Texas reacts to the Supreme Court Decision

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A man is defined by his actions and ability to move forward after setbacks.   Greg Abbott is that man of strength, and courage.   The Texas Attorney General did not go quietly after the Supreme Court Decision on Obamacare.  It appears the court decision has inspired him to fight harder for America, liberty, and the constitution.   This week was a whirlwind tour of speaking engagements with different groups of Americans to explain the latest decision by the Supreme Court regarding Obamacare.

In Plano Texas, there was a Rally for Freedom sponsored by the Texas Conservative Coalition Research Institute.   The crowd was anxious to hear what crumbs of hope the Texas Attorney General, Greg Abbott could give to them.

There were several states involved in the Supreme Court Case.   Per usual, on high profile cases, they asked the Attorney General of Texas to be one of the key legal minds involved.   We now have one option left to the American People.  It is critical to vote in a new President,  a conservative controlled Senate, and a conservative controlled House in November.  This is the choice remaining, to protect America from this overreaching action by the Federal Government.  It was clearly stated this was a disasterous Supreme Court decision that took everyone by surprise.

People in the courtroom were fairly comfortable when the decision began talking about commerce and how this argument was not a constitutional premise for the law.  As the reading continued, a 180 was done, and the weaker reasoning on taxation privilege was introduced.  The gallery was stunned and mouths were agape per others who were actually in the courtroom.  The entire opinion document can be read here:  http://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2012/06/29/us/29healthcare-scotus-docs.html

The decision cannot be overturned, as this was the last stop on the judicial ladder.   Arguing about whether the additional outlay of cash is a penalty or a tax is a waste of time.  One option is left,  America must work fervently, tirelessly, and focus on domination of all branches of government.

On the Americans for Prosperity call, there was a stunning moment of clarity for the thousands who crowded onto the call.  One of the audience asked a question, using examples.  “Could the government charge a penalty if people choose not to buy a smart car?”, stated the caller.  Attorney General Abbott, said “yes, that is our problem now.”   The Supreme Court has ruled the Congress has unlimited power to levy taxes on activity and inactivity.   A pin drop could have been heard after that dash of cold water on the audience.

Liberty suffered greatly because of this decision.  To overturn Obamacare, and get real solutions for Americans, we must not let a moment go wasted between now and November.

In 1775, Americans said enough and made their voices heard around the world.  In 2012, we must do the same.

God bless America on this fourth of July.  Give Americans courage for the fight ahead.

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10th Amendment Rights Townhall (Part 1)

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On Monday, February 15, I attended an educational meeting in Plano Texas.    The Townhall was hosted at the Plano Centre by the Texas Conservative Coalition.  What is this event all about? The Tenth Amendment Town Hall, was organized with a definitive set of goals in mind for the people of Texas.  This Townhall would explore solutions to restore Texas’ constitutional rights, and how to limit the growing power and influence of the federal government.

Who is the Texas Conservative coalition?  This group was founded in 1985 to further the cause of conservatives in the Texas Legislature.  They believe in limited government, free enterprise, family values, and individual liberties.  Throughout the years they have been instrumental in proposing and passing conservative legislation on behalf of the people of Texas. 

The formal program lasted from 8:30am to 1:30, but several speakers stayed beyond this time to answer questions from the audience.  Due to the importance and volume of the material, I will be doing a series on what we learned.  For those interested in the future of our country, and in being fully educated on the options….there is only one thing to say!  Anytime you see an educational event sponsored by the Texas Conservative Coalition – run, don’t walk!  It will be the best use of time you could possibly imagine.

The welcome and introduction was given by State Representative Brandon Creighton of Conroe.  He introduced Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott who gave the opening address.  Attorney General Abbott proceeded to share with us where we are as far as state rights and the things he is currently involved in, on behalf of Texas.  He made it very clear that Texas is proactively involved in protecting their citizens.

Our lives are not defined by how we are challenged, but how we respond to those challenges.  Per Greg Abbott, many of us were gathered at this event to determine how to take our country back.  He is right.  It is up to us to define our future by our response to the current challenges.   Furthermore, the Attorney General  had a real life example of how choosing our personal reaction to challenges can make all the difference.  He was paralyzed by an accident several years ago.   This was a defining moment in his life.  Fortunate for Texans, he clearly rose to that challenge and has served the people of Texas well.  The time is now for Americans to choose how they rise to the current challenges in the nation today.

On March 2, the Texas Independence Day,  Greg Abbott, will be arguing in front of the US Supreme Court on behalf of many states.  He will be defending the right of the individuals in the United States to own and bear arms.  This right is given to us by our founding fathers in the documents which our entire history is based upon.

Greg Abbott moved on to discuss the unconstitutionality of buying votes as witnessed in the Nebraska compromise.  The Attorney General brought 2 letters with him to share with us that had been written and signed by himself and several other attorney generals in various states.  These letters were sent to President Obama and to many elected officials in Washington.  The letters are very straightforward in their content.  It stated if the Nebraska deal goes through, Greg Abbott and the others will bring a lawsuit against the US.  Ben Nelson of Nebraska was the first one to contact the Attorney General to ask him, ” Please call off the dogs”.  Attorney General Greg Abbott is very certain of the illegal aspects of the deal to Nebraska.   It violates notions of equal protection and of the 10th amendment rights.  For this reason, there are a large number of states who have banded together and vowed to bring a lawsuit against the US if the Nebraska compromise moves forward.

Historically and literally the mandating of requiring people to buy a service such as healthcare has never been done.  This is a clear violation of the constitution.  Congress has only limited powers as defined by Article 1, Section 8 of the Constitution.  Congress is now maintaining they have this right due to the commerce clause.  This is not the appropriate definition of this clause.  It cannot mandate an action that must occur.   For example, this would be as if we required everyone to buy car insurance whether they owned a car or not.  Another example would be if everyone would be required to buy a car to use the cash for clunkers program.  This is the issue of our time.  If this is upheld as constitutional,  it will mean the constitution will no longer mean the same thing.  It will mean the Congress will trump the 10th amendment and have the ability to expand their own power.

The following quote given by Abbott struck a chord with me and I wanted to share it.  “Our peculiar security is in the possession of a written Constitution. Let us not make it a blank paper by construction”. – Thomas Jefferson to Wilson Nicholas 1803   The page becomes more blank with every abuse of the constitution and it’s powers granted to the states and the Federal Government.

The constitution does not dictate the President is supposed to give us healthcare, Cap N Trade, or many of the other pieces of legislation currently being considered.   The President’s job is to protect and preserve the constitution.  We WILL take the issues before the court if they continue the unprecedented expansion of government.

The crowd rose to their feet cheering.  Our Attorney General understands completely what is going on, and is taking every step to stop it.

This concludes part one of my series.   Stay tuned for the upcoming articles where we cover nullification, requiring Congress to balance the Budget, and State Actions to Restore the Tenth Amendment among other things.

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