USA Elections: Country Club Politicians vs Constitutional Conservatives!

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Land of the Free, Home of the Brave

Yes, America has arrived at multiple crossroads in this election year.

First, we have the frontline battle in Washington to save our constitution.  Of equal importance, there is a monumental effort to shore up a flagging economy.  This is the first of two articles examining those two crossroads.

There are those who would have you believe the constitution is a living document.  This document was debated, discussed, and approved many years ago as the framework for a free country.  Learned scholars had reviewed and analyzed the pros and cons of every word and syllable of this document.  The US Constitution has stood us in good stead and continues to provide our path through the turbulent times in the world today.

Why is America’s Constitution under attack?  The Democrat Party has been infiltrated and monopolized by Socialists and Marxists in Washington.  There is no mistake.  These groups would have you believe that the great American “experiment” has failed and a change needs to be made.  Because of this change in the Democrat Party (actual leadership in control), the required shift in the Republican party is more urgently needed by the country.

The actual job description in the United States for a politician,  now “mandates” a requirement for Constitutional Conservatives (if our American way of life is to be preserved).  The actions of the “Country Club” Republicans of yesterday will not steer the country back toward the vision of the original founders.  Country Club Republicans need not apply.  The candidates for the US Senate over the last few decades were typically a person who takes office, spent the majority of their life in office, and accumulated various perks and privileges distributed by lobbyists and special interest groups.  In prior years, there wasn’t much harm with these types of people holding office.  Today the heart and soul of America are at stake.  We must elect those who are willing to stand up and fight for our constitution.

There are many such examples of this “war” in the Republican Party being played out today.  In Texas, Lt. Governor David Dewhurst is challenging Mr. Ted Cruz for the U.S. Senate seat vacated by Mrs. Kay Bailey Hutchinson.  Lt. Governor Dewhurst and Mr. Cruz have devoted many years of service to our country.  This is where the similarity ends.  Being an independent writer, I’ve had the opportunity to observe the leadership of Lt. Governor Dewhurst in the Texas Senate.  He is a moderate, who is reluctant to tackle tough, constitutional issues.  Unfortunately, this is exactly the job description required to take our country back from the sharp swing left toward a more socialist society.  The Lt. Governor’s strong supporters include the majority of  high profile lobbyists in Texas and “squishy” Republicans in the Texas legislature and in Washington.   I appreciate people who give to the country, but believe the age of the Country Club Republicans who hold court must necessarily end.

A man who will listen to the people and defend our liberty.

Enter Mr. Ted Cruz.  He is a Constitutional Conservative.  Mike Lee and Rand Paul are Constitutional Conservatives who were elected to the U.S. Senate in the last few years.  They are among a handful of new U.S. Senators who endeavor daily to defend the Constitution from the sharp tug to the left by socialists such as Senator Harry Reid and his cronies.   Mr. Cruz has successfully defended the United States Constitution at the state, and national level.  He has fought for US Sovereignty against a world court and the President of the United States.  The time has come for Texas to send in more cavalry for Senator Mike Lee, Senator Rand Paul, Senator Pat Toomey, and other strong constitutionalists such as Senator Jim DeMint.   These men are unafraid to make the difficult choices and are not ruled by special interests or lobbyists.

From local level through the highest national levels, we see the fight for true Constitutional Conservatism against political cronyism.  Witness the HD 26 race in Fort Bend County Texas.  Mrs. Jacquie Chaumette is another person, unafraid to make strong intelligent choices to protect citizens of Texas.  Her opponent is supported by many of the Country Club Republicans who have made a career and fortune by being “popular” with special interest groups and big lobbyists in Texas.   Mrs. Chaumette has served in positions that afforded her the opportunity to make strong fiscal choices based upon the laws of our state and our country.   She is definitely part of the breath of fresh air surging forward in American Politics.

So, the choice is yours.  Do you continue to elect career politicians who bend to the whims of lobbyists and special interest groups?  OR, do you elect new people who are not under the control of those groups?  Have a look at the supporters of people, prior to voting.   We need people with a strong ability to stand up for the people, not the special interest groups.

Constitutional Conservatives are the prescription required for an ailing country.  Elect them at all levels of government.

The Constitution is not an instrument for the government to restrain the people, it is an instrument for the people to restrain the government.”

Patrick Henry

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#10 Senator Schumer, It is time to go!

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 Charles Schumer

Senator Charles Schumer was first elected in 1998 to the Senate.  He is up for re-election in 2010.

Schumer Offers Major Revision To Health Care Reform Bill To Address Affordability Concerns

Proposal Would Expand Hardship Waiver To Exempt More Americans From Mandate To Buy Insurance If Affordable Plans Are Not Available–Current Bill Sets Threshold At 10% Of Income; Schumer Amendment Lowers Bar To 8% of Income

Schumer Amendment Would Also Eliminate Penalty For Americans Who Fail To Buy Insurance In First Year Of Overhaul; For Second Year, Penalty Is Reduced By 50 percent

Editorial Note:  This is what the Senator has not “revealed” in his effort to save money for the poor:  It is true the poor will not be forced to pay for insurance if they cannot afford it.  The other half of the truth is that all of the Democratic speeches for the last several months and the President all concur that no one will be without insurance.  Connect the dots and I guess the “hardship” cases will be funded by the government (taxpayer money)?  A bill has already been drafted to insure all “illegal aliens” will be given amnesty.  This will automatically make them eligible for the public offering of insurance.  Do we believe the amnesty bill will happen (thus covering the aliens) and the government will not “bail out” the poor?

The Senator has helped to make his case, so we will let him tell you in his own words, what he is has been thinking and doing recently.  In the following video, Senator Schumer declares the American People don’t really care about the pork projects in the stimulus.

Pork Projects definition: Funding created by a legislature for projects that are not essential but are sought because they pump money and resources into the local districts of the legislators.

When he made that speech what were some of the Pork Projects he was referring to in the stimulus that the “American public would not care about”?

Questionable or Non-Stimulative Spending:

  • $50 million for the National Endowment for the Arts Editorial Note: These are the people who have made all the posters and artwork promoting the President’s healthcare project,  and other items on his agenda. All of the American taxpayers have paid for this propaganda material
  • $2 billion for the Neighborhood Stabilization Fund   Editorial Note:  providing funds to organizations such as ACORN, which  as been accused of practicing unlawful voter registration in recent elections and encouraging citizens on other illegal activities
  • $300 million for the Energy Efficient Appliance Rebate Program  Editorial Note: There is nothing about this that creates jobs, only continues to give away taxpayer dollars that we do not have
  • $2 billion to support the manufacturing of advanced vehicle batteries Editorial Note: These were stipulated to be in the form of grants
  • $1 billion for Community Development Block Grants
  • $198 million to authorize payments to certain Filipino veterans from WWII  Editorial Note: most of them do not live in this country
  • $300 million for federal procurement of plug-in and fuel efficient vehicles Editorial Note:  This is definitely not feasible for states with large land masses where cities are widespread across vast geographic areas.
  • $8 billion for a High Speed Passenger Rail Program, after the House did not include any funding for the program and the Senate included $2 billion, which will fund at least one project from Las Vegas to Los Angeles
  • $15 million for historic preservation at historically black colleges and universities
  • $170 million for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration to research the causes, effects, and ways to mitigate climate change
  • $200 million for Americorps and other paid “volunteerism” programs   Editorial Note: Volunteer means no money, and there should be no government interference
  • $400 million for NASA to accelerate climate research missions
  • $5.5 billion for federal buildings (GSA), including $4.5 billion to convert federal buildings into “high-performance green buildings” and $450 million for a new headquarters for the Department of Homeland Security
  • $210 million for a new grant program to modify and upgrade local fire stations  Editorial Note: Why can’t individual states or communities address these needs, as they are specific to areas?
  • $25 million for the Smithsonian Institution for maintenance backlogs
  • $650 million for Digital-to-Analog Converter Box Coupons Editiorial note: Doe the government assume there is a “right for every American” to have a television?

These items make it a certainty that future generations will be paying for the money used by special interest groups.  

Here is a video clip where Senator Schumer is justifying the money spent by the government on “good nationalization” of the banks.  This is a very few months after the largest stimulus bill in history was passed by the House.

What about our rights?  In the debate over what to pass for Healthcare Reform, they are trampling all over the rights of individuals.  It is our right to choose the best healthplan option for us.  It is our right if we do not want insurance.  We the people have the right to tell them what we want.  The government does not have the right to nationalize the banks in any of the defined framework given in the Constitution or the Declaration.   The government does not have the right to determine where billions of  dollars of our money should go as outlined by the constitution.  This is the same Senator who is fighting to get a “fairness” doctrine in place that will curtail our Freedom of speec, a right given to the people in the Constitution.

Senator Schumer, because you have forgotten who you are working for and also forgotten our Constitutional rights, it is time to go!

A wise and frugal government, which shall leave men free to regulate their own pursuits of industry and improvement, and shall not take from the mouth of labor the bread it has earned – this is the sum of good government.
Thomas Jefferson

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#8 Senator John McCain III, It is time to go!

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John McCain

Senator John McCain was first elected to office in 1986. 

He is up for re-election in 2010. Let me preface this finding with an acknowledgement of the conflict many people will find (including myself) surrounding the topic of Senator John McCain.  Everyone in America appreciates his service in the military and the price he paid for all of us.  This goes without saying.  I, like many others fully support and respect the men and women who have courageously served their country.  That being said, we should not allow our bias of support for the men and women who have served in the military to interfere with our views on how is he performing in the Senate.  These are two entirely separate topics.

Senator McCain is usually one of the first to offer compromise on major bills before the House.  It has been difficult for him to “stand his ground” on behalf of the American people and the Constitution.  Furthermore his principles/values/beliefs fluctuate on a regular basis as he attempts to “compromise” with his peers in the House.  What follows are some examples of poor judgment, and the various impacts to Americans by those decisions.


Voted YES on the Second Economic package – 10/2008  – HR1424

Vote to pass a bill that allows the Secretary of the Treasury to purchase troubled assets from financial institutions, with a total outstanding balance of up to $700 billion, and also provides tax incentives for alternative energies and contains income tax and alternative minimum tax provisions. 

Editorial Note:  Did we see any charges brought against the institutions that “promoted” the bad mortgages and made billions in profits at the expense of the mortgage holders?  Now we want to give the same mismanaged institutions money when they are clearly suffering the consequences of bad business decisions?   People and institutions will learn (just as children do) when they suffer consequences for their actions.


Voted YES on the First Economic Package – 02/2008 – HR5140

This bill provides economic stimulus through recovery rebates to individuals, incentives for business investment, and an increase in conforming and FHA loan limits.

Editorial Note:  In this bill was the following verbage:  “- Increases the limits on the maximum original principal obligation of mortgages for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, and for the Federal Housing Administration (Sec. 201, 202)”.

Here is an extract from Senator McCain’s comment on the First Economic Package that they were about to vote upon: 

“The bill pending before the Senate–a compromise product between the House and the President–is not perfect. Certainly we can all agree on the important yet limited improvements I mentioned such as ensuring our senior citizens and disabled veterans are not left out of this stimulus package. While perhaps none of us will be fully satisfied with the final measure, we simply cannot afford to include every member’s wish list in this package. I believe the measure we will send to the President is one that almost all of us can and will support”.

Editorial Note:  No one in the House or Senate should “compromise” when there are such wide sweeping constitutional implications to the American public.  Earlier in his speech Senator McCain said the compromises were necessary to ensure the disabled veterans and seniors were included in the tax relief.  So, we pass legislation based on “deals” between the parties.

The two packages listed above helped Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to get deeper in trouble, made temporary tax cuts, put us deeper into debt, and did nothing to curtail the spending in the House.

Here is an excerpt from a speech on the Senate Floor by Senator McCain:  “I know these words will fall on deaf ears, but it is certainly not responsible for House to continue to load up appropriations bills–and, yes, authorization bills–with wasteful and unnecessary spending. Americans all over the country are hurting. People are losing jobs, their savings and their homes. Yet we continue the disgraceful earmarking process, elevating parochialism and patronage politics over the true needs and welfare of our men and women in uniform and the taxpayers”.

Editorial note: Although he said the above in a speech on the Senate Floor, he has voted for several bills that included earmarks just to be able to get the main bill through on the vote.

Senator John Sidney McCain, III repeatedly refused to provide any responses to citizens on the issues through the 2008 Political Courage Test when asked to do so by national leaders of the political parties, prominent members of the media, Project Vote Smart President Richard Kimball, and Project Vote Smart staff. What is the political courage test? The Political Courage Test asks candidates which items they will support if elected. It does not ask them to indicate which items they will oppose. Through extensive research of public polling data, it was discovered that voters are more concerned with what candidates would support when elected to office, not what they oppose. If a candidate does not select a response to any part or all of any question, it does not necessarily indicate that the candidate is opposed to that particular item.   The majority of the Presidential Candidates, Senatorial, and House candidates have filled out this brief form for the public to review. 

Editorial Note:  Why would a candidate be against transparency?

The Constitution and the Declaration were very clear on the rights given to the people and the government.  There shouldn’t be any “compromise” on the issues at the expense of any of those individual rights.  Senator McCain, it is time for you to go.









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#5 Senator Boxer it is time to go!

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Womens Rights Treaty

Senator Barbara Boxer came to office in 1992.  She is up for re-election in 2010.

What does she stand for?  Senator Boxer is for a government run healthcare plan.  This plan takes away a person’s right to choose healthcare options.  Let’s talk about how that is possible when the exact verbage stating that is not in the Healthcare Plan.  The government committee would “vet” the current 1300+ insurance companies in this country.  They would have the right to negotiate different benefits and prices on the plans the public currently have.  The government committee would also be the only ones that could approve those individual plans being offered from those companies.  Clearly they would be in a position to create a government monopoly, thus destroying free enterprise.  Why is this so important?  We are a country based on free enterprise.  As the private insurance companies go out of business, all their employees will be left without jobs.  In the meantime, the people of this country will be solely dependent on waiting for months for a “whimsical” approval by the government committee for the treatment of chronic illness and other maladies.  People will die while waiting for the bureaucrats to make decisions on what they are eligible for on their medical problems.

The government has taken over the automobile industry in this country.  Senator Boxer supported this effort as well.  Now the government is  attempting to enforce what car to drive by indiscriminately adding taxation to vehicles they do not deem to be acceptable.  The government argument is these vehicles use too much gas and they emit too much carbon.  Yet, the government officials fly to meetings for the afternoon and drive SUV’s and ride in limos, which greatly damage the environment they want to protect – or so they say.   When the Senate is in session, the Senator spends the weekdays in Washington and often comes home to California on the weekends (jets home and back leaving a big carbon footprint)

Next up is Cap N Trade.  Americans will pay fees for how many light fixtures you have, the type of windows you have, how many cars and type you will have.  This bill will add approximately 15% equivalent tax each year to a family’s tax situation.  Cap N Trade is one of the pet projects of Senator Barbara Boxer.  So cap and trade will be sold to Americans as a way of fighting global warming by increasing the costs of carbon-based energy usage so radically that both American industry and consumers would be forced to begin using alternate energy sources. One might also look at the energy efficiency of her home.  Senator Boxer is more affluent than a lot of Americans at this point in our economic plight.  She will be able to afford what she is foisting on America.

Free enterprise built our energy industries, and only free enterprise can build the new energy capacity we need. It cannot do this, however, unless the enormous burden of taxation, regulation, and litigation (and subsidies of favored industries) Washington has placed on the backs of American workers is removed, not increased by the additional oppression of “cap and trade.”

There is no resource problem. The United States is overflowing in essentially unlimited quantities of all the fuels—uranium, coal, oil, and natural gas —these industries require. The environmental lobby and its congressional retainers insist, however, that these fuels not be used.

The American public is struggling now with the economy, unemployment, and heavy taxation. What is she thinking adding all of this on top of the current problems?  Perhaps she isn’t thinking about the impact to her consitutents?

Senator Boxer is consciously choosing to promote the Healthcare Bill and Cap N Trade, which will bankrupt many Americans if passed.  The Healthcare Bill is estimated at an equivalent of a 12-15% tax increase on Americans.  The Cap N Trade bill is estimated to have a 15% equivalent tax increase on the people of this country.   One may say the millionaires in Washington will be able to handle it, but the majority of the country will suffer under the consequences of these two bills.  This bill is unconstitutional.  Isn’t it time we got back to the discipline of the constitution and follow the laws of the land?

Let’s take a look at her inability to conduct herself with the decorum the office of Senator deserves.  To adequately represent the people, one would hope the person would have respect and dignity for the office.  Senator Boxer has accused concerned well-dressed constituents at Town Halls of being “plants” by the insurance companies.  She is known for her personal verbal attacks on others when they disagree with her.  Senator Boxer has shown arrogance and disrespect on a regular basis to others that are peers and to people being questioned by the Senate.  She has even been accused of racial prejudice when questioning a person in a Senate forum. You may say, ok, why does this matter?  Have you worked with someone who is constantly disrupting the flow of work in a corporation?  Not much gets done.  Also, a lot of people in the Senate will take an opposite point of view (regardless of how they believe) if embarrassed or angered by such offensive public tactics.  She has disgraced the office of Senator representing the good people of California.  The people deserve the best representation.  The people deserve someone who will check their personal biases and prejudices at the door and resolve to do whatever it takes for the good of the people.  And oddly enough, she is the first one to be outraged and request admonishment if others display flaring tempers and rude behavior.  Senator Boxer has not been held accountable on any of these occasions. 

Senator Boxer, your grandiose ideas are driving Americans to bankruptcy and trampling our rights.  For that, and for the disrespect to the office of Senator, you need to go.

Please see the links below for corroborating material on her difficulties in controlling her temperament: 

Barbara Boxer showing disrespect to a Brigadier General.


Senator Barbara Boxer accused of racism by head of Black Chamber of Commerce


Senator Barbara Boxer, California wants people to believe the “unruly angry mobs” are shills for the insurance industry and Nazis.  She is suspicious as they are “too well-dressed”


Well-dressed constituents of Senator Boxer voice their concerns

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#4 Senator Harry Reid, it is time to leave!

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Harry Reid

Senator Harry Reid (Democrat) was first elected in 1986.  He will be up for election again in 2010.

In February 2009 when the country was struggling with high unemployment numbers and a terrible economy, this is how he voted to spend more of your tax dollars (plunging us deeper into debt for future generations):

1)  Voted to pass a stimulus package worth billions when the country is already deeply in debt.  The excuse  was that it would create jobs and help the economy.  In the stimulus package were the following things to “help the economy”:

  •   Voted to keep a $245M earmark in the stimulus bill to “help Hollywood” via tax credits
  • $15.84 billion for student financial assistance, including Pell Grants (Div. A, Title VIII) Editorial Note:  When millions are out of work, is it important to plunge us deeply into debt to pay for more student’s college education?  Let them work their way through school like so many generations of college students before them.  
  • Included not less than $250,000,000 shall be available for competitive grants for innovative programs to encourage sustainable adoption of broadband service
  • Included an additional amount for `Scientific and Technical Research and Services’, $220,000,000.
  • To the National Endowment for the Arts: For an additional amount for `Grants and Administration’, $50,000,000, to be distributed in direct grants to fund arts projects and activities  Editorial note:  This group most recently has used their money and abilities to provide signage and art to support the President’s pushing of the government run healthcare program.  These were your taxpayer dollars furthering the personal agenda of pushing government healthcare on everyone.

Senator Reid has many, many examples such as the one above where he is more than willing to commit trillions of dollars for almost anything, as future generations will be the ones committed to paying it back.

 Growing the government to take more control (these excerpts are from laws he voted for)

1)      Establishes the Recovery Accountability and Transparency Board to oversee appropriated funds and prevent fraud, waste, and abuse (Div. A, Title XV).  Editorial note:  There are laws on the books that can prevent the fraud, waste, and abuse, the laws haven’t been enforced for decades)

2)      Establishes the Office of National Coordinator for Health Information Technology to allow for the electronic use and exchange of information that secures and protects patient health information, improves health care quality, reduces medical errors and health disparities, reduces costs from inefficiency, medical errors, inappropriate or duplicate care, and incomplete information, and improves coordination of care between hospitals, laboratories, and physician offices (Div. A, Title XIII).  Editorial note: This is setting up a focal point who will ensure there is a health technology network in place nationwide –  in preparation for the Government run healthcare that the House and Senate Democrats are trying to pass. 

In 2001, Senator Harry Reid voted against an amendment that would prohibit the use of funds from tax-exempt organizations and labor unions for broadcast ads supporting federal candidates.  Apparently he wanted to preserve the “free reins” of the special interest groups to help in federal campaigns.

And finally there is the matter of common sense and being non-partisan for the good of the country.  Recently Senator Reid led a vote against permitting 72 hours of public viewing time of the Chairman’s mark of the Healthcare Proposal.  He and his fellow democrat Senators voted to not have any time to review the finished product and associated financing prior to the vote.  This is absolutely a disservice to the country.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid was asked by over 20 other Senators recently to instruct pertinent Senate committee chairmen to investigate ACORN’s offenses and identify the sources of all federal funds that ACORN and its affiliates receive. Despite the fact that the U.S. Senate has at its disposal 20 committees, 68 subcommittees, and 4 joint committees, the Majority Leader has denied the request, stating he will not instruct Senate leaders to do anything that would detract from efforts to address the issues currently before Congress.  ACORN is involved in a criminal case now involving voter fraud.  There are 10 other states investigating similar voting fraud charges.  In addition, they have had several offices filmed advising people on how to handle taxes on businesses with underage prostitutes.  Acorn is under investigation in several states for these last items as well.

This is a standard, straightforward request that has occurred previously with other sessions for both the House and Senate.  Under the direction of this same Majority Leader, in conjunction with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Congress has held more than 150 oversight hearings on Bush-era practices and activities – transcribing more than 3,200 pages of witness testimony and printing more than 17,000 pages of unclassified, publicly available reports. For Majority Leader Reid, it seems that ‘oversight’ is a selective responsibility, and the misuse of taxpayer dollars by a fraud-ridden organization does not qualify as a priority in his purview as the Leader of the U.S. Senate.

For the inability to be fiscally responsible, uphold the duties of your office in an honorable manner, and provide unbiased leadership in the Senate, there is only one thing left to say.  Senator Reid, you have served special interests more than the people, and it is time to go.

Corruption is worse than prostitution. The latter might endanger the morals of an individual, the former invariably endangers the morals of the entire country.
Karl Kraus

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#2 Senator Snowe, it is time to go!

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Senator Olympia Snowe is representing Maine as a Republican.  She has been in office each year since 1994.  The Senator is up for re-election in 2012.

The country was founded on the basis of less government and unalienable rights of the individual to pursue, life, liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness.  This is supported by less government “controls”, where the people succeed and fail primarily by their own ambitions and efforts.  Let’s take a look at some of the ways Senator Snowe has translated our country’s foundation into her voting practices.

 HR 4104  Senator Snow voted yes;  This was passed by the Senate
  H Amdt 728: Federal Health Plan Contraceptive Coverage Amendment
  H Amdt 723: Increase FEC Funding

Issues: Abortion Issues, Budget, Spending and Taxes
Date: 09/03/1998

Link to Legislation:

In this there was the creation of a National Drug Control Office which took control over drug policies and diminished some of the individual rights of the state to mandate laws and controls that were appropriate for specific state issues.  Today, this has grown to a massive organization that is setting drug policies, allocating sizeable grant funds, and making recommendation on both thing domestically and internationally.  Yes, we need drug policies, but why do we think it takes a massive “overhead” organization rather than the states to mandate these actions?  At most, why couldn’t there be a policy advisor that makes recommendations and observations?

She has consistently voted to support excessive spending (such as the Stimulus bill) and enlarging the government role in people’s lives.  If you think this is incorrect, please look at her voting record.  In 2008 the National Taxpayers Union gave Senator Snowe a rating of F.

Senator Snowe  has grown public policies which encourage irresponsible behavior on the part of people such as those currently on welfare.

Most recently her idea on healthcare to “help the people” is to compromise in a bi-partisan fashion  so something is achieved.   Why would anyone “compromise” on what is right for the people just to get something done?

September 7, 2009

Senator Snowe was interviewed by CNBC.  Please watch this video to get a true picture of her view of reality with our government today.

CNBC: Do you think Barack Obama is a big-government liberal?

“SNOWE: No, it’s interesting, I don’t. In fact, I almost sense the opposite


In closing, I only have one thing to say.  Senator Snowe, It’s time to go.

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