The Demise of Justice in America

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“With Liberty and Justice For All” is a powerful phrase in the pledge of allegiance and so much more.  These words have a special place in hearts and minds of the American People.  Many years ago, wise people debated the importance of the “right words” and the “right path” for the America. The founders of our country spent many hours agonizing and debating what kind of constitutional foundation would be flexible enough to ensure all people would be treated equally under the law.  To have Justice and Liberty for all was considered the cornerstone of the standards for the new republic by the founders.

Sadly we are witnessing an unprecedented move away from the constitution and laws which are the basis of our nation. There are many examples of the Department of Justice and the Administration undermining the principles this country was founded upon.  I’d like to point out some of these examples to think about as we go to the polls on November 2.

We have recently witnessed a remarkable story in the news alleging the new Black Panthers were involved in voter intimidation .  This group was actually found guilty of voter intimidation in a court of law.  The evidence was overwhelming.  There was eyewitness testimony from multiple persons and a video of the actual event.  The Black Panthers appealed this guilty ruling to a higher court.  Attorney General Eric Holder and the Department of Justice decided to not hear the case and simply dismiss it.  Here we have irrefutable evidence and our own DOJ (Department of Justice) chose to let lawbreakers get away without penalty.  The law was clear.  What message does this send to others who may attempt to intimidate voters in the future?


The Black Panther case was far from over.  A whistleblower came forward in the DOJ case.  J. Christian Adams, a DOJ whistleblower stated the DOJ instructs employees to use bias in cases regarding voting rights.  Former colleagues of J. Christian Adams have substantiated his claims.  Mr. Adams’ testimony under oath has since been corroborated by at least four individuals with firsthand knowledge of the open hostility to race-neutral enforcement of the law inside the DOJ.  A lot of data is available to support these statements.  Now the Attorney General has said these witnesses will not be permitted to testify.

Let’s move to the Arizona immigration law.  Arizona recently passed a short, succinct law that mirrors the current Federal statutes on immigration.  This state even refined the part about racial profiling to improve the law.  The law is applied equally to all.  If a person is stopped for probable cause, the police have a right to ask for proof of citizenship.   The Arizona law simply restates a state’s rights to enforce the Federal law.  This has been done in Rhode Island for some time.  The President and the Department of Justice immediately began the usual press junkets calling out the potential for racial prejudice exhibited by this state legislation.  The speeches escalated in rancor by the Attorney General, Eric Holder, and by the President.  Both of these men accused this law of promoting harassment by the police force!  The Attorney General was questioned by the Judicial Committee of the Congress about his views on the Arizona bill after making numerous statements in speeches and to the press.  Under oath, he admitted to not having read the bill yet!  The President gave an example in a speech of a man taking a child out for an ice cream and being stopped and harassed by the authorities for his “papers”.  Clearly the President had not read the document either. 

I read it.  The document is simple, straightforward and specifies no racial profiling in it’s language.  The thought that the President and the Attorney General stated the document promoted racism with no basis is appalling, at best.  Keep this argument in mind as we move to the update on Arizona.

The United States government filed a lawsuit against Arizona.  There was no mention of potential racism (which was covered for weeks in their speeches).  The DOJ said a state has no right to do this type of legislation as it interferes with foreign relations, and that is the realm of the Federal Government.  To support this argument, we have seen the Federal Government fan the flames of anger toward this legislation with the President of Mexico and other more tyrannical countries.  Our DOJ has now permitted 8 foreign countries to join them on this lawsuit against our own state!   The countries uniting to assist DOJ in the lawsuit against Arizona are: Mexico, Columbia, Bolivia, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Peru, Paraquay and Guatemala.  These states are rampant with drug problems, unstable governments, and a high incidence of crime.

How dare our judicial official orchestrate this travesty in our courts?  How dare we value these other countries “wants and needs” over the security of American citizens?

Recall the “Beer Summit”?  The President of the United States chose to interfere in a police case.  A white policeman had an incident involving a black professor.   This should have sent a glaring red flag up for most Americans.  President Obama meddled in a local law enforcement activity which is unprecedented in the Presidential role.  Comments across the country fanned the flames of racist slurs about the incident and the President did nothing to stop the racist charges in the media or in the Congress.  Nothing was said.

The President appointed Timothy Geithner, Secretary of the Treasury.  This man is guilty of tax evasion and was put in charge of the treasury.  Mr. Geithner was not held accountable for his prior actions. 

The justice system has been working well for over 200 years.  This President, and the Department of Justice seem to be determined to pick and choose when they will permit justice to be done.  There have been far too many examples to list in this article.  The selective use of applying the law to suit political agendas is an outrage.

Remember to vote on November 2, with the knowledge that every single democrat in this Congress has voted collectively to support the actions of this administration without question.   Need I say more?

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