Texas reacts to the Supreme Court Decision

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A man is defined by his actions and ability to move forward after setbacks.   Greg Abbott is that man of strength, and courage.   The Texas Attorney General did not go quietly after the Supreme Court Decision on Obamacare.  It appears the court decision has inspired him to fight harder for America, liberty, and the constitution.   This week was a whirlwind tour of speaking engagements with different groups of Americans to explain the latest decision by the Supreme Court regarding Obamacare.

In Plano Texas, there was a Rally for Freedom sponsored by the Texas Conservative Coalition Research Institute.   The crowd was anxious to hear what crumbs of hope the Texas Attorney General, Greg Abbott could give to them.

There were several states involved in the Supreme Court Case.   Per usual, on high profile cases, they asked the Attorney General of Texas to be one of the key legal minds involved.   We now have one option left to the American People.  It is critical to vote in a new President,  a conservative controlled Senate, and a conservative controlled House in November.  This is the choice remaining, to protect America from this overreaching action by the Federal Government.  It was clearly stated this was a disasterous Supreme Court decision that took everyone by surprise.

People in the courtroom were fairly comfortable when the decision began talking about commerce and how this argument was not a constitutional premise for the law.  As the reading continued, a 180 was done, and the weaker reasoning on taxation privilege was introduced.  The gallery was stunned and mouths were agape per others who were actually in the courtroom.  The entire opinion document can be read here:  http://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2012/06/29/us/29healthcare-scotus-docs.html

The decision cannot be overturned, as this was the last stop on the judicial ladder.   Arguing about whether the additional outlay of cash is a penalty or a tax is a waste of time.  One option is left,  America must work fervently, tirelessly, and focus on domination of all branches of government.

On the Americans for Prosperity call, there was a stunning moment of clarity for the thousands who crowded onto the call.  One of the audience asked a question, using examples.  “Could the government charge a penalty if people choose not to buy a smart car?”, stated the caller.  Attorney General Abbott, said “yes, that is our problem now.”   The Supreme Court has ruled the Congress has unlimited power to levy taxes on activity and inactivity.   A pin drop could have been heard after that dash of cold water on the audience.

Liberty suffered greatly because of this decision.  To overturn Obamacare, and get real solutions for Americans, we must not let a moment go wasted between now and November.

In 1775, Americans said enough and made their voices heard around the world.  In 2012, we must do the same.

God bless America on this fourth of July.  Give Americans courage for the fight ahead.


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3 Responses to “Texas reacts to the Supreme Court Decision”

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As of June 28th 2012, the United States is no longer a Constitutional Republic but a euro style socialist democracy.
We are finished as an example of individualism, free enterprise and the American way. We are swirling down the toliet and my heart is breaking as there’s NO way back . Even if Romney gets elected He and Congress will NEVER abolish obamacare. Once power is obtained, it’s never released except by force.

It’s good to read your blog again, Sharon. You have been missed.

I remember how angry I got after Rick Santelli made his famous rant back in February 2009. The millions who joined Rick in his anger and frustration needed a way to deal with that anger. As a result, the Tea Party movement was born.

Fast forward to December 24, 2009 when Reid and gang stuffed Obamacare down our throats, then Pelosi and gang on March 21, 2010, and finally Obama sealed the deal two days later. The Tea Party movement again made its opposition known in no uncertain terms.

Since then the Tea Party in some ways has gone into “stealth” mode, quietly working in the background on ways to counter the Progressives. We dug in our heals, studied up on Alinski and began building our “farm team” (credit to Bill Proctor).

Many of the leaders (yourself included) of the numerous Tea Party groups made the decision to take it to the next level and run for office. The elections of 2010 provided quite a bit of much needed “new blood” at many levels of government.

Lawsuits against Obamacare insued and worked their way through the courts all the way to the SCOTUS. The Conservatives put a lot of hope on the SCOTUS to finally put a stop to the runaway power grab by the President and the Progressives.

The SCOTUS disappointingly went along with the Progressives in upholding 75% of Obamacare in the most twisted ruling ever. So much for checks and balances.

As we shake off the deja vu of having something rammed down our throats again, I sense the water returning to a boil.

What will we do with the re-kindled anger? Only time will tell. One thing I DO know is that we Conservatives have learned much since Obama took office, about our opponents and about ourselves.

My intuition is telling me the results will be as significant as the spark provided by Rick Santelli.

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