Heroes and Inspiration for America

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Bear with me while I paint a picture.  There are people working hard and pulling together to fight against a  merciless foe in another part of the world.  This enemy has used charisma, wiles, and cunning to deceive an entire nation.  One day the nation woke up, and there were many dire days ahead.  A lot of people suffered.  A lot of men, women, and children died.

This was WWII.  Why do I bring this up now?

There are different ideologies at war with each other in our country.  Thousands of people in other parts of the world, can only imagine a country that would promote life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.  No, happiness is not guaranteed.  However, everyone can have the opportunity to work hard and chase the dream that is important to them.   Others would argue,  it is time for a change.  Others would say socialism makes certain everyone has all their needs met.  The government will take care of everyone.  I ask, “Do you believe that 48M people are unable to work”?

The war of ideologies took a sharp left turn, when a President was elected who truly believes a hybrid version of socialism is good for America.  Instead of encouraging personal responsibility,  millions of people now have a “caretaker” called the government.  History has taught us that socialism has never worked.  Perhaps it is because we, as a species are only human.  There will always be those who are “takers” and those who are “producers” as spoken about by the late, great Ayn Rand.

This country is special.  For over 200 years, America has been a beacon of hope to all that enter.  All things are possible in this land of great hope and promise.  This has never changed.  People dream of America today as always.

There is a critical competition now between many deserving Republicans.  Why do I say deserving?  All of the people who step up in such a climate of hostility to try and make a difference, should be treated with respect.  Day after day, I have read articles tearing down Republican candidates.   My challenge to all who read this article is to weigh all the similarities and differences of the candidates prior to making a decision.  These are human beings.  There is no perfect candidate that will satisfy everyone.  What should we look for in a candidate?  In my opinion, we should encourage the heros who stand up and say, “I will try”.  Give them a fair shot.  Evaluate them, and vote. 

Why should we resort to leftist tactics  against the Presidential candidates at a time when the country is at a crossroads?  These are honorable, highly qualifed individuals who at all costs to their personal lives and the lives of their families want to serve their country.

Remember what made WWII great?  Remember the people and the pride in their country.  Remember the sense of pulling together for a common enemy.  Remember what makes America great.  The most important thing to be done, is to unite, and choose the candidate who ensures Obama will be a one term President.


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8 Responses to “Heroes and Inspiration for America”

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It is important to note that Marx & Engels considered socialism to be an interim state on the way to communism. In my opinion, the Democrats are striving for Communism.

I couldn’t have said it better.
Thank you and Bless you!

Brian Matthews

Well said! You’ve changed the dialogue to one that’s positive!
brian (matthews)

Thank you! I don’t know of one candidate for President that would not be a wonderful relief to what controls our country, now. It hurts my soul to see people tear down our candidates. Who among us could survive the microscope Repubublicans are turning on their own. I have my favorite candidate. I am happy if any Republican gets in, not Libertarian using the party, but, Republican candidate. If there is truly a dangerous person running to lead our country, then let’s call them out. Otherwise, let’s all pull together and push the good qualities of our Republican candidates. Let our process work. Above all, let’s all pray the hand of God upon this election.

You are so right, Sharon.
The “enemy,” whether it be spiritual, physical, or political will use any and all means to defeat us.
And yes, I use the word “enemy” rather than “opponent.” In my mind one can reason and argue with an “opponent.”
Today our political ideologies have become so polarized that there is very little, if any, room for compromise. The Progressives have pulled out every dirty trick in the book to get their way. Remember how ObamaCare was forced down our throats? Remember the rampant voter fraud perpetrated by ACORN? Have you noticed how the President, when he can’t get his way with Congress, simply signs another Executive Order?
Yes, our political “opponents” have become political “enemies,” and will stop at nothing to defeat us, including physical harm if necessary (the SEIU beating, etc.).
Before 9/11 many saw no threat from Islamic terrorists. They were simply another political and ideological “opponent.” On 9/11 these “opponents” became “enemies.” On 9/12 we finally realized we had to stop being the nice guy and fight fire with fire. We put our differences aside, kicked butt, and took names.
On February 19, 2009, Rick Santelli “fired the shot heard ’round the world.” The Conservatives became energized and the Tea Party movement was re-born.
The Progressives and the so called mainstream media would have you believe that the Tea Party is “on the ropes.” Don’t you believe it. They are on the run, and 2012 is coming.
Argument and debate is healthy in the primaries and the Republicans have many candidates from which to choose. But whoever wins the primary deserves our full support in the general election. Anything less risks four more years of torture and mayhem.
Do not allow the enemy to divide and conquer!

Very positive, thoughtful and concise. You are a treasure. We need to restore America, not reinvent it.

It is a delicate balance in analyzing candidates for our conservative representation. I agree we must do it with our own code of conduct in place and not adopt the enemies code of conduct. As in 1940 our nation was self focused on unemployment and depression even as the cry of the oppressed from Europe reached our ears and then we realized we were next with the events at Pearl Harbor – “December seventh – A day that will live in Infamy…”. We can still hear the words of a national leader ringing in our ears and many of us were not even born.

As the 10th anniversary of 9/11 is less than three weeks away are we going to focus on our unemployment and depression or the truth we have an enemy that has destroyed many countries which rage in chaos and oppression and that enemy is coming after us – is here among us? We need a national leader who gets the big picture and focuses the people’s attention on the important things both nationally and internationally. We have had our Pearl Harbor yet our leaders focus on silly trite themes on 9/11 anniversaries.

As our fathers did in WWII may we carry our Christian ethics into the struggle on every field from local elections to national to international affairs. Let us seek the help of “Divine Providence” in all our battles. He is waiting for our response.

What a well-written commentary and plea for sensibility. I do agree that there is no ideal or perfect candidate. They all have things that fall short of what we as individuals want. We do need to look fairly and honestly at all willing and wanting to serve and see who has the best chance of electability and put our efforts behind that person.

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