Number of Misinformed People Growing in Texas

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The past few days in Texas have been enlightening as far as patriot groups and news outlets are concerned.   Granted, the frustration of Texans with this legislative session is at an all time high.  The most disturbing part of all is the number of patriot leaders seeking moments of “limelight” in the press, without having  the facts.  Assuredly, most of these people mean well.  However, there is a sacred honor that should be evident, when trusted sources report to the people.

Let’s begin by talking about the time between the election and the legislative session.   There were no doubts about Speaker Joe Straus, due to his track record previously in the state as speaker and representative.  The man is liberal, and makes decisions based upon his own needs.  Yet, there was a primary teaparty leader of a group in Houston Texas who wrote an article that it didn’t matter if Joe was elected Speaker of the House.  Per this leader, the people could “control” the legislature.  After all, we were awake.  This tea party leader has a fair amount of reach and knowledge.  Today, I might say to her followers, you believe in her credibility – WHY?

Having spent hours and weeks in Austin, studying the legislature and bills, it is astounding to see the number of misinformed people in Texas.  Well-known patriot groups, patriot members, bloggers, and media  have been actively circulating incomplete and wrong information to suit their political preferences.  How dare any of us exploit the everyday working Texans?  What happened to accurate reporting for all the right reasons?  It is egregious for people to use social media outlets to misguide the people.   How is it the informed people speaking to the masses don’t know the Texas constitution or the procedures for a bill to pass the legislature?   How is it they do not know who has the power in Texas during legislative sessions?  How is it they don’t know exactly what happened to a bill, yet they continue to circulate inaccurate information to the masses?

In a legislative session, the Lt. Governor of Texas has the most power, closely followed by the Speaker of the House.  The Governor may make suggestions on what is slated as an emergency item for the legislature.  He has zero power to force the Speaker of the House or the Lt. Governor on the how and when they take actions.  If a person studied the legislature this year, a pattern would emerge. 

When Straus and Dewhurst named committee chairs and worked with them to determine the members, these actions determined ownership of the power.  There were a handful of people controlling the personal agenda for Straus and Dewhurst.  It had nothing to do with the people of Texas.

In May,  Straus and Dewhurst openly defied the Governor with their choice on the  formation of the committee to look at Higher Education.  The Governor had focused on Higher Education reform for quite a while.  He mentioned some  of his ideas in speeches to the public and the legislature.   Take a look at the press release and the names of  people who have been appointed to the group. None of the conservative legislators heavily involved in reform ideas were included.  The people on the list are the ones who will support the status quo in higher education.  Why do you believe the Governor has the power to dictate actions to the Speaker and Lt. Governor?  Where is the basis of those “facts”?

Yes, we got some good bills out.   Those bills did not interfere with the agenda at hand (of Speaker Straus or Lt. Gov. Dewhurst), and distracted the public while other things were being discussed in the legislature.  What was the agenda?  If one looks at the overall number of bills and content, it appears to be a power play that will be completed in 2012 and 2013.   Redistricting maps ensured the strongest conservatives in the state, who are against gambling will likely lose their seat.  Deals were made to get a lot of people in a position to agree with these measures.  Undue amounts of money were spent in the budget, regardless of the enormous bills facing Texas in 2013.  Special interest groups ruled.  This weakened Texas, but guaranteed the number of votes needed to pass legislation wanted by Straus and Dewhurst.  Some might say this is politics.  It is the selling out of Texas.  

Specific actions by people in the press, placed the blame for this year’s debacle at the Governor’s door.  Of course, the liberal press is counting on no one in Texas knowing how the legislature works!  Liberals have wanted to topple Texas conservatives for a very long time.  Has anyone stopped to ask who that would benefit and why?  

The politic gameplaying this season, was a textbook study in deception, blocks, and innuendo to achieve goals of the people in charge.  Over the next few months, I will publish specific examples proving the allegations made in this article.  In fact, go look for the facts yourself.  You will be surprised at the amount of public data that can be found on this session, fully supporting these points.

What will happen in 2013, when we do not have  the money to pay the bills?  Would it be a state income tax that is suggested as a solution, or will it be gambling?   Formula One Racing was passed this session.  It has already been approved by the City of Austin.  This will be a large complex, that is surrounded by more open land for more vendors and projects.  Think about this.  Even if you are not against gambling, statistics show the crime rate will rise 3 to 1.  Can we afford more of a crime issue, given the open border and immigration problems?  People from dozens of terrorist countries come and use the Mexican border as the gateway to America.  Currently there is a war on crime in our state, do we need more?

Seven people controlled the legislative agenda for the most part.  Without these gatekeepers, good legislation would have gone to the floor in a timely manner, and been passed.   There were choices on what went to the floor.  On the House side, the most powerful gatekeepers appointed by Straus were Jim Pitts (Appropriations), Burt Solomans (Redistricting), and Todd Hunter (Calendars).   None of the key legislation could get to the floor without touching one of these chairmen.  On the Dewhurst side of the house, we had Ken Seliger (Redistricting),  and Steve Ogden (Finance).   By looking at the impact of those chairs, and the people on those committees, you will see the whole picture.

A closing comment to patriot groups.  The majority of the groups are thoughtful people, trying to get to the truth, so it may be shared with others.   What is the purpose of this article?   It is time to warn people they need to be careful when getting information from so-called leaders.   Whether it is me, or someone else in the patriot world, it is time to question everything.  A multitude of  people  with conflicting agendas have infiltrated these groups.  They want third parties.  They want a bit of the spotlight.

Thank you to the groups who continue to strive for the truth, when educating the masses. It isn’t important who gets the recognition with the masses or the media.  It is important we get it right, and remove the people from office that sold us out.  As for the misguided people spreading vicious gossip without substance, more credibility would be gained by telling the truth.  Think about it.

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Primer on the Texas Special Session

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Texas has moved  into the special session now, primarily to focus on the budget completion.  So many emails, blogs, articles have appeared with partial information and misinformation, an overview of the special session was in order.  I’ve put together a few facts to help all of us as we monitor/engage with our state reps and state senators on specific bills.

The Governor of Texas issued a proclamation which announces the special session timeframe, and also defines the primary focus of this session.  To add other bills outside of this focus, will require the agreement of the Governor.  The legislature may ask for particular bills to be added that are outside the original scope of the proclamation.  It is important to reach out to your state representatives and state senators to let them know if there is a specific bill of importance to you.  The legislature (specifically Straus and Dewhurst as management) can make a request to the Governor for new agenda items for the special session.   Further to this point, you can see the letter request from Dewhurst to the Governor here: . The text of the proclamation can be found here:  The Governor outlined the specifics he wanted dealt with in this session.   The primary focus must be on the budget and budget related items.  The schools, in particular, must see the approved budget as soon as possible, to prepare for the coming year. 

The majority of the proposed bills fall within the purvue of the proclamation, or have been approved additions by the Governor.  Other than fiscal related bills, the Healthcare Compact has been added to the tasklist, per the Governor’s request.   Another one which is not yet approved for this session, but is filed, pertains to sanctuary cities.   There are many great bills which could be added, but the time constraints and efficient use of taxpayer dollars is of utmost importance.

Several groups/individuals have urged Texans to barrage the governor and ask for specific bills to be filed.  After reading some of these published lists, it was clear that many of the listed bills in the emails/articles  were already filed for the special session.  Because the bill offerings for consideration are growing, it is best to run the report yourself for the most accurate data.  To view the filings to date, please go to the Texas State Legislative website .  Select Bill Search.  Be sure to select this session:  82 (1) -2011 from the drop down choices.  On the right hand side of the page you will see a large box that says select action criteria.  Click on this.  Choose Filed (H001) .  Click on the arrow pointing to the blank box directly opposite the list of actions.  Repeat this process and choose Filed (S001).  Now go to the bottom of the page and input a beginning date of 5/30/2011 (do this by clicking on the small calendar icon).  Choose an end date of the current date.  Go back to the top righthand side of the page and click search.   This will give you a current list of proposed bills.  It does not tell you which ones are approved by the Governor, but actions are posted immediately as they occur.

For further information about special sessions, go to this link:

What is clear about these massive efforts, is that many well meaning people are spinning cycles without complete information.   If conservatives want to succeed, the time should be spent on solid research prior to “firing from the hip”.   A plan with inadequate data will likely yield inadequate results.  -Just an opinion.

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Victory in TEXAS!!

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What a victory in Texas! 

There is zero doubt about the inclinations of the good people of Texas. A very memorable beginning was the introduction of Jerry Patterson, The Commissioner of the General Land Office.  The campaign commercial that advertised him was playing the song by Tom Petty “I won’t back down”.  This appeared to reflect the sentiment of the crowd as everyone was singing along!

Jerry Patterson set the tone at the beginning of this Texas sized gathering.  “People here are fiscally responsible, God-loving, small government, low  tax, gun-toting, pro-life people.”  Forgive the author if this is not exact, nor in perfect order, but this is what was said.  The crowd went wild. 

On the Congressional Front, it appears Texas will be replacing a few democrats in Congress.  Here are the new Republican Congressional Representatives:  Bill Flores, Francisco Canseco, and Blake Farennthold.  People who will not be returning to Congress are Chet Edwards, Ciro Rodriguez, and Soloman Ortiz. 

Attorney Greg Abbott scored an easy victory for another term in the state.  He has done so much to fight the overreach of the Federal Government and Texans definitely appreciated the effort and the vote reflected their support.  Attorney General Greg Abbott is a key component of the winning team in the Texas Government.

The Texas Comptroller, Susan Combs garnered an impressive 84.05% of the vote.  Likewise Lieutenant Governor David Dewhurst commanded a trimphant decisive lead. 

The Republicans in the state house retained all their seats and picked up 21 more.  This was far more than anticipated by the state conservatives.

What can be gleaned from this overwhelming endorsement for the leadership of Texas Texas?  Governor Rick Perry is a leader.  He loves Texas and has been driven to continue to find solutions which benefit Texans.  We have all been blessed to be from a state which has excelled when others are struggling.  After his acceptance, the Governor invited the team on the stage and the mutual respect was palpable.  It is a strong conservative team. 

What does this mean for the country?  Texas has found what works.  This state can definitely show the way to the other states.  Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus.  It is the spirit of patriotism and giving that lives in the hearts of Americans.  Tonight those Americans took the first step in taking back the country.

In God we Trust and United we Stand!

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Top Ten Reasons to Vote for Rick Perry

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10. The Governor and his team have worked tirelessly to create jobs and improve the working situation for countless Texans.


  • Texas created more private sector jobs than any other state in the nation over the last 10 years and has the lowest unemployment rate among the 10 largest states in the nation.
  • Texas created more jobs last year than all other 49 states combined.
  • This is per the US Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics Report.

9.  Texas is very prosperous in comparison with other states.


  • The Brookings Institute, which is known for being leftist, is admitting the top three economically strongest metro areas and six of the top twenty are in Texas
  • Texas will be “last in, first out” among states battling the recession, although a recovery that has already started will require patience, states Ray Perryman, of The Perryman Group
  • “He has consistently held the line on spending and worked hard to create a low-tax climate that has allowed people in the state of Texas to succeed and thrive. Other states and our nation’s federal government would do well to follow the example Governor Perry has set which has offered a promising and proven alternative to the one-size-fits-all spending mentality embraced by too many leaders in this country.” Said, Grover Norquist,  President of Americans for Tax Reform

8. The Governor promotes traditional and alternative forms of energy.  He is open to all viable solutions in the state.


  • Texas has installed more wind power than any other state and all but four countries and is developing new transmission lines that will move more than 18,000 megawatts across the state – nearly as much as all other states’ current capacity combined.
  • The Governor is against Cap and Trade, which would cripple Texas’ energy sector, irreparably damaging both the state and national economies and severely impacting national oil and gas supplies.

 7. Governor Perry is a fiscal conservative. 


  • Investigation and scrutiny resulting in an endorsement by the Citizens Against Government Waste, one of the leading watchdogs of fiscal conservatism
  • Texas is near the top of all the lists on prosperity
  • He has consistently favored a balanced budget, which can be a challenge in times like these. 

6. Perry was a strong advocate in the implementation of Torte Reform laws in Texas. 


  • Texas reforms limited non-economic damages in medical malpractice litigation, which alone lead to gains of $55.3 billion in spending per year and more than 223,000 jobs.
  • These impacts are responsible for approximately 430,000 individuals having health insurance than would otherwise, and there has been an increase in the number of doctors, particularly in regions which have been facing severe shortages.
  • Peggy Venable, a taxpayer watchdog wrote an important article on torte reform and noted the positive results of the Governor’s stand on torte reform

5.  The Governor is committed to protecting the rights of landowners in Texas.


  • Helped pass the strongest property rights protection in the state’s history through House Joint Resolution (HJR) 14

4. This is the third year in a row that Texas has topped the list for relocation in the US.


  • Allied Van Lines’ 41st Annual Magnet States Report

 3. There is a plan for Texas on how to fight Washington’s attempt to expand the Federal Government.


  • Governor Perry spoke at the Texas Conservative Coalition’s Tenth Amendment Town Hall. The Governor discussed solutions to restore Texas’ constitutional rights and hold Washington accountable for its increasingly intrusive and fiscally irresponsible policies. 
  • Attorney General Greg Abbott spoke at the aforementioned event as well, and confirmed there are many efforts underway, that have been in motion since early 2009. These efforts are specific to state rights and were supported by the other constitutional experts who spoke at this event.
  • The Tenth Amendment Townhall in Plano was a 5 hour educational event to familiarize Texans with the best way to fight the big government.
  • All of the constitutional scholars at the event agreed nullification is not the appropriate tool to use at this time against the attempt to expand the Federal Government, the use of the 10th amendment is the best tool we have given the entire situation.

 2. Governor Perry has focused on the border and put more people and technology to work on the problems at the border.  This is a large problem the Federal Government is ignoring.  People along the border and the experts have acknowledged he is working tirelessly to find ways to protect the people and property of Texas.   


  • Surge Operations. Since 2006, state-funded operations have committed resources to strategic areas.  The result is an average of 65 percent reduction of all crime, including rape, murder, human trafficking and narcotics smuggling in our border communities.
  •  In 2009, the 81st Legislature reapproved funding for border operations. Over $110 million was allocated for the second consecutive session.
  • Transnational Gang Initiative. In response to a rising tide of gang violence in Texas communities, Governor Perry secured funding for enhanced anti-gang efforts all across the state. February, 2009, Gov. Rick Perry sent a letter to Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano. He requested the deployment of an additional 1,000 National Guard soldiers to the Texas-Mexico border.  Gov. Perry reiterated his request and concerns in a letter to President Barack Obama on Aug. 21, 2009.
  • Ranger Recon. Governor Perry launched the Ranger Recon security initiative, utilizing Ranger Reconnaissance Teams to tap the specialized criminal intelligence, and apprehension capabilities of the Texas Rangers Their task is to protect Texans who live in remote areas of the border and whose lives and property are threatened by criminals coming across the border.
  • Requested the federal government reimburse the state of Texas for costs associated with detaining criminals in Texas jails who are undocumented immigrants (This is a huge cost for Texas).

1. Texas is at the top of many lists due to the leadership of Governor Perry.


            Americans for Prosperity Reports: This is what is good in Texas

  • Transparency
  • Lawsuit Reform
  • Balanced State Budget
  • No State Income Tax
  • Top Exporting State
  • Top State for Business
  • Most Fortune 500 Companies
  • Most Job Creation
  • Fastest-Growing State in the Country

The human being is not living that could satisfy every person’s wishes 100% of the time. I do not agree 100% with every decision made or action taken by the Governor.  I do think based on the facts, his leadership and results are undeniable. None of these results happen by accident.  My conclusion after looking at all of the facts is this: his leadership has resulted in Texas being in a far better position today than the majority of the other states.  This is why a vote for Rick Perry is a vote for strong, experienced leadership.

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Medina “Crashes and Burns” on Beck

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Everyone was anxiously looking forward to hearing Debra Medina on the Glenn Beck radio show today. I was hoping to hear fewer rehearsed statements and more original spontaneous discussion. Alas, this was not to happen. Well, we witnessed more of the same “style” that we have come to expect from Debra Medina today. She consistently spoke a lot and “over the top” of Glenn Beck’s voice. Time and again we have seen her try to control the conversation by drowning out the other person’s voice. Is this indicative of her inability to have an honest dialogue with people on important issues?

Mr. Beck asked a few opening questions and consistently received diluted canned answers which really did not address his question. In fact, I’ve recognized many of the statements made by Debra Medina as nearly exact from many other rallies, speeches, and debates. Was this to be yet another repeat of the same tired rhetoric? When asked about who Debra Medina is,  thus began her traditional anti competitor speech we have seen so many times before. Standard virulent statements have been made against Kay Bailey Hutchinson, and Governor Perry speech in the majority of Mrs. Medina’s public appearances. Glenn Beck tried to refocus her on the actual question he asked. Somewhat unprepared for this, Mrs. Medina rambled a bit and lost the rehearsed eloquence . This was one of a small number of instances, when someone asks something not in her memorized and typed dialogue. This completely throws the candidate off track.

The discussion about property taxes was interesting. We’ve all heard the statement from Mrs. Medina that she wants to do away with property tax and replace it with taxes on consumable items. Glenn Beck asked if we weren’t one of the few states without an income tax. She responded yes, and continued on the same speech justifying why it was a god given right. No one is arguing that, only how she would accomplish this, only to look at the whole picture when determining issues.

Per Beck, there is nothing more important than 9/11 in your lifetime. I agree. This was an event in my life that shall never be forgotten. Thus began the awkward segment of the interview. Glenn Beck pointedly asked if she was a 9/11 “truther”. For those who are unaware, this is a group of people who believe our own government may have been behind the attacks on the World Trade Center. It is a conspiracy theory of sorts. Mrs. Medina struggled with this answer. In fact, she did not say a yes or no. Her answer was that there is a lot of good evidence around this topic – but this is a Federal issue and she is focused on Texas. Beck followed up with a question to ask if any of her advisors are 9/11 truthers, would she disavow them? Again, there was not a straightforward answer, but a lot of talk and sidestepping.

I had an involuntary shudder at that point. How close had we come to getting a person through the primary who believed odd things, and clearly had not resolved an issue from several years ago in her own mind? She wasn’t even clear about the importance of surrounding yourself with people who are above reproach and will give you sound advice. We have all witnessed what happens when a person in a powerful position has advisors who are extreme in their thinking and belief systems. Look at the current President and the number of people counseling him who have Marxist, Communist, or other somewhat radical beliefs.

Mr. Beck, we agree with your assessment after the dialogue on many levels. The patriot movement is strong and producing many fine candidates. Many will be drawn to this surge of support as a moth to a flame for their own purpose. They may or may not be a true conservative candidate with straightforward common sense values.  There is a requirement at this point for all patriot groups particularly, to be diligent and research each candidate choice fully before expending tremendous energy and making choices to support them.

One can easily get caught up with the feel good candidates who are eloquent. We did that in the last Presidential election. Let’s truly be careful. There are pros and cons to every single candidate we see on the horizon (incumbents and new people). It is important to not repeat mistakes, and to learn from them. Looking past good speakers and feel good statements to the character and beliefs of all the candidates is crucial as we participate actively in the 2010 election.

For those of you who did not hear this interview of Mrs. Medina by Glenn Beck, I include the link below. It is a text of the entire interview:

Educate and inform the whole mass of the people… They are the only sure reliance for the preservation of our liberty.
Thomas Jefferson

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