Number of Misinformed People Growing in Texas

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The past few days in Texas have been enlightening as far as patriot groups and news outlets are concerned.   Granted, the frustration of Texans with this legislative session is at an all time high.  The most disturbing part of all is the number of patriot leaders seeking moments of “limelight” in the press, without having  the facts.  Assuredly, most of these people mean well.  However, there is a sacred honor that should be evident, when trusted sources report to the people.

Let’s begin by talking about the time between the election and the legislative session.   There were no doubts about Speaker Joe Straus, due to his track record previously in the state as speaker and representative.  The man is liberal, and makes decisions based upon his own needs.  Yet, there was a primary teaparty leader of a group in Houston Texas who wrote an article that it didn’t matter if Joe was elected Speaker of the House.  Per this leader, the people could “control” the legislature.  After all, we were awake.  This tea party leader has a fair amount of reach and knowledge.  Today, I might say to her followers, you believe in her credibility – WHY?

Having spent hours and weeks in Austin, studying the legislature and bills, it is astounding to see the number of misinformed people in Texas.  Well-known patriot groups, patriot members, bloggers, and media  have been actively circulating incomplete and wrong information to suit their political preferences.  How dare any of us exploit the everyday working Texans?  What happened to accurate reporting for all the right reasons?  It is egregious for people to use social media outlets to misguide the people.   How is it the informed people speaking to the masses don’t know the Texas constitution or the procedures for a bill to pass the legislature?   How is it they do not know who has the power in Texas during legislative sessions?  How is it they don’t know exactly what happened to a bill, yet they continue to circulate inaccurate information to the masses?

In a legislative session, the Lt. Governor of Texas has the most power, closely followed by the Speaker of the House.  The Governor may make suggestions on what is slated as an emergency item for the legislature.  He has zero power to force the Speaker of the House or the Lt. Governor on the how and when they take actions.  If a person studied the legislature this year, a pattern would emerge. 

When Straus and Dewhurst named committee chairs and worked with them to determine the members, these actions determined ownership of the power.  There were a handful of people controlling the personal agenda for Straus and Dewhurst.  It had nothing to do with the people of Texas.

In May,  Straus and Dewhurst openly defied the Governor with their choice on the  formation of the committee to look at Higher Education.  The Governor had focused on Higher Education reform for quite a while.  He mentioned some  of his ideas in speeches to the public and the legislature.   Take a look at the press release and the names of  people who have been appointed to the group. None of the conservative legislators heavily involved in reform ideas were included.  The people on the list are the ones who will support the status quo in higher education.  Why do you believe the Governor has the power to dictate actions to the Speaker and Lt. Governor?  Where is the basis of those “facts”?

Yes, we got some good bills out.   Those bills did not interfere with the agenda at hand (of Speaker Straus or Lt. Gov. Dewhurst), and distracted the public while other things were being discussed in the legislature.  What was the agenda?  If one looks at the overall number of bills and content, it appears to be a power play that will be completed in 2012 and 2013.   Redistricting maps ensured the strongest conservatives in the state, who are against gambling will likely lose their seat.  Deals were made to get a lot of people in a position to agree with these measures.  Undue amounts of money were spent in the budget, regardless of the enormous bills facing Texas in 2013.  Special interest groups ruled.  This weakened Texas, but guaranteed the number of votes needed to pass legislation wanted by Straus and Dewhurst.  Some might say this is politics.  It is the selling out of Texas.  

Specific actions by people in the press, placed the blame for this year’s debacle at the Governor’s door.  Of course, the liberal press is counting on no one in Texas knowing how the legislature works!  Liberals have wanted to topple Texas conservatives for a very long time.  Has anyone stopped to ask who that would benefit and why?  

The politic gameplaying this season, was a textbook study in deception, blocks, and innuendo to achieve goals of the people in charge.  Over the next few months, I will publish specific examples proving the allegations made in this article.  In fact, go look for the facts yourself.  You will be surprised at the amount of public data that can be found on this session, fully supporting these points.

What will happen in 2013, when we do not have  the money to pay the bills?  Would it be a state income tax that is suggested as a solution, or will it be gambling?   Formula One Racing was passed this session.  It has already been approved by the City of Austin.  This will be a large complex, that is surrounded by more open land for more vendors and projects.  Think about this.  Even if you are not against gambling, statistics show the crime rate will rise 3 to 1.  Can we afford more of a crime issue, given the open border and immigration problems?  People from dozens of terrorist countries come and use the Mexican border as the gateway to America.  Currently there is a war on crime in our state, do we need more?

Seven people controlled the legislative agenda for the most part.  Without these gatekeepers, good legislation would have gone to the floor in a timely manner, and been passed.   There were choices on what went to the floor.  On the House side, the most powerful gatekeepers appointed by Straus were Jim Pitts (Appropriations), Burt Solomans (Redistricting), and Todd Hunter (Calendars).   None of the key legislation could get to the floor without touching one of these chairmen.  On the Dewhurst side of the house, we had Ken Seliger (Redistricting),  and Steve Ogden (Finance).   By looking at the impact of those chairs, and the people on those committees, you will see the whole picture.

A closing comment to patriot groups.  The majority of the groups are thoughtful people, trying to get to the truth, so it may be shared with others.   What is the purpose of this article?   It is time to warn people they need to be careful when getting information from so-called leaders.   Whether it is me, or someone else in the patriot world, it is time to question everything.  A multitude of  people  with conflicting agendas have infiltrated these groups.  They want third parties.  They want a bit of the spotlight.

Thank you to the groups who continue to strive for the truth, when educating the masses. It isn’t important who gets the recognition with the masses or the media.  It is important we get it right, and remove the people from office that sold us out.  As for the misguided people spreading vicious gossip without substance, more credibility would be gained by telling the truth.  Think about it.


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20 Responses to “Number of Misinformed People Growing in Texas”

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Wonderful article – bravo – Keep gambling out of your State – It has done none of the things in NJ that it was suppose to when they first passed it in the 70’s. Just more crime and more gamblers. Many of them senior citizens. I know it sounds crazy but it is true they go to Atlantic City by bus and spend their SS checks. I have seen it happen. Keep gambling out of your state – keep up the fight my friend

The government is counting on us to be stupid (when it comes to politics) and to lazy to protect our state and our nation. We have been negligent as citizens of this wonderful country to do our best to protect her. It’s not to late but we must rise up NOW before it is to late. We have wicked men and women in high places and they will determine the fate of us all. Wake up slumbering nation the lions are at the gate.

Well said Young Lady.

Great Piece! Perfectly said and points well made…I hope people pay attention!

We all know leaders who have waited in the wings for an issue to develop – then jumped in front of the parade and claimed to be its leader. This happens in all walks of life from the corporate world to religious groups and especially in political groups. The Tea Party, 912, and other conservative groups have no special immunity.

I agree that the solution is to “question boldly” [Glenn Beck] in seeking the truth. Leadership that avoids accountability must be removed.

It has been said countless times and bears repeating – we didn’t get into this mess overnight and we will not get out of it overnight. There will be many setbacks along the way. The important thing is to “stay the course.” That is one thing the Progressives have done well over the long hall. It is one of Saul Alinski’s rules – “The major premise for tactics is the development of operations that will maintain a constant pressure upon the opposition.”

There is no question that new Conservative leaders are entering the “farm team” and are beginning to work their way up the power chain. The recent Katy ISD school board election is a great example. Three positions were up for grabs, and three solid conservatives took those positions. I think this “farm team” solution (not my idea) could be a good long term strategy to shifting the power back to leaders who favor the limited government envisioned by our Founders.

Excellent article, Sharon, and thanks for all you do!

So clear. I hope people read this and understand who is responsible for the mess in Austin.

Very timely and pertinent article, thanks from all of us who are watching this sort of thing. If we are going to prevent a hostile take over of all governmental agencies we are going to have to organize and spread a RINO alert to the conservative voters. Please notice that a great deal of this supposedly conservative generated misinformation is being touted by female “conservatives” . Being a female conservative myself, I do have an eye on what they are doing. It gives all women a bad name and I won’t stand for that in silence. Will you?

Courageous, informed, and thoughtful! Thanks, SHaron

Well done! Memo to those who have not read, nor understand how the Texas legislation works… and inform yourself. Hint: Post Civil War.

The Govenor has limited control. Bottom line is that all control of Texas legislation is in the hands of Dewhurst and Strauss – for the time being.

Again, well done article. Enough of misdirection and mis-information. Pay attention folks…our country and state is at stake.

Texans, we have another option.
Independence is our only resort now.

Agreed. Anyone who fools themselves to believe that staying in the Union is still an option has lost their mind. Texas created 60% of all new jobs in the entire USA. That number would of been much higher if we didn’t have US regulations and oppressive taxes restricting us.

But to seperate, there is no mechanism for a voter referendum. Thus we need to take FURTHER control of the House. OUST STRAUS and OUST DEWHURST. If we do that, we can pass legislation like the TSA bill that Dewhurst killed and expose the tyrannical face of the government in DC.

If the US government really follows through on an embargo of Texas just because we refuse to allow genitalia to be groped by the TSA, then ALL Texans will unite in opposition to the feds and independence can be achieved. I also believe that is the best issue we can ask for in separation. No one would enthusiastically oppose us since they all hate the TSA too, and more importantly we would win recognition from foreign powers very quickly since the issue would embarrass the USA. The first act of an independent Texas should be to send diplomats to China and Britain I believe.

Good article – should be read by all Texans.

Sharon thank you for all your work on the above article.

[…] On July 13th at 7pm, we will have a meeting at Parr Library to discuss this in detail and what we will do about it in terms of the next election cycle.  Rep. Jodie Laubenberg will be there to describe the inside game- and NO ONE tells it like it is like Jodie!  However, if you want a warmup for that session, try reading this excellent assessment of who REALLY holds power of the Legislature and why we cannot be distract…. […]

Good folks trying to get a hold on the situation in our counties, state and country…..we are learning and will continue to plant the seeds of justice for our children and future generations. Thank you for enlightening us as to who has the power. We do know that the power holders and those that follow them and pledge to them are the very ones that need to be exposed for how they handle our state of affairs.
Keep up the good work and keep on keeping us informed.

Perry would not be my first choice but he probably be ahead of some others. I have always considered myself conservative but I would never ever back myself into the corner of “absolutely no tax increase”.

Every government is controlled by the wealthy and/or strong and Texas is no different, regardless of the voters mostly.

As one of the retired teacher members who have been denied even as much as a cost of living increase for over ten years it’s hard to trust either party when it comes to promises.

I have had the privilege of attending one of the “horse and buggy meetings” of a committee in Austin I am convinced that our state government is overly influened by lobbyists.

I am always amazed at how niave our tea party is! They do not want to get to the bottom of anything or rock the boat.

They want to be nice ladies and gentlemen, which is fine if you want to be a doormat for your reps and senators. They say they are for the tea party principles, but are very self centered and arrogate about what they think their office allows them to do to Texans.

Texans need to stand up! Wake up! Don’t help re-elect them!

The LOTTO is bad enough. The money for that scheme was suppose to go into the Education Fund. Ha! Higher Taxes? Lots of new people coming into Texas bringing with them bad government policy. Better watch them. All we need to compete with New York and California for the lead in being broke is to take our eyes off the proverbial ball for just a Session or two.

Just remember that Mr. Dewhurst is going to try to run for Senator when Kay Bailey steps down, or for Governor of Texas if he doesn’t make the US Senate. And our Primaries are way to early and far away from the November 2012 elections. Dewhurst is the Texas Republican Party’s choice if you haven’t figured that out yet. We need to step up and fill the Senate seat with a Dan Patrick or a Ted Poe or like kind and send a message to Dewhurst;

[…] Telling it like it is in the Texas State Legislature […]

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