!

Great article, Sharon. I was listening to the news this morning and thinking about how right your article was.

And, Milton, I agree with you wholeheartedly. I have heard the same Debra Medina supporters doing the same thing. And I ask them, do you really want Bill White in office? Because that’s our only other choice! Let’s send as many progressives home as we can and then we’ll work on the next batch in 2012. It took a long time to get here and it’s going to take longer to get back where we need to be. Everybody needs to keep the faith.

If you and I disagree about 20% of the conservative agenda that does not make you my enemy, it makes you 80% my ally! We got where we are one election at a time for the last 40 years. Only a naive idealist would expect to turn it all around in just one election. If we elect the better candidate and keep doing that for the next 10 elections we will eventually have the office holders that reflect our values perfectly. That is what the progressives have done and look where they are today!

Interesting comments from everyone! I’d like an opportunity to clarify this opinion piece. Once someone has the conservative nomination, it is important for conservatives to unite and support that candidate. It is imperative for conservatives to gain the majority this year. Having many hours of research invested in our plight, I do have a specific goal. It is important for conservatives to gain the majority in the Congress. This is the sole goal, to stop the progressive march to a total government state. The progressives have in 18 months, achieved governance of 70% of the economy. Americans are very close to the “tipping” point of economic collapse (documented with over 100 economists in agreement in a letter to the President). This is not naive, but what I believe to be a necessity for the country. Over the next many elections, we will have time to refine the candidates of choice until we get the “best mix”.

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