USA Elections: Country Club Politicians vs Constitutional Conservatives!

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Land of the Free, Home of the Brave

Yes, America has arrived at multiple crossroads in this election year.

First, we have the frontline battle in Washington to save our constitution.  Of equal importance, there is a monumental effort to shore up a flagging economy.  This is the first of two articles examining those two crossroads.

There are those who would have you believe the constitution is a living document.  This document was debated, discussed, and approved many years ago as the framework for a free country.  Learned scholars had reviewed and analyzed the pros and cons of every word and syllable of this document.  The US Constitution has stood us in good stead and continues to provide our path through the turbulent times in the world today.

Why is America’s Constitution under attack?  The Democrat Party has been infiltrated and monopolized by Socialists and Marxists in Washington.  There is no mistake.  These groups would have you believe that the great American “experiment” has failed and a change needs to be made.  Because of this change in the Democrat Party (actual leadership in control), the required shift in the Republican party is more urgently needed by the country.

The actual job description in the United States for a politician,  now “mandates” a requirement for Constitutional Conservatives (if our American way of life is to be preserved).  The actions of the “Country Club” Republicans of yesterday will not steer the country back toward the vision of the original founders.  Country Club Republicans need not apply.  The candidates for the US Senate over the last few decades were typically a person who takes office, spent the majority of their life in office, and accumulated various perks and privileges distributed by lobbyists and special interest groups.  In prior years, there wasn’t much harm with these types of people holding office.  Today the heart and soul of America are at stake.  We must elect those who are willing to stand up and fight for our constitution.

There are many such examples of this “war” in the Republican Party being played out today.  In Texas, Lt. Governor David Dewhurst is challenging Mr. Ted Cruz for the U.S. Senate seat vacated by Mrs. Kay Bailey Hutchinson.  Lt. Governor Dewhurst and Mr. Cruz have devoted many years of service to our country.  This is where the similarity ends.  Being an independent writer, I’ve had the opportunity to observe the leadership of Lt. Governor Dewhurst in the Texas Senate.  He is a moderate, who is reluctant to tackle tough, constitutional issues.  Unfortunately, this is exactly the job description required to take our country back from the sharp swing left toward a more socialist society.  The Lt. Governor’s strong supporters include the majority of  high profile lobbyists in Texas and “squishy” Republicans in the Texas legislature and in Washington.   I appreciate people who give to the country, but believe the age of the Country Club Republicans who hold court must necessarily end.

A man who will listen to the people and defend our liberty.

Enter Mr. Ted Cruz.  He is a Constitutional Conservative.  Mike Lee and Rand Paul are Constitutional Conservatives who were elected to the U.S. Senate in the last few years.  They are among a handful of new U.S. Senators who endeavor daily to defend the Constitution from the sharp tug to the left by socialists such as Senator Harry Reid and his cronies.   Mr. Cruz has successfully defended the United States Constitution at the state, and national level.  He has fought for US Sovereignty against a world court and the President of the United States.  The time has come for Texas to send in more cavalry for Senator Mike Lee, Senator Rand Paul, Senator Pat Toomey, and other strong constitutionalists such as Senator Jim DeMint.   These men are unafraid to make the difficult choices and are not ruled by special interests or lobbyists.

From local level through the highest national levels, we see the fight for true Constitutional Conservatism against political cronyism.  Witness the HD 26 race in Fort Bend County Texas.  Mrs. Jacquie Chaumette is another person, unafraid to make strong intelligent choices to protect citizens of Texas.  Her opponent is supported by many of the Country Club Republicans who have made a career and fortune by being “popular” with special interest groups and big lobbyists in Texas.   Mrs. Chaumette has served in positions that afforded her the opportunity to make strong fiscal choices based upon the laws of our state and our country.   She is definitely part of the breath of fresh air surging forward in American Politics.

So, the choice is yours.  Do you continue to elect career politicians who bend to the whims of lobbyists and special interest groups?  OR, do you elect new people who are not under the control of those groups?  Have a look at the supporters of people, prior to voting.   We need people with a strong ability to stand up for the people, not the special interest groups.

Constitutional Conservatives are the prescription required for an ailing country.  Elect them at all levels of government.

The Constitution is not an instrument for the government to restrain the people, it is an instrument for the people to restrain the government.”

Patrick Henry

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Heroes and Inspiration for America

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Bear with me while I paint a picture.  There are people working hard and pulling together to fight against a  merciless foe in another part of the world.  This enemy has used charisma, wiles, and cunning to deceive an entire nation.  One day the nation woke up, and there were many dire days ahead.  A lot of people suffered.  A lot of men, women, and children died.

This was WWII.  Why do I bring this up now?

There are different ideologies at war with each other in our country.  Thousands of people in other parts of the world, can only imagine a country that would promote life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.  No, happiness is not guaranteed.  However, everyone can have the opportunity to work hard and chase the dream that is important to them.   Others would argue,  it is time for a change.  Others would say socialism makes certain everyone has all their needs met.  The government will take care of everyone.  I ask, “Do you believe that 48M people are unable to work”?

The war of ideologies took a sharp left turn, when a President was elected who truly believes a hybrid version of socialism is good for America.  Instead of encouraging personal responsibility,  millions of people now have a “caretaker” called the government.  History has taught us that socialism has never worked.  Perhaps it is because we, as a species are only human.  There will always be those who are “takers” and those who are “producers” as spoken about by the late, great Ayn Rand.

This country is special.  For over 200 years, America has been a beacon of hope to all that enter.  All things are possible in this land of great hope and promise.  This has never changed.  People dream of America today as always.

There is a critical competition now between many deserving Republicans.  Why do I say deserving?  All of the people who step up in such a climate of hostility to try and make a difference, should be treated with respect.  Day after day, I have read articles tearing down Republican candidates.   My challenge to all who read this article is to weigh all the similarities and differences of the candidates prior to making a decision.  These are human beings.  There is no perfect candidate that will satisfy everyone.  What should we look for in a candidate?  In my opinion, we should encourage the heros who stand up and say, “I will try”.  Give them a fair shot.  Evaluate them, and vote. 

Why should we resort to leftist tactics  against the Presidential candidates at a time when the country is at a crossroads?  These are honorable, highly qualifed individuals who at all costs to their personal lives and the lives of their families want to serve their country.

Remember what made WWII great?  Remember the people and the pride in their country.  Remember the sense of pulling together for a common enemy.  Remember what makes America great.  The most important thing to be done, is to unite, and choose the candidate who ensures Obama will be a one term President.

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Elena Kagan’s Senate Circus

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Where to begin?   The Judiciary Committee hearings were riveting.  Yes,  I was one of the few who chose to watch the saga fully on television!   Many traits emerged about the candidate quickly, under the barrage of questions from the Senators.  She was intelligent.  Ms. Kagan proved herself to be adept at sidestepping difficult questions, and watering down what should have been straightforward answers.  Her career was exemplary.   She was the President’s choice.

Ms. Kagan’s nomination moved out of committee and to the final step of confirmation on the basis of a single Republican vote joining with the chorus of Democrats.  The Senator was Lindsey Graham.   What is remarkable about this?  The evidence discussed in the hearing pointed to a couple of disturbing facts.  Ms. Kagan objected to the Don’t Ask/Don’t tell policy which was a law passed by Congress of the United States.    Her effort to make a political point at the expense of the US military, and in defiance of clear federal law passed by the Congress, called into question her willingness to be governed by that  law.  Her history showed a lack of respect for the law and the men and women of the military through actions she took as the Dean of Harvard.  There was also some questionable conduct with regard to the partial birth abortion decision under former President Bill Clinton.

The Senate Floor proved to be more exciting than the committee hearing.  Senator Jeff Sessions opened the floor speeches about Ms. Kagan.  There were several key points about how she had caused problems for the military while Dean at Harvard.  The most important points were about how far she would go to “win”.  Her actions while serving under President Bill Clinton on the issue of partial birth abortions resulted in an acceptance of this medical procedure.  Just today,  this writer received an email stating Ms. Kagan is being brought up on ethics charges by a non-partisan Justice group regarding her involvement with the partial birth decision.   Repeatedly her actions in the past positions have exhibited she will use everything humanly possible to further her own beliefs. 

Everyone knew she was a progressive.  However, when the question was delivered, “Ms. Kagan, do you view yourself as a legal progressive”?  She feigned ignorance of what this meant.  This is a very articulate smart woman.  No matter how them tried to ask the question (in a multitude of ways),  Ms. Kagan pretended to be baffled.  Several of her references were quoted as saying she was a brilliant legal progressive. Still, Ms. Kagan did not waver on playing dumb.   Does anyone else find this disturbing?   We have a woman of obvious clarity and intelligence who is interviewing for the highest job in the land, and she will not answer a very straightforward question.

Senator John Cornyn’s remarks were both powerful and succinct.  He clearly stated the problem in front of the US Senate.  Elena Kagan has demonstrated her inability to simply interpret the laws of the land.  They are colored by her own opinions.  The American Standard is of a blind and impartial justice.   Her “hero” in the judiciary is a Judge Barak in Israel who is known for being one of the most radical judges of them all.  Judge Barak charts new territory based upon law + bias + social issues.   She will be likely to legislate from the bench (based upon the past).   There are grave concerns about her ability to transform and be able to interpret decisions based upon the constitution.

How can a woman be given a lifetime job, who has never been a judge, and who has a history of challenging laws in prejudicial manners?  How can the American people have faith in a Supreme Court, when at least this one will not be able to judge based upon the laws of the land?  This is yet another example of the Federal Government being out of control.   We expect a liberal judge nominee from a liberal President.  However, we would expect one who has a substantial experience, and a history reflective of a person who supports the laws of the land. 

With extreme disbelief I listened to absolute drivel from Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina.  He cautioned his peers to not be political on the decison.  In fact, it sounded as though he was chastising the Republicans who had offered opinions based on the facts.  The Senator referred to a Federalist Paper by Alexander Hamilton which talked about this type of nomination.  The Federalist document basically said this is a Presidential choice and unless the person is unfit, they should support the President.    Senator Graham tried to say the Republicans were simply being political.   Further, the Senator stated he admired her and felt her to be highly qualified.  This is a woman who has litigated for 2 years and has zero judicial experience.  Ms. Kagan’s entire career was spent in politics and academia.  Was he not paying attention in the judicial committee interview?   Her unwillingness to answer questions on her judicial philosophies indicated a political approach throughout the hearing.  She was unable to articulate any example of when she would determine a control  over the reach of the Federal Government.  This woman does not appear to understand the concept of limited government or the designated uninalienable rights to the people.  Clearly her personal politics and beliefs come first.  At one point Senator Graham reflected on how she will be an “independent” judge.   He believes the President has “earned the right” to  have whomever he wants for the Supreme Court Job.  Further the Senator stated the only way to say no, is if she is not worthy of the job.   The Senator is incorrect in his assumptions and conclusions.    The single most laughable point he made was in his hopes this would be quid pro quo with the Democrats in the future.  What a joke!   He is attempting to say this yes vote of his will be a bargaining chip for democratic support in the future?   It is unconscienable that this woman should ever have been solicitor general of the US, much less be given the ultimate lifetime job.   There is one thing very clear about Senator Graham.  He does not love America, the constitution, or her people.

About halfway through this, Senator Reid appeared on the floor and threatened a potential cloture vote.   There has been no indication of a filibuster, and he placed this over the Republicans’ heads.  Who puts politics before honor and why?  Senator Lindsey Graham and Senator Harry Reid appear to be very much alike……..something to think about.

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Anti-Incumbent Fever Endangering the Republic

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We all have a choice this year.  Do we like our Constitutional Republic?  Do we like our liberty?  If we stand up for our country, there is only one choice of what to do this year.

Currently a wave of anti-incumbent fever, is sweeping across the country.  People want to throw everyone out of office.  Americans are threatening people who are holding office. I submit to you, this would be the very action which could ensure our fate of becoming a socialist country.  This year is a pivotal year in the elections.  Progressives must be defeated, to slow down the massive effort by this administration to destroy the republic and replace it with socialism.

We are just as much to blame as the politicians.  For decades, corruption has reigned in Washington, D. C.  This year as the American people woke up, they were startled to find so much was wrong in our government.  The Congress was openly lying, buying votes, and lavishly spending other people’s money.  This did not happen over night, but over decades.   

Let  me give you an example, of the short sightedness of the anti-incumbent sentiment, and how it could cripple us for the long term.  Texas had a very heated Republican primary for the Gubernatorial Race.  The incumbent, Governor Rick Perry, won the Republican nomination.  The supporters of the defeated candidates became angry, and many are now openly attacking the Governor and his supporters.  They are threatening not to vote, or to vote Democratic.  They are choosing to go to a socialistic regime rather than stand united.

In the primaries, I was in a similar position.  The candidate I supported enthusiastically was John Gay, not Congressman Ron Paul.  Congressman Paul won the nomination.  He will receive my utmost support for the good of Texas and the good of the country.  Now is the time for people to be united.  It is not a time to allow our pride or egos to stand in the way of what is best for America.

These backlash efforts strengthen the liberal goal of changing our country permanently.  No, not all Democrats are alike either.  However, the President, and his followers have shown they know how to twist arms and gain the result they need within that particular party.  There were dozens of dirty backroom deals done to buy the votes required for the Healthcare Bill.  Not one Democrat was able to stand up to Speaker Pelosi, the President, or the Unions.  Most recently, both Speaker Pelosi and Senator Reid were interviewed about these horrendous backroom deals.  These individuals truly believe the end justifies the means.  What happened to ethics?

With a conservative majority in Congress they can prevent the out of control spending from continuing during the next couple of years.  This Congressional body would be an immovable object on funding of existing  and future supercilious efforts that  simply serve to redistribute the wealth of the country and fund democrat elections.  There are a lot of dictators and tyrants throughout the world that are cheering the US government on in their efforts to become like them.  Let’s make certain it is a disappointing year for those that would wish harm to America.

Embrace your fellow conservatives this year.  There will be time to change the Conservatives in future, if they do not shape up and listen to us.  This year, we must be determined about saving the country.  To succeed in November, every person will need to work hard and support conservative candidates that can take back some of the democrat seats.

This administration has moved at lightening speed to take over all major industries and economic areas. For this reason the November 2010 election has become an important key to our future.  History has shown that President Obama has taken over more institutions and expanded  government more in one year than Chavez accomplished in his first year of governing Venezuela.  Castro compliments this President and the Congress on their achievements.  Chavez likes this President and his methodology.  Our allies and the rest of the world are watching with great sadness as the American Constitution and traditions are trampled daily by the current Administration and Congress. 

I submit to you that there are Republican politicians who “woke up” this year, much like we did.  They have risen to the occasion and are fighting hard to save the country from becoming a welfare state.  There are those in our country who want to “punish” all of the people in Washington.  If we choose to adopt this “shotgun” approach, it is unlikely we will  achieve the necessary result to preserve our Constitutional Republic. 

The American people are at a crucial time in history, and hopefully common sense will prevail.  It is a choice.  Unite and there is a greater chance conservatives will succeed in November which will directly result in slowing down the socialist agenda.  Fragment, pander to egos, continue griping, don’t vote, and prepare to give up the country.  There will be no other option to hold them back and turn it around.  The choice lies with each American.

Nothing can stop the man with the right mental attitude from achieving his goal; nothing on earth can help the man with the wrong mental attitude.
Thomas Jefferson

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