Heroes and Inspiration for America

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Bear with me while I paint a picture.  There are people working hard and pulling together to fight against a  merciless foe in another part of the world.  This enemy has used charisma, wiles, and cunning to deceive an entire nation.  One day the nation woke up, and there were many dire days ahead.  A lot of people suffered.  A lot of men, women, and children died.

This was WWII.  Why do I bring this up now?

There are different ideologies at war with each other in our country.  Thousands of people in other parts of the world, can only imagine a country that would promote life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.  No, happiness is not guaranteed.  However, everyone can have the opportunity to work hard and chase the dream that is important to them.   Others would argue,  it is time for a change.  Others would say socialism makes certain everyone has all their needs met.  The government will take care of everyone.  I ask, “Do you believe that 48M people are unable to work”?

The war of ideologies took a sharp left turn, when a President was elected who truly believes a hybrid version of socialism is good for America.  Instead of encouraging personal responsibility,  millions of people now have a “caretaker” called the government.  History has taught us that socialism has never worked.  Perhaps it is because we, as a species are only human.  There will always be those who are “takers” and those who are “producers” as spoken about by the late, great Ayn Rand.

This country is special.  For over 200 years, America has been a beacon of hope to all that enter.  All things are possible in this land of great hope and promise.  This has never changed.  People dream of America today as always.

There is a critical competition now between many deserving Republicans.  Why do I say deserving?  All of the people who step up in such a climate of hostility to try and make a difference, should be treated with respect.  Day after day, I have read articles tearing down Republican candidates.   My challenge to all who read this article is to weigh all the similarities and differences of the candidates prior to making a decision.  These are human beings.  There is no perfect candidate that will satisfy everyone.  What should we look for in a candidate?  In my opinion, we should encourage the heros who stand up and say, “I will try”.  Give them a fair shot.  Evaluate them, and vote. 

Why should we resort to leftist tactics  against the Presidential candidates at a time when the country is at a crossroads?  These are honorable, highly qualifed individuals who at all costs to their personal lives and the lives of their families want to serve their country.

Remember what made WWII great?  Remember the people and the pride in their country.  Remember the sense of pulling together for a common enemy.  Remember what makes America great.  The most important thing to be done, is to unite, and choose the candidate who ensures Obama will be a one term President.

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Speaker Joe Straus – “The Texas Spooky Dude”?

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People across Texas and the United States know the Straus family enterprises are focused on gambling.  There are as many people for gambling in Texas as there are against it.  The pros and cons of gambling are for another time and place.  There are far more important aspects to the role of this particular Speaker of the House in the Texas 82nd legislature.  Some of you are familiar with this information, while others are not.  Over the coming months, information will be shared that shine a light on the manipulations and machinations which occurred during this legislative session.

The Speaker of the House position is one of two key leadership positions in active legislative sessions of Texas.   This year was particularly challenging due to unfunded Federal Mandates, Redistricting Maps and a budget to balance for the biennium.  There was a shortfall in the revenue looming large. The question of the hour was whether there had been a miraculous move toward a more conservative leadership since the last session led by Speaker Straus in 2009. Sadly, this was not to be.

The battle to be “crowned” Speaker again, was contentious at best.  There was a challenge to his leadership by two strong conservatives.  They could not get enough votes challenge Mr. Straus.  Why?  Joe Straus had people sign “pledge cards” to indicate their vote of support for him in the elections.  His group of confidantes assisted by cajoling and coercing people to the inevitable conclusions of a pledge of support.   Why is this important now?   The story of this session and this Speaker begins with a brave Representative named Bryan Hughes who came forward with information about the whole intimidation process.  Did you hear the rest of the story, as the late Paul Harvey was so fond of saying in his broadcasts.

A June 2nd article by John Alaniz, revealed Speaker Straus and his crew made good on the redistricting threats to those who would not pledge their vote for the his re-election as Speaker.  In November of 2010, several months before the 2011 Texas Legislative Session began; Texas State Rep. Bryan Hughes issued a press release stating that he had withdrawn his support from Rep. Joe Straus as Speaker (Bryan Hughes Press Release, 11/2010).  Rep. Hughes explained a member of Straus’ leadership team had called and had “ brought up the subject of redistricting and explained to me how that process would be used to punish those members not on Speaker Straus’s list of supporters.”    There was an ethics investigation, which raises more alarm bells than brings resolution to the matter.  The chairman of the ethics committee gave Representative Hughes and Representative Phillips the option of whether to provide testimony under oath!  Representative Hughes voluntarily took the oath and gave his testimony. Representative Phillips who allegedly made these veiled threats on behalf of Straus, did not testify under oath.  This raises an important point. Perjury under oath could cause the loss of a license to practice law.

The Texas Tribune provided this golden nugget of testimony from Representative Phillips: “Representative Hughes statement is unequivocally false,” Phillips said in response. ”I did not tell Representative Hughes that maps were already being drawn to get rid of Representative-elect [Erwin] Cain or Representative Flynn. I also did not tell Representative Hughes that there was a plan to use redistricting to punish those who were not on Speaker Straus’ support list.”

The House map was finalized and signed into law.  The new map was exactly what Representative Hughes had indicated was in “the warning”.  The facts now vindicate the elected officials who earnestly tried to warn the people and the legislators of the power that was being wielded to re-elect Joe Straus. 

The House Redistricting map was a carefully orchestrated event, utilizing powerful lobbyists, legal resources, and some expert negotiation with various legislators.  The map that emerged as the winner, punished the strongest conservatives who had stood together to vote for an alternative leader of this session.   Somehow, it was voted through by the House legislators, despite what had been done to their colleagues.  Read what actually happened beginning with a point of order by Calendars Chairman Todd Hunter which was specific to this bill (this timetable forced work on Good Friday and the Easter Weekend): http://www.journals.house.state.tx.us/hjrnl/82r/pdf/82RDAY60FINAL.PDF#page=4

This map was expedited much like the notorious Obamacare, presenting many obstacles to people who would like to have a voice for their constituents.  Speaker Joe Straus presided over final proceedings for the House Bill.  Representative Hunter and Solomans indicated this was an “emergency” that must be finalized and moved to the Senate.  Who uses the same strategy in Washington that everything is a crisis and must be rushed through prior to people having input?   In the above link, please read through a few pages, when Representative Hunter (Calendars Chair), and Representative Solomons (Redistricting Chair) explain their rule which would cause Christians to be working on Good Friday and Easter Weekend to accommodate the point of order.

Redistricting maps are always difficult, is the mantra of every person in the House and Senate.   There is difficult, and there is contrived.  I draw your attention to a speech given by Representative Cain in the House Journal when this map (which punished those who opposed Straus) was coming up for the final vote:  http://www.journals.house.state.tx.us/hjrnl/82r/pdf/82RDAY64FINAL.PDF#page=37

The people of Texas got exactly what they feared with the re-election of Joe Straus. This session reflected a liberal leadership from day one.  Speaker Straus had a far reach and was able to “convince” many people to overlook things that were glaring throughout the session.  A conservative majority was elected, and great hopes were pinned on this session.  There were a limited number of conservative bills that were passed which kept the public from noticing many of the appalling decisions/actions in this session.   Think for a moment about what is being said by the politicians.  Over 10,000 bills were filed.  More than 1400 were passed, including resolutions.  Yet, the representatives boast about the same 5-6 bills in speeches across the state.  Odd.  Not to worry, over the coming months, many of the passed bills will be discussed with the public.  You may find it illuminating.  Texas may have a spooky dude…

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Fascinating Presidential Candidates speak in Minnesota – Final Installment

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The closing session of the Rightonline Conference in Minnesota was graced by the presence of Herman Cain.  He is not a politician.  Mr. Cain has been a highly successful businessman (former CEO, author, and speaker).  More information about his background can be found here: http://www.hermancain.com/about

My inclination on coverage of  this candidate is slightly different than previously published articles on the others who attended the Minnesota Conference.  The mainstream media are simply refusing to acknowledge there is an accomplished businessman who understands the meaning of the word conservative.  To that end, he can make his case better than anyone else. 

Here are the two links for Part 1 and Part 2 of his speech at the Rightonline conference in Minnesota.



“Our dreams and the dreams of our grandchildren are under attack, and that is what this is all about”, stated Cain.   The good news is we can take the country back.

All of the candidates have strengths and weaknesses.   After all, they are human beings.  However, one very important criteria must be added to the job description for the President of the United States of America – they must love this land and what it stands for!  No more “pretenders in chief”  in the White House!

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Fascinating Presidential Candidates Speak at Minnesota Conference -Part 1

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Three of the strongest Presidential contenders spoke at the Rightonline conference in Minnesota sponsored by Americans for Prosperity. The crowd was not disappointed.  Clearly the candidates have moved from the novice stage of campaigning to serious speeches.   The speakers were Congresswoman Michele Bachmann, Former Governor Tim Pawlenty, and Former CEO Herman Cain.  The crowd was not disappointed by the quality offering of information by each candidate.   The differences between the three are becoming more pronounced as they provide detail on their economic growth plans and ideas to get the economic engine pumping again.

In this first article, the focus is on Congresswoman Bachmann.  

Here are a few highlights of the speech:

  • 1.7 Trillion dollars is the estimated burden on Americans due to government regulations primarily from the EPA
  • The President promised African Americans and Hispanics hope and change. Instead, they are the hardest hit groups by unemployment. The numbers of people without jobs are 40% for the African Americans and 27% for the Hispanics.
  • Obama policies have resulted in the loss of 2.5M jobs.
  • An estimated 800,000 jobs will be lost due to Obamacare
  • When Barrack Obama took office, the average price of gas was $1.79 a gallon
  • Ten Days after Obama took office, gold was priced at $940.00.  The price of gold is currently hovering at $1500.00.
  • Russian President, Dmitri  Medvedev, successor to Mr. Putin in Russia made a speech on the economy.  Mrs. Bachmann noted even the President of Russia understands free markets.  Here is the quote mentioned in her speech:
  • “My choice is different. The Russian economy ought to be dominated by private businesses and private investors. The government must protect the choice and property of those who willingly risk their money and reputation.”
    Read more: http://www.post-gazette.com/pg/11169/1154650-82.stm#ixzz1Pz6D8HLL
  • There was a promise made that she would not rest until Obamacare is repealed.
  • Congresswoman Bachmann recently introduced the Freedom of Choice Lightbulb Act to the House for consideration

One of the most memorable parts of her talk was a recollection of a private meeting with a few Republican leaders and the President.  The Republicans commented on the poor unemployment numbers.  President Obama stated it was just a bump in the road.  Michele Bachman said, “No Mr. President, it is not a bump in the road, it is the Grand Canyon”.

Mrs. Bachmann had facts and figures at her fingertipsas which one would expect of a former tax litigation attorney. Her enthusiasm was contagious, and at one point she led the crowd in a chant: One term President!   

Toward the close of her speech, there was a lot of emphasis on her ability to vote her principles even when it conflicted with her political party.  Author’s note:  This is a double edged sword.  As President one also has to have the gift of unifying all parties for the good of the country.  

After speaking, she came down from the stage to shake hands with the crowd.  A gay rights activist lunged toward her and threw glitter on Mrs. Bachmann.  The Congresswoman handled it all with dignity, and kept moving forward shaking hands with the audience.   This was definitely a grace under pressure moment.

What is my take on the Congresswoman?  She is doing well in the early days of the campaign.  It will be interesting to see how she fares after several months of a grueling schedule and a tough media.   This kind of stress will eliminate many, and give impetus to others.  Only time will tell.

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Is Herman Cain The One?

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Herman Cain spoke this evening at the Texas Tea Party Patriots PAC in Woodlands, Texas.   There was much to learn about the man at the press conference and during the event.   Passion and knowledge prevailed in his insightful views on the state of the country and the possibilities.

Recently, Chairman Bernanke of the Federal Reserve declared we don’t really have much inflation and that the economy is recovering.  I asked Mr. Cain if he would share his views on the Federal Reserve.  His answer was succinct and on point.  He does not think we need to do away with the Federal Reserve.  Mr. Cain served on the Board of the Federal Reserve in the 90s.  His opinion is the Federal Reserve  has changed significantly since he served, and needs to be fixed.  Quote Mr. Cain:  “I respectfully disagree with Chairman Bernanke regarding inflation.  There is inflation when I go to pump gas and the price has gone up a dollar a gallon.”  Mr. Cain also stated he respectfully disagreed with Chairman Bernanke on the recovery in America.  “How could we be in economic recovery when 15M people are unemployed? This month’s numbers on unemployment have gone back up over 400,000!  This is not recovery.”  In his view, the Federal Reserve has become overly politicized. 

Mr. Cain observed we had become a nation of crises.  America has a crisis of morality, economics, immigration, spending, energy, national security, and a lack of leadership.  It is important in leadership to identify the right problem, surround yourself with the right people, and provide common sense solutions.   In his view, the lack of leadership is permitting the crises to continue growing in the country.

He expressed amazement  regarding the President;s decision on loaning  money to Brazil for drilling oil.  The President stated the United States would be Brazil’s customer.  Mr. Cain was passionate in his argument we should be our own customer.  It is important to drill here, and drill now!  If he runs for President, this is a priority. 

When asked why he should be President, the answer was insightful.  He is a problem solver.  The career experience reflects a gift at problem solving.  The job of President, particularly in these difficult times in America, requires a problem solver.

Over the past 7 days, he had traveled to 9 states and had 16 engagements.  Why?  He is talking to conservatives and determining if he will run for President.   In his mind, he had set 4 criteria for his decision.  Three of the four criteria had exceeded expectations.  The fourth criteria had met expectations.  He is a few weeks away from making a decision.   It was not his intention to ever run for President.  He felt compelled to consider it, after the President signed Obamacare into law.  This law is unconstitutional and tramples on the rights of Americans.  Mr. Cain takes liberty very seriously.

During his speech, there were several specific examples given of economic changes he would make in the country.  Stimulating the economy requires putting more money in the hands of individuals and businesses.   He proposed a 6.2% tax holiday for one year for the employers and employees.   There were several ideas proposed to promote business in the United States rather than allowing the business to go overseas.

It was clear by the end of the speech, Mr. Cain is a leader.  He has a vision of how to solve the nation’s problems.  His advice to the audience:  “Stay Informed, Stay Involved, and Stay Inspired.  Everyone will need to participate in efforts countering the plethora of misinformation that is being circulated.  There is 50% of the country that doesn’t have a clue.  Doing research and getting educated on the issues will be a critical component of the plan to win in 2012.

I would be remiss if the highlight of the evening was not included.   For the finale,  speakers and  Teaparty volunteers gathered on stage for a song.  They were singing God Bless America and Mr. Cain led the audience in singing with them.  This was one of those “Kodak” moments you know will not be forgotten for a very long time.

So, is he the “one” to run for President and win it for conservatives in 2012?  At this point, he is probably one of only a handful of people who could adequately address the challenges facing our country.  His expertise and wisdom clearly outshines the Administration in Washington today.  The love he exhibits for God, family, and country is evident.  Clearly he would be a formidable candidate against President Obama.  We will know shortly! 

Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same, or one day we will spend our sunset years telling our children and our children’s children what it was once like in the United States where men were free.  Ronald Reagan

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A Heartfelt Patriot Wish for 2011

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United we Stand!


My wish for all of us as we move forward, is that everything is questioned without accepting anything.

Here are some of the questions I had lately:

1.  What was the origin of the Omnibus Spending Bill and when was it put together?

Answer:  The primary 12 committees gave their recommendations for spending with regard to that specific area, early 2010 before the “Omnibus Bill” was pulled together.

2. Why didn’t the individual appropriation requests go through as individual bills? 

Answer:  This was a strategic decision by the current House and Senate Leadership (Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid respectively) to put them all together as one bill at the end of the year.  This begs the question of what advantage would this be to the progressives who have actively sought to transform America.

3. Why was all the obvious “pork” added to the Omnibus Bill in spite of the recent election which spoke to the mandate of the American People?  WHO benefited?

Answer:  The media focused on Republicans even though they had less than 1% of the pork in the bill.  The majority of the media was focused on “hypocritical Republicans”.

4.  Did anyone notice the reactions of the liberals when the Omnibus Spending BIll was dropped by Harry Reid? 

Answer:  Very little was said by the Progressives as they moved back quickly to the treaty and appropriation discussions.

It is as if they never intended to pass this bill……as if it never happened.

5. What result did the Republicans get with the introduction of this bill and the focus from the media?

Answer:  Teaparties didn’t ask any questions about the why, how, or when of the earmarks.  The Teaparties and patriots quickly jumped to conclusions that the Conservatives had added billions in earmarks after saying they would no longer use earmarks.   The media fanned the flames of hypocritical Conservatives and the Tea Parties  turned on the Conservatives.

6. Did any network ask when the earmarks were requested for things like Defense?

Answer:  No.  These requests were prior(by many months)  to the agreed upon moratorium on earmarks and prior to the release of the Debt Commission Report by many months.

7. Did anyone ask why the Congressional leadership chose to ignore the critical funding requests until the end of the year when the government was almost out of money? 

Answer: No

8. Who controlled the majority in the 2010 Congress?

Answer: Democrats

9.  When 70% of the people were against the proposed Healthcare bill for moral and/or economic reasons, did Harry Reid or Nancy Pelosi EVER cave due to pressure from the constituents or the Tea Party pressure? 

Answer:  NO

10. Did Harry Reid and the liberals gain anything by dismissing the Omnibus Spending Bill?


1)  Republicans threatened to demand the reading of the bill.  This would cause a lot of parliamentary delay (up to 80 hours if requested twice) and put passage of other bills at risk in this session.  The Democrats gained time on the floor by dismissing the bill.

2) There was plenty of time to ensure passage of the Arms Treaty (which weakens the US defense), and the temporary funding bill for the government. 

These latter two bills will assist the Progressives on their agenda for 2012.

11. What did the President gain by this “compromise” on the tax situation?

Answer:  Some Independents, Republicans, Tea Partiers, and media began to say he is moving more toward the center, just like Bill Clinton.  It softened opposition to his Presidency to some degree.

12.  Did the President “care” about compromise when he refused to meet with any conservatives for about 18 months?

Answer.  No.  He continued to use his Congressional majority to ram the agenda down the throats of Americans.

13. Did the President “lose” anything on the tax compromise?

Answer:  A bit of grumbling from the left and saber rattling.  Nancy and Harry are still in place and they were able to get the liberals under control in under two weeks.

What is the moral of this story?  Liberals have proven repeatedly over the past two years that they are ruthless, and will do anything to achieve their agenda.  The Senate is still controlled by a Master Puppetmaster named Senator Harry Reid.   Leopards don’t change their spots, and patriots need to beware of trickery in the coming two years.

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The Demise of Justice in America

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“With Liberty and Justice For All” is a powerful phrase in the pledge of allegiance and so much more.  These words have a special place in hearts and minds of the American People.  Many years ago, wise people debated the importance of the “right words” and the “right path” for the America. The founders of our country spent many hours agonizing and debating what kind of constitutional foundation would be flexible enough to ensure all people would be treated equally under the law.  To have Justice and Liberty for all was considered the cornerstone of the standards for the new republic by the founders.

Sadly we are witnessing an unprecedented move away from the constitution and laws which are the basis of our nation. There are many examples of the Department of Justice and the Administration undermining the principles this country was founded upon.  I’d like to point out some of these examples to think about as we go to the polls on November 2.

We have recently witnessed a remarkable story in the news alleging the new Black Panthers were involved in voter intimidation .  This group was actually found guilty of voter intimidation in a court of law.  The evidence was overwhelming.  There was eyewitness testimony from multiple persons and a video of the actual event.  The Black Panthers appealed this guilty ruling to a higher court.  Attorney General Eric Holder and the Department of Justice decided to not hear the case and simply dismiss it.  Here we have irrefutable evidence and our own DOJ (Department of Justice) chose to let lawbreakers get away without penalty.  The law was clear.  What message does this send to others who may attempt to intimidate voters in the future?


The Black Panther case was far from over.  A whistleblower came forward in the DOJ case.  J. Christian Adams, a DOJ whistleblower stated the DOJ instructs employees to use bias in cases regarding voting rights.  Former colleagues of J. Christian Adams have substantiated his claims.  Mr. Adams’ testimony under oath has since been corroborated by at least four individuals with firsthand knowledge of the open hostility to race-neutral enforcement of the law inside the DOJ.  A lot of data is available to support these statements.  Now the Attorney General has said these witnesses will not be permitted to testify.

Let’s move to the Arizona immigration law.  Arizona recently passed a short, succinct law that mirrors the current Federal statutes on immigration.  This state even refined the part about racial profiling to improve the law.  The law is applied equally to all.  If a person is stopped for probable cause, the police have a right to ask for proof of citizenship.   The Arizona law simply restates a state’s rights to enforce the Federal law.  This has been done in Rhode Island for some time.  The President and the Department of Justice immediately began the usual press junkets calling out the potential for racial prejudice exhibited by this state legislation.  The speeches escalated in rancor by the Attorney General, Eric Holder, and by the President.  Both of these men accused this law of promoting harassment by the police force!  The Attorney General was questioned by the Judicial Committee of the Congress about his views on the Arizona bill after making numerous statements in speeches and to the press.  Under oath, he admitted to not having read the bill yet!  The President gave an example in a speech of a man taking a child out for an ice cream and being stopped and harassed by the authorities for his “papers”.  Clearly the President had not read the document either. 

I read it.  The document is simple, straightforward and specifies no racial profiling in it’s language.  The thought that the President and the Attorney General stated the document promoted racism with no basis is appalling, at best.  Keep this argument in mind as we move to the update on Arizona.

The United States government filed a lawsuit against Arizona.  There was no mention of potential racism (which was covered for weeks in their speeches).  The DOJ said a state has no right to do this type of legislation as it interferes with foreign relations, and that is the realm of the Federal Government.  To support this argument, we have seen the Federal Government fan the flames of anger toward this legislation with the President of Mexico and other more tyrannical countries.  Our DOJ has now permitted 8 foreign countries to join them on this lawsuit against our own state!   The countries uniting to assist DOJ in the lawsuit against Arizona are: Mexico, Columbia, Bolivia, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Peru, Paraquay and Guatemala.  These states are rampant with drug problems, unstable governments, and a high incidence of crime.

How dare our judicial official orchestrate this travesty in our courts?  How dare we value these other countries “wants and needs” over the security of American citizens?

Recall the “Beer Summit”?  The President of the United States chose to interfere in a police case.  A white policeman had an incident involving a black professor.   This should have sent a glaring red flag up for most Americans.  President Obama meddled in a local law enforcement activity which is unprecedented in the Presidential role.  Comments across the country fanned the flames of racist slurs about the incident and the President did nothing to stop the racist charges in the media or in the Congress.  Nothing was said.

The President appointed Timothy Geithner, Secretary of the Treasury.  This man is guilty of tax evasion and was put in charge of the treasury.  Mr. Geithner was not held accountable for his prior actions. 

The justice system has been working well for over 200 years.  This President, and the Department of Justice seem to be determined to pick and choose when they will permit justice to be done.  There have been far too many examples to list in this article.  The selective use of applying the law to suit political agendas is an outrage.

Remember to vote on November 2, with the knowledge that every single democrat in this Congress has voted collectively to support the actions of this administration without question.   Need I say more?

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Obama and Cronies Sell Out America

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There were so many great promises given during the Obama campaign.  After the vote last night,  it all became clear to the American people.  This administration does not like the American way of life.  We had suspected as much, but the ramped up activities of the last few months prove the case beyond any doubt.

We have seen the President of the United States bring disgrace to the office of the President, time and again over the last several months.  The minute he came to office, there were speeches given around the world by him, apologizing for American “behavior”.  He apologized to our enemies, and repeatedly had actions which served to alienate the allies of America.

The President made it clear early on in his term of office, that he was the friend to the unions.  In fact, the unions greatly influenced him.  Andy Stern, the President of the SEIU had more visits to the White House last year than any other person.  The Commander in Chief of this country’s armed forces chose to surround himself with advisors who admire Mao, Marx, Chavez, and many have broken the law.  He nominated a Treasury of Secretary who was guilty of evading income tax.  There is a Czar who has had questionable relationships with young boys.  The President appointed many Czars to positions without putting them through the Congressional Review Process.  This is in violation of the Constitution.   Sadly, America was unhappy with the last administration and were easy prey for this calculating man who does not love this republic or the people.

We have a man in the White House who does not refer to the Constitution, but constantly refers to changing America.  Yes indeed he has changed America.  It is clear that he is skillfully and aggressively dismantling the United States of America.  Since his time in office, he has pushed the progressives in the House and they have passed legislation giving the Federal government power over automotive industries, banking, financial sectors, student loans, insurance companies, and now our healthcare.  He had condoned arm-twisting, bribes, lying, and any other manner of unsavory thug tactics to get his agenda accomplished expediously.  People have tried in vain to ask if he condones this type of behavior in the Congress.  He adroitly avoids an answer, and fills the gap with rhetoric of how he is “saving Americans”. 

At a time when our country is deeply in debt, the Progressives under his urging and leadership have continued to pass numerous bills which require more money resulting in a larger deficit.  Tonight they passed a large healthcare bill as their latest gambit to completely control the American people.  This will begin taxing the people immediately in a time when millions are out of work and small businesses are struggling for survival.  One would seriously question their motives after this blatant gesture of ignoring the plight of the American people.  These same people have their own healthplan.  The Congress refused to be on the same program for Healthcare as the American People.  How dare they?  Clearly, they are unaware of who their employer is at this point in time.  Obama cannot save them from the consequences of their actions.  The American people are not stupid and see exactly what is going on in Washington. 

Furthermore, the legislation was written in conjunction with outside organizations that include lobbyists and union organizations.   This man has no scruples.  Chicago thug tactics are prevailing in Washington.  The radical left in the Democratic party are very happy with this state of affairs.  One only had to watch a small bit of the speeches on the floor of the House or Senate to quickly see the “Kool-Aid” glaze in their eyes when referring to the President.  Anything goes with this man, and the Progressives are openly embracing this approach.

Tonight was the finale in a long series of bribes and arm-twisting by the President and his cronies.  There was a special deal for Nebraska, Florida, Connecticut, Stupak, Vermont, Michigan, North Dakota and Louisiana that we know of at this time.  Special deals made for “special people” who would vote for the Healthcare Bill.  These special deals will be paid for with the hard earned tax dollars of the American People. There were 219 Democrats that voted for this bill.  Many were offered “deals” behind closed doors that we have yet to hear about.

We need to aggressively work this year to get rid of the traitors to the United States way of life.  There are 219 people in the House and a majority in the Senate that need to be voted out.  What were they thinking when they voted us into generational debt, and more unemployment?  They were thinking of themselves ladies and gentlemen.  These people do not deserve our trust nor our money.  Let’s send them packing.  My next article will include a list with some priorities.  Stay tuned – we have only just begun to fight!

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Obama and Eric Holder conspire to influence 2010 election

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Have you thought the latest efforts of Eric Holder were bizarre?  Mr. Holder has proposed the 9/11 terrorists be tried in a civil court.  What’s more he has determined the venue should be New York City, where the crimes were committed.  Here is what is about to take place and the associated questions:

1.      Terrorists will be on trial using the civil justice system of the United States

  • Did they get notification of Miranda rights?  Why should they be entitled to the same  rights as the legal citizens of this country?   How many of our criminals have had their court case thrown out because they were not mirandized?
  • Is a non-citizen of this country who commits an act of war normally  tried in America via the civil justice system?
  • One of the terrorists has elected to represent himself.  He will be permitted to have full access to all the information of the US intelligence community as it pertains to 9/11.  He will be able to disseminate this to others via the trial, how not to get caught in traps in the future.
  • Do we believe they will get special “status” on many of the rulings in order to be politically correct?  Eric Holder has said he will give special instructions to the jury.

2.      Terrorists will be given a platform to spew more of their hatred and propaganda.

  • People of New York will be reliving the horrors of 9/11 and the  aftermath
  • The world’s people who are a part of JIHAD will be energized by the hate being aired on a daily basis
  • The terrorists will become even more respected by other terrorists and lauded by the other terrorists cells as heros – especially if they are condemned to death

3.       Much of the intelligence gathered that finally exposed who they were and what  they did  will have to be revealed.  

  • Experts will be called to reveal the evidence and will be forced to disclose the sources of the information.  In many cases during the testimony offered by our government, the intelligence methods used to monitor and capture these people will be revealed for all the world to see.

What could possibly be gained by such odd decisions that will impact the entire country?  During the early part of the year, the Obama administration and Eric Holder had a lot to say about the former administration.  They wanted to indict the President and many others for quote: “ Breaking the law in a conscious effort in order to begin a war on behalf of  the 9/11 people”.  The administration went absolutely quiet about all of this during the summer.  Even more curious, the President recently sent a delegation to the international court in the Hague to see what they could do to become an active member.  If the USA is accepted into this court as a full member, there are huge implications to the justice procedures we curently have in this country. The former United States administration or soldiers of the United States could be tried in the Hague for suspected war crimes involving other countries.

Why is the President and Eric Holder electing to doing this now?  The people’s movement did not get quieter this year, but louder and more directed at the actions of the government.  I suggest to you the timing of the trial, the location, et al, are designed to secure indictments against the former administration.  The President and Eric Holder are choosing to politicize one of the most horrific incidents in American History.   The timing of all of this, could possibly prevent the flipping of the house in 2010.  The puppet masters in the government will be redirecting everyone’s attention to the “illegal” things which they say were perpetrated by the prior administration.  This anti administration tactic worked successfully in the last election and swayed millions of voters to vote for whomever was not affiliated in any way to that particular administration or party .  We are almost a year into the activities of this administration and they do not want to take responsibility for the poor economy, and passing of unconstitutional legislation.  The indictments probably won’t stand, but the media circus could weaken the people’s resolve to vote differently in the next election.

May I be the first to openly state what we are all thinking at this point? It is difficult to trust either Republicans or Democrats.  I propose we all vote conservative, based on the person even it it means voting Republican, Democrat, Libertarian, or Independent.  Why?  I haven’t found this many Marxists or union officials evident in our government at any other time in history.  The leftists are in the Congress and surrounding this President as trusted advisors.  It is up to us to make a change.   We can remove the new people out in the next election if they don’t adhere to principled actions.  This is the only way we will stop this quick march by the left, which is systematically dismantling the constitution.

Next up is the election series: “Let’s take the gloves off” with the 2010 elections.

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Obama, the Nobel Prize and the “Wicked Web”

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Like many others around the world, I was stunned by the public news today.   President Obama had received this year’s Nobel Peace Prize.  Most of all, I felt it was a sharp contrast to prior winners who had measureable impact already evident from their actions.  Bear with me as I share some facts with you regarding this odd circumstance.  There are clearly suspicious things around this award.  

Here is some background on how this may have occurred:

There are 5 members of this committee.  Let’s see who they are and what we know about them and various connections.

For this year, the Norwegian Parliament (Stortinget) has elected Mr. Thorbjørn Jagland (born 1950) and Ms. Ågot Valle (born 1945) as new members of the Norwegian Nobel Committee.

New Chairman and member as of 2009: Mr. Thorbjorn Jagland

Jagland is currently President of the Storting (Norwegian Parliament), representing the Labour Party.  He is also the Secretary-General of the  Council of Europe.  What do we know of Mr. Jagland’s background?  He left as Prime Minister of Norway after a series of scandals and missteps by himself and his cabinet.  This is the most notable:  In August, a former Soviet spy described Jagland as a friendly politician during the 1970s and 80s. Jagland said he held diplomatic talks with the Soviet unions and that all the conversations were innocent exchanges between them. He was classified as a “confidential contact” by the Committee for State Security (KGB).

Deputy Chairperson: Kaci Cullman Five

Mrs. Five is a politician in the conservative party.  She has served on the committee since 2003 and was appointed deputy this year.  In her business life she also serves on the Board of Directors for Statoil and Radio Channel P4.  She is both politician and business woman.  Mrs. Five owns a company that helps other countries set up democracies and electorates.

Ms. Agot Valle: New Committee Member as of 2009

Valle is a member of Parliament and leading spokesperson on international affairs of the Socialist Left Party.  In 2007, she took an active stand on a controversial movie that came out in Norway about a man serving a prison sentence in America.  The movie detailed the circumstances of Dr. Sami Amin Al-Arian.  In 2006 he made a plea agreement to plead guilty to conspiracy to help a “designated terrorist” organization, the Palestinian Islamic Jihad.  Ms. Valle took special interest in this movie and had a private screening in her home.  This man’s wife and daughter had became overnight celebrities in Norway.

Here are some of Ms. Valle’s comments: “Franklin D. Roosevelt warned the American people not to give in to fear,” Valle told me. “Giving in to fear may lead us to infringe human rights, civil rights, freedom of speech — the basis of democracy.” She went on to say that since 9/11, Americans have been consumed by fear, “but a movie like this, I think will bring a new debate on how far stripping of civil liberties will go and not to give in to fear”.  Editorial comment:  So we should not convict someone for supporting a terrorist group??

Further comments from Ms. Valle (specific to the award this year of the Nobel Peace Prize to President Obama):   “she hoped the selection would be viewed as support and a commitment for Obama.”

Sissel Marie Rønbeck – Committee member

She is a Deputy Director for the Directorate for Cultural Heritage.  Google her and see how many references you see with regard to George Soros providing funding for her organization.  Follow the George Soros money to various foundations and groups in Norway, many of which she is managing/guiding/or sitting on the board.  Former member of parliament and cabinet minister for the Labour Party. She has been a member of the Norwegian Nobel Committee since 1994.

Inger-Marie Ytterhorn, – Committee member

She is a former member of Parliament for the Progress Party (right wing political party).   Ms. Ytterhorn has been a member of the committee since 2000.

There appears to be a common thread with some of the committee members.  One of the primary supporters of President Obama monetarily and otherwise is George Soros.  In 2006 George Soros was a sponsor of  EITI in Norway in 2006. EITI is the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative. It began when the George Soros organization known as Publish What You Pay, aided by propaganda from the Soros-funded Global Witness group, demanded that nations with valuable natural resources be compelled to turn over to mutinational cartels and to the British government, all records of their transactions on these resources — so as to stop bribes!  This included all locations and records of oil and gas in each country.  Bear in mind that the government of Norway owns one of the most successful oil companies in the world, Statoil.  We also have a Nobel Prize committee member who serves on the Board of Statoil.   Mr. Soros has had many trips over the past few years to Norway and has been quoted in their news and magazines on multiple occasions. 

In 2006, EITI’s governing secretariat was set up in Norway and placed under Soros management, with money from Open Society Institute and EITI board members from Soros agencies Publish What You Pay, Revenue Watch Institute, and Global Witness.

Over the past few years is widely known that  financial support has been given by George Soros to the Norwegians.  Connect the dots.  Name another time when the Nobel commmittee has chosen to name someone  as the prize recipient for “what they may do in the future”?  Maybe you can think of a way to explain  all of  these relationships and the result we just witnessed.   Add a guy with KGB affiliation, a person from the socialist left, at least one person who has reaped direct benefits from George Soros, and the Norwegian government who is very grateful to their philanthropist friend and what do we have?  

No one can predict what results will occur in future from today’s actions.  It was many years before the committee recognized the results from Mother Theresa’s activities.  Nobel Peace Prize Recipients have been rewarded when the fruits of their labors were apparent to the world. 

What do you think happened?

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