Clarity on Texas 2010 Races

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Over the fourth of July weekend, I had the honor of addressing the crowd at the Alvin Tea Party Patriots gathering in Texas.  First, let me say it was truly inspiring.  The rain was pouring outside and the hall was filled with a standing room only crowd.  Every part of our society was represented on this day.  There were young, old, veterans, grandparents, parents, etc.  It reminded me of what we are all fighting for in this mid-term election year.  Our founding fathers had a brilliant vision of what could be available to all people in this country.   Looking at all the faces in the room, it was clear what has made this country great.  It is the people.

Individuals and families had taken time to come listen to an afternoon of speakers.  The mission was to inform, educate, and inspire the crowd to participate in the patriot efforts this year.  As always, there is an opportunity to learn from others, and this occasion was no different.  The first person stood up to ask a question after my closing remarks.  Clearly the speaker was frustrated by the current state of our country.  He spoke at length about Republicans allowing the current malady in our country to occur.   Most of all, he was upset with the final message of my speech.

The purpose of the speech given, was to share information about the activities of the grassroots election committee.  My final point is the same regardless of which speech I am giving at the time.  The democrats have taught Americans an important lesson about unity.  The liberals unified to achieve their goals and have succeeded thus far in those efforts.  Patriots need to unite and support the conservative candidates this year regardless of personal feelings.  The crisis at hand is a liberal majority,  who is systematically destroying our way of life in America.  After the out of control liberal movement  is under control in Washington, we  need to analyze which conservatives should be replaced in Congress.  The people’s work in restoring our country will take several more years.  In Texas, we have 3 critical races.  The first is the gubernatorial race of Rick Perry.  The other two races which are key to Texans is Mr. John Faulk who is running against Sheila Jackson Lee and Mr. Francisco Canseco who is running against Ciro Rodriguez.  As conservatives, we must retain our governor this year, and fully support the two Congressional races in Texas which will add to the Conservative headcount in Congress.

The gentleman said Governor Perry had made decisions he did not agree with, and this made it impossible for him to vote for the governor.  I agree with the gentleman that both the Republicans and the Democrats are responsible for the current plight of America.  However, I would like to make another point very clear – which I did that day as well.

If a Texan chooses to not vote for the Governor, this action will be assist Bill White in his race to become governor.  A non vote or a vote for another candidate will yield the same result.  Bill White has been a strong supporter of the President and his policies.  I do not agree with everything our Governor has done in his career.  There isn’t a politician I have agreed with 100%.  However, I do see this Governor has consistently tried to find solutions, stood up to Washington, and been willing to change course when we were unhappy with his choices.   Economically, Texas has fared better than the majority of the other states during this difficult time in our history.   I submit to you, this is not an accident.   This is not the year to take a chance that our state could fall to a liberal and to the Obama administration.

Many are espousing hate and discontent with the governor.  There is only one clear picture that comes to mind:


Is this picture clearly understood?

Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words.

117 days left to work to get our country back 

United we stand!  Keep Texas Conservative. 

Vote for Governor Rick Perry:

Vote for John Faulk:

Vote for Francisco Canseco:            


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4 Responses to “Clarity on Texas 2010 Races”

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Your observations are right on. We need to learn from the liberals. Unity at all cost. Get the man in who is most likely to implement conservative policies. Bill White is not that man. Perry has proven himself conservative and good for Texas. Faulk and Canseco need our help where it really counts. Their opponents have done enough damage.

Thank you so much for telling Americans about Mr. John Faulk running against Sheila Jackson-Lee. He is the greatest hope we in CD-18 have had in many many years (over 16). I like the referral to and your statement: In Texas, we have 3 critical races. The first is the gubernatorial race of Rick Perry. The other two races which are key to Texans is Mr. John Faulk who is running against Sheila Jackson Lee and Mr. Francisco Canseco who is running against Ciro Rodriguez. As conservatives, we must retain our governor this year, and fully support the two Congressional races in Texas which will add to the Conservative headcount in Congress.

Strongly agree with your points.
I find it incredible that many of my friends are seriously considering pushing the button for Bill White or not voting out of anger over some of Perry’s past actions. While I’m not crazy about Perry I do recall White was mayor of a sanctuary city where two police officers were killed by illegals and his only answer was: “It’s not the city’s job to round up illegals but the federal govts.”
I for one will NEVER again vote for a candidate with a (D) behind his name not when their national party is nothing but a bunch of marxists.

I am on your page! Excellent article with common sense tactics and clear goals. They will each receive my meager donation, but if 1000 do the same, that’s a bundle!

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