Primer on the Texas Special Session

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Texas has moved  into the special session now, primarily to focus on the budget completion.  So many emails, blogs, articles have appeared with partial information and misinformation, an overview of the special session was in order.  I’ve put together a few facts to help all of us as we monitor/engage with our state reps and state senators on specific bills.

The Governor of Texas issued a proclamation which announces the special session timeframe, and also defines the primary focus of this session.  To add other bills outside of this focus, will require the agreement of the Governor.  The legislature may ask for particular bills to be added that are outside the original scope of the proclamation.  It is important to reach out to your state representatives and state senators to let them know if there is a specific bill of importance to you.  The legislature (specifically Straus and Dewhurst as management) can make a request to the Governor for new agenda items for the special session.   Further to this point, you can see the letter request from Dewhurst to the Governor here: . The text of the proclamation can be found here:  The Governor outlined the specifics he wanted dealt with in this session.   The primary focus must be on the budget and budget related items.  The schools, in particular, must see the approved budget as soon as possible, to prepare for the coming year. 

The majority of the proposed bills fall within the purvue of the proclamation, or have been approved additions by the Governor.  Other than fiscal related bills, the Healthcare Compact has been added to the tasklist, per the Governor’s request.   Another one which is not yet approved for this session, but is filed, pertains to sanctuary cities.   There are many great bills which could be added, but the time constraints and efficient use of taxpayer dollars is of utmost importance.

Several groups/individuals have urged Texans to barrage the governor and ask for specific bills to be filed.  After reading some of these published lists, it was clear that many of the listed bills in the emails/articles  were already filed for the special session.  Because the bill offerings for consideration are growing, it is best to run the report yourself for the most accurate data.  To view the filings to date, please go to the Texas State Legislative website .  Select Bill Search.  Be sure to select this session:  82 (1) -2011 from the drop down choices.  On the right hand side of the page you will see a large box that says select action criteria.  Click on this.  Choose Filed (H001) .  Click on the arrow pointing to the blank box directly opposite the list of actions.  Repeat this process and choose Filed (S001).  Now go to the bottom of the page and input a beginning date of 5/30/2011 (do this by clicking on the small calendar icon).  Choose an end date of the current date.  Go back to the top righthand side of the page and click search.   This will give you a current list of proposed bills.  It does not tell you which ones are approved by the Governor, but actions are posted immediately as they occur.

For further information about special sessions, go to this link:

What is clear about these massive efforts, is that many well meaning people are spinning cycles without complete information.   If conservatives want to succeed, the time should be spent on solid research prior to “firing from the hip”.   A plan with inadequate data will likely yield inadequate results.  -Just an opinion.

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Spotlight on Key Texas Races

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Governor Rick Perry – Why?

Texas is number one ranking for business favorable environments.  The state is fiscally responsible. In spite of all the liberal efforts to hurt the conservative nature of Texas, the state is still better off than most of the other states.  Governor Perry is a man who listens to the people and is unashamed to drop or change policies when the people object.  He has never wavered in standing up for the people of Texas.  He listens and adheres to the wishes of Texans.  Over the past decade, his stewardship has improved the quality of life in Texas.

What is the alternative?  Bill White supports amnesty, sanctuary cities, Government controlled Healthcare, and expanded role of the government in the United States.  He left Houston with a lot of debt and higher taxes.  More importantly, he is an ardent supporter of the Obama Administration and their policies.  Do we want someone who supports bigger government, less liberty, and higher taxes?

John Faulk – Why?

He is a constitutional conservative, that truly believes in less government and more liberty for the people.  Mr. Faulk follows the principle of fiscal responsibility.   John Faulk listens to the people, and believes the government is employed by the people, not the other way around.  His platform is based on a foundation rooted in the founding fathers faith and in the constitution.

What is the alternative?  Sheila Jackson Lee sits on the judiciary committee as a ranking member.  Due to the redistricting, it is likely she will be in office for 10 more years.  She will be in line to become the chair of this committee if elected this time. Do you believe this woman should be making judicial recommendations for the country?  This is a woman who supported an appointment of a high court judge who had a serious lapse in judgement.  This judge thought a serial murderer did not deserve the death penalty, because he suffered from being a sadist.  Sheila Jackson Lee lacks principles and morals.  Consistently she has voted her wishes over the will of the people.  Representing a less fortunate district, she has supported higher taxes by stating the Bush tax cuts need to expire.  What was she thinking?  Or was she?

Dr. Donna Campbell – Why?

She is an emergency room Doctor who is upset about the healthcare reform bill and wants to ensure it is repealed. She understands the importance of the relationship between the patient and the Doctor.  Making medical decisions, is no place for the government. Dr. Campbell believes the constitution is our foundation and guiding us every step of the way.  This lady truly understands the ramifications of the Healthcare Reform Bill and how it will conflict with the hippocratic oath Doctors take in the beginning of their career.

What is the alternative?  Lloyd Doggett ignored the people of his district and voted for the Healthcare bill.  Our country is deeply in debt and he continues to support outrageous levels of spending in Washington.  Over the past many years of his career in Washington, he has become a big spender of the taxpayer dollars.

Bill Flores – Why?

Texas needs a Congressional representative who is unafraid to say no to the outrageous levels of government spending.  The people deserve a representative who truly believes in fiscal responsibility and abiding by the Constitutional law.  Mr. Flores is a successful businessman who fully appreciates the free market system and how it will enable the American Dream for our children and grandchildren.

What is the alternative?  Chet Edwards has been instrumental in shifting millions of dollars to big corporations in the Houston area.  These large corporations and lobby groups send millions to him for re-election each year.   He fully supported the Healthcare Reform (2.5 Trillion) and has indicated he believes politicians know best.

Francisco Canseco – Why?

The infrastructure of Texas is suffering with the influx of drugs and crime across the unsecured borders.   Francisco Canseco will fight to secure the border and support legislation that protects the citizens of Texas.  He is a man of principle who is a community leader that the people respect.

What is the alternative?  Ciro Rodriguez just finished this session of Congress by hurting his home state.  He offered an amendment that ensures many of the Texas ISD’s have much less money for the education of the children. Mr. Rodriguez has had numerous opportunities to be involved in support of strong legislation for National Security.  There have been many bills and amendments proposed that would help protect the people of Texas.  He votes against them.  It is the right of Americans to have safety and security in their country.

These are very important races to Texans.  Losing any one of these efforts by conservatives will have a devastating result upon Texas.  I urge you to do whatever is possible to help the above candidates.  For a look at other strong conservatives in the National elections, please have a look at the research results on .  

United we stand!

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Election Night with Governor Perry and Friends

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Driftwood Texas is definitely the place to be tonight! There is a pavillion at Salt Lick BBQ down a beautiful country road in Texas. People are still coming in the door in droves. Music is great, and everyone is watching the election returns come in on the big screens. Satellite trucks crowd the parking lot and the network anchors are here in force.

It has been an eventful campaign trail for the Governor. He has successfully guided Texas through the turbulent economic chaos being sorely felt by the other states. His style has been that of a very conservative, thoughtful person who is not averse to taking risks. The risks don’t always work out, and he quickly charts a different course. Consistently he has made decisions that benefit Texans overall.

The time has come for Texas to let Governor Perry know they appreciate his hard work that has kept the state in relatively good shape. Texans still have problems, but he is systematically chipping away at our issues.

Game over. Kay Bailey Hutchinson just called the Governor a few moments ago to concede in the race. She has pledged she and her supporters will work to ensure the Governor is re-elected in November. His wife introduced him tonight for the update on the campaign. It was clear his wife and family are a major part of his team, and that drives him to succeed for everyone.

Her comment was that he lives and breathes Texas each day. He wakes up each day wondering how he can improve things for Texans. This is what it is all about. A staunch conservative that knows what the priorities should be in life. The crowd responded enthusiastically to his remarks. He has proven time and again that his leadership has protected Texas in a sea of uncertain times in America.

As the governor stated, “May God continue to bless Texas”. And on we go toward the November election with the Governor and Kay Bailey Hutchinson working together to ensure Texas remains a conservative state.

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Medina “Crashes and Burns” on Beck

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Everyone was anxiously looking forward to hearing Debra Medina on the Glenn Beck radio show today. I was hoping to hear fewer rehearsed statements and more original spontaneous discussion. Alas, this was not to happen. Well, we witnessed more of the same “style” that we have come to expect from Debra Medina today. She consistently spoke a lot and “over the top” of Glenn Beck’s voice. Time and again we have seen her try to control the conversation by drowning out the other person’s voice. Is this indicative of her inability to have an honest dialogue with people on important issues?

Mr. Beck asked a few opening questions and consistently received diluted canned answers which really did not address his question. In fact, I’ve recognized many of the statements made by Debra Medina as nearly exact from many other rallies, speeches, and debates. Was this to be yet another repeat of the same tired rhetoric? When asked about who Debra Medina is,  thus began her traditional anti competitor speech we have seen so many times before. Standard virulent statements have been made against Kay Bailey Hutchinson, and Governor Perry speech in the majority of Mrs. Medina’s public appearances. Glenn Beck tried to refocus her on the actual question he asked. Somewhat unprepared for this, Mrs. Medina rambled a bit and lost the rehearsed eloquence . This was one of a small number of instances, when someone asks something not in her memorized and typed dialogue. This completely throws the candidate off track.

The discussion about property taxes was interesting. We’ve all heard the statement from Mrs. Medina that she wants to do away with property tax and replace it with taxes on consumable items. Glenn Beck asked if we weren’t one of the few states without an income tax. She responded yes, and continued on the same speech justifying why it was a god given right. No one is arguing that, only how she would accomplish this, only to look at the whole picture when determining issues.

Per Beck, there is nothing more important than 9/11 in your lifetime. I agree. This was an event in my life that shall never be forgotten. Thus began the awkward segment of the interview. Glenn Beck pointedly asked if she was a 9/11 “truther”. For those who are unaware, this is a group of people who believe our own government may have been behind the attacks on the World Trade Center. It is a conspiracy theory of sorts. Mrs. Medina struggled with this answer. In fact, she did not say a yes or no. Her answer was that there is a lot of good evidence around this topic – but this is a Federal issue and she is focused on Texas. Beck followed up with a question to ask if any of her advisors are 9/11 truthers, would she disavow them? Again, there was not a straightforward answer, but a lot of talk and sidestepping.

I had an involuntary shudder at that point. How close had we come to getting a person through the primary who believed odd things, and clearly had not resolved an issue from several years ago in her own mind? She wasn’t even clear about the importance of surrounding yourself with people who are above reproach and will give you sound advice. We have all witnessed what happens when a person in a powerful position has advisors who are extreme in their thinking and belief systems. Look at the current President and the number of people counseling him who have Marxist, Communist, or other somewhat radical beliefs.

Mr. Beck, we agree with your assessment after the dialogue on many levels. The patriot movement is strong and producing many fine candidates. Many will be drawn to this surge of support as a moth to a flame for their own purpose. They may or may not be a true conservative candidate with straightforward common sense values.  There is a requirement at this point for all patriot groups particularly, to be diligent and research each candidate choice fully before expending tremendous energy and making choices to support them.

One can easily get caught up with the feel good candidates who are eloquent. We did that in the last Presidential election. Let’s truly be careful. There are pros and cons to every single candidate we see on the horizon (incumbents and new people). It is important to not repeat mistakes, and to learn from them. Looking past good speakers and feel good statements to the character and beliefs of all the candidates is crucial as we participate actively in the 2010 election.

For those of you who did not hear this interview of Mrs. Medina by Glenn Beck, I include the link below. It is a text of the entire interview:

Educate and inform the whole mass of the people… They are the only sure reliance for the preservation of our liberty.
Thomas Jefferson

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